2023-12-04_CoHE R_V3

Safety training

Control of Hazardous Energies Refresher / V3 2023-12-04

pressure gauge/manometer

Lockout-Tagout equipment. As a minimum:

o 6 x padlocks o 6 x caution notices / tags

an example of accessories for locking certain components e.g. valve

A pressure fluid system which as a minimum must be able to:

build pressure

release pressure

measure pressure (test points)

store pressure even with pumps stopped

a way of applying Lockout-Tagout to part of the system

The pressure fluid system should contain at least:

tank with level indicator

pump with electrical motor

directional valve

needle valve

pressure relief valve

non-return valve

pressure switch



test points



Any equipment used during this GWO training module shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the national standards in the country where the training is taking place. When working in a country where

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