IPA Inter-Regional Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychoanalysis

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For a comprehensive North American review of the subject of enactment, see Ellman and Moscowitz, 1998. Enactment: Toward a New Approach to the Therapeutic Relationship (Library of Clinical Psychoanalysis). New York: Jason Aronson, Inc. For an example of an international multitheoretical review, see Bohleber W, Fonagy P, Jiménez JP, Scarfone D, Varvin S, Zysman S (2013). Towards a Better Use of Psychoanalytic Concept: A Model Illustrated Using the Concept of Enactment. Int J Psycho-Anal, 94:501-530. (2013) For an international validation process of acute enactment and chronic enactment concepts, see Cassorla (2012). What happens before and after acute enactment? An exercise in clinical validation and broadening of hypothesis. Int J Psycho-Anal , 93: 53-89.


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