MiniMBA Brochure 2020

Why choose the mini-MBA for Next-Gen Leaders? There are three crucial ingredients that allow for smoother transition in family business: knowledge, strategic relationships, and trust. Trust must exist among all key stakeholders of a family enterprise, all of which have diverse needs and expectations for the enterprise’s emerging leader. These stakeholders also share one common goal: they want their future leaders to have the competencies and character to steward the family and the enterprise for a long and successful tenure. The great news is that trust can be learned and taught! This is the cornerstone of the mini-MBA program at the Cox Family Enterprise Center. Being a trusted leader is a strategic advantage that Next-Gen leaders can’t afford to ignore. The mini-MBA’s specialized curriculum will help Next-Gen leaders gain the trust of their key stakeholders by developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead. The program offers practical education that is backed by research and proven in practice from a variety of disciplines.

Who is this program designed for?

Next-Gen members of enterprising families who are:

• involved in management and/or ownership • committed to self-development • focused on the growth of their family and enterprise • building their network of influential peers This mini-MBA brings Next-Gen Leaders from different organizations and industries together in a rich learning community. It has been carefully designed to create valuable peer interaction, and rich exchange with family and business experts.

Structure & Delivery Method - Virtual Version

The mini-MBA program consists of 9 monthly modules of 10 hours each over the course of one year. This format was designed to minimize the burden on work and family schedules, and maximize the impact in your life!

Thursdays - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 2:00 PM to 4:15 PM 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Fridays -

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Guest Speaker

The mini-MBA program distills traditional MBA programs down to the most essential information and supplements it with practical, valuable content and experiences as well as exposure to leaders from varied backgrounds. The program will teach and coach leaders how to successfully engage in one-on-one critical conversations as well as lead teams of stakeholders for long-term success. All knowledge gained in these courses will be directly applied to participant’s specific family and business for direct application of the material.

The Four Areas

1. STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS • Develop a solid community of peers who are sharing the same intense experiences and who will stay with you far beyond the course • Create your circle of trust, differentiating between those who can propel you forward and those who hold you back • Strengthen cross-functional collaboration across your organization • Form a network of connections relevant for yourself, your family and your enterprise 3. KNOWLEDGE • Sustainable family enterprises and enterprising families • Ownership and family governance for enduring relationships • Strategic thinking and planning • Innovation and performance • Organizational structure and culture • Corporate governance • Financial management • Conflict management • Family dynamics and their impact when running a family business

2. SELF-DEVELOPMENT • Emotional intelligence (EI) • Bias and triggers • Trust-building behaviors, including motive and intent • Assertiveness

• Self-confidence • Accountability

• Entrepreneurial spirit • Adaptability to change • Performance under pressure • Constructive response to criticism • Leadership

Books, binders, and class lecture materials are provided to students as part of the program. During the summer break, students will also be able to participate in customized activities and one-on-one coaching sessions with our expert faculty. Courses Include: Dates Topics Dates Topics

Jan 21-22 Integrating Ownership & Family Governance Feb 18-19 Unleashing Corporate Governance Benefits Mar 18-19 Developing Ownership Strategy Apr 22-23, 29 Discerning Strategic Financial Management* April 30 Understanding Estate Planning

June/July Summer Break Aug 19-20 Building Strong Enterprising Families Sept 16-17 Mastering Conflict Management Strategies Oct 21-22 Strengthening EI & Communication Nov 18-19 Performing in Succession & Continuity

4. SKILLS – HOW TO… • Become a non-reactive leader • Manage difficult conversations in an effective manner • Understand and address the different needs of stakeholders • Inspire and lead more mature and experienced stakeholders • Extract great potential from other family members • Lead an inclusive decision making process, while respecting boundaries • Manage effective problem solving

* Additional hours may be required based on initial level of financial knowledge

Why choose the Coles College of Business and the Cox Family Enterprise Center? • The mini-MBA program is designed and delivered by the same faculty in our highly ranked MBA and Executive MBA programs, as well as the esteemed faculty of the Cox Family Enterprise Center. • Coles College is among the top 2 percent of business schools worldwide that maintain accreditation in both business and accounting by AACSB International, the world’s largest accreditation association for business schools.

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