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2018-19 Sponsorship & Funding Opportunities

For more than 60 years, individuals and organizations with an interest in the older adult market have looked to ASA as a partner and a resource. ASA’s programs attract thousands of professionals who work along the entire spectrum of aging services. We invite you to renew your support and engagement, or to join us for the first time.

Did you know? Americans are living three decades longer than they did a century ago. 1 in 3 Americans is 50+ and nearly 1 in 7 is 65+ . 1 in 5 adults over 65 is a person of color, and that figure will more than double by 2050. The number of older adults 50+ will grow by at least 16 million over the next decade. Older Americans own 63% of U.S. financial assets. Americans are staying in the workforce longer. 71% of citizens 65 and older reported that they voted in the 2016 election.

ASA Mission // ASA is the essential resource to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge, and strengthen the skills of our members and others who work with, and on behalf of, older adults. No other organization in the field of aging represents the diversity of settings and professional disciplines reached by ASA. Our 30,000 members and stakeholders are direct service providers, educators, administrators, policymakers, business people, researchers and students. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness among professionals who engage with older adults or to launch a product or service in this market, ASA is here to support you.

ASAmembers and stakeholders at a glance

76% hold a master’s degree or higher

62% of members have been in the field of aging for ten years or more

80% are female


11% Entry-level coordinator, assistant

4% Administration

42% Recommend to decision- maker

22% Other

40% Senior level executive, director, CEO

3% Research

5% Policy & advocacy

27% Aging services

9% Consul tant

5% Business

9% Social work, counseling

9% Retired

12% Significant influence




13% Healthcare

19% Education

31% Mid-level manager

24% Decision-maker

15% Other

2  American Society on Aging

Sponsorship Opportunities at a Glance






AiA19 Annual Conference Sessions


From General Sessions held in exclusive, non-competing time slots to workshop tracks and specialty sessions, there are a variety of program sponsorships that will help you reach this influential conference community and have a strong presence at the conference.


AiA19 Annual Conference Networking Events


ASA offers several opportunities for networking, from coffee breaks to gala receptions. Sponsoring these events provides an avenue to directly engage attendees with your message.


AiA19 Annual Conference Promotional Items


From badge holders to bag tags and the conference app, promotional items turn some of the conference’s most used resources into thousands of impressions for your organization.

ASA Web Seminars



ASA web seminars are an excellent opportunity to reach national audiences of up to 1,000 viewers at a time.


Generations, ASA’s Quarterly Journal

Generations, the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging, brings together the latest in research, practice, and policy on a key issue in the field of aging. Professionals and libraries keep these issues around and use them as a resource long after the publication date, increasing exposure time for sponsors.

$15,000–$22,500 per issue (exclusive sponsorship)


Aging Today Columns

Six-issue Sponsorship $10,000–$15,000

Sponsor a column in ASA’s bimonthly news and feature publication, Aging Today, which is read cover-to-cover by thousands of professionals who work with older adults.


Learning and Development Scholarships


With support from our sponsors, ASA has been able to provide financial assistance to those who benefit from our programs but would not otherwise be able to participate. Scholarships are available for the Aging in America conference, ASA’s Leadership Institute, and the ASA/USC online gerontology programs.


New Program Funding Opportunities

$25,000–$100,000 ASA continually devises concepts for projects to reflect innovations in the field. Topics range from brain health to cultural competence and promoting age friendliness.

ASA Leadership Awards



ASA takes pride in recognizing leaders in the field who contribute to the success of ASA and the field at large.

Customize your sponsorship! If you don’t see an exact fit for what you’re looking for in the following pages, contact us to create a customized sponsorship package.

For more information, contact Carole Anderson (415-974-9632/ canderson@asaging.org) or Corey Gerhard (415-974-9627/cgerhard@asaging.org).

Sponsorship Prospectus  3


4  American Society on Aging

// ASA’s Annual Conference

Aging in America April 15-18, 2019 / New Orleans, LA

Sponsors of the annual Aging in America Conference gain access to the largest multidisciplinary group of professionals in aging in the nation. Each year nearly 3,000 attendees come together to network, learn, share their expertise and support each other at this event, to be held in New Orleans in 2019. Our conference sponsorship programs offer unique opportunities for your organization to network, brand, market and advertise, boosting your visibility. Support from our sponsors makes this conference possible and we will work with you to develop a customized sponsorship package that will meet your needs. All of the events, activities and items listed in the following pages are available for sponsorship on a first-come, first-served basis.

Headline Conference Programs General Sessions | $55,000–$65,000

General Sessions are held in exclusive, non-competing time slots and are open to the full conference community. Previous General Sessions have covered topics such as Alzheimer’s innovations, senior poverty, technology, the future of community-based services, the challenges and opportunities of increasing longevity, and more. The conference will open with a strong policy and advocacy voice Monday, April 15 at 8:30 amwith a town hall meeting featuring a panel of policy and advocacy experts. Presented in our General Session theater for an audience of up to 1800 participants, our experts will address the most critical issues in policy and aging at the time of the conference. This town hall meeting content will prepare participants to be informed and advocacy-ready for what’s ahead. The other General Sessions have not yet been defined, and interested sponsors may have an opportunity to consult on the content, focusing on current topics vital to aging. A professionally recorded and edited video, which will be uploaded for viewing on Vimeo, is available for an additional $10,000.

“This is the BEST conference I’ve ever attended, which is why I keep coming back and recruiting my coworkers to attend.” Rebecca Fraley Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Monday, April 15 | 8:30–9:30 am Monday, April 15 | 5:00–6:15 pm Tuesday, April 16 | 11:00 am–Noon Wednesday, April 17 | 11:00 am–Noon Thursday, April 18 | 8:00–9:30 am

ASA National Forums & Summits | $10,000–$25,000 (Multiple, non-competing sponsors at the $10,000 level; exclusive sponsorships at the $25,000 level) National Forums are designed to provide an in-depth exploration into a single topic, based on issues of ASA’s journal, Generations. These programs convene leaders and key stakeholders from diverse communities knowledgeable in and passionate about advancing best practices on issues in policy, science, research and practice. Forums typically attract from 100 to 250 attendees. National Forum on Policy and Aging Based on the content of the Winter 2018-19 issue of Generations , this National Forum will examine the politics of aging and aging policy, discussing the current political landscape and longstanding challenges associated with demographic and economic developments in the United States, coupled with a brutal nativist and populist uprising that is giving rise to enormous institutional and program- matic consequences. As America’s aging population continues to grow, the need for aging advocacy to drive cogent, compassionate and forward-thinking policy is critical, and the time is right for this program illuminating issues of policy and aging. Topics for the National Forums at the 2019 Aging in America Conference are as follows:

Sponsorship Prospectus  5

ASA’s 2019 Diversity Summit ASA’s 2019 Diversity Summit program will bring together nationally esteemed thought leaders in diversity, inclusion and disparities in aging to discuss the many ways in which inequality matters, particularly in the lives of older adults. Inequality has been and continues to be a great divider in America, and historically disadvantaged groups continue to face limited access to various opportunities, which negatively affects their potential outcomes. Inspired by the Summer 2018 issues of Generations entitled “Land of the Unequal? Economic, Social Inequality in an Aging America,” the Summit will explore the domains of economic and social inequality.

Specialty Sessions at Aging in America Panel of Pundits | $10,000 (exclusive) & $5,000 partial

Convened and moderated by past ASA Board Chair Robert Blancato, the Panel of Pundits brings together policy experts to present and analyze political and policy issues that concern older people. What is the aging agenda? Will Social Security remain untouched? Will efforts to block grant Medicaid succeed? What is in store for Medicare and Medicare Advantage? Will the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act be timid or bold? Will long-term care even register as an issue this year? Will the ACA get further dismantled? These questions and more will be addressed. ASA Chairs’ Lectures | $5,000 ASA Chairs’ Lectures offer sponsors a direct connection with recognized leaders in aging. All are presented by well-known experts who are current and former chairs of ASA’s Board of Directors. Highlighted Sessions | $5,000 If you don’t see a program here that meets your needs, we will work with you to develop a highlighted session on a topic of your choice. These programs are specially promoted in the conference program book and in electronic communications prior to the event. Sunrise Sessions | $5,000 and up These are morning symposia designed for up to 30 attendees. Three time slots for the symposia will be available, Monday through Wednesday, 7:00 to 9:00 am. Sponsor can define the symposia and collaborate in developing the content. Continental breakfast and beverage costs for up to 30 are included in the listed sponsorship amount. The amount will be higher if the sponsor wishes to serve a full American breakfast or if attendance exceeds 30. Speaker fees, if any, are not included. Track Sponsorships | $10,000 and up The Aging in America Conference features the following designed learning experiences, each comprising 30 or more workshops, summits and symposia. Foundations, companies and other organizations that identify with one or more of the following content areas are invited to discuss various sponsorship or grant funding opportunities with us as a way to showcase your support of that chosen content area. In addition you may wish to provide financial underwriting to support scholarships for professionals to attend the conference. Possible content areas: • Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias

“Such a fabulous experience! If you come to ASA to give and to get, it is the very best! SO many wise people pulling their thoughts together. We need it and the time is now.” Meredith Patterson Elder Care Consultants of Choice, LLC

• Emerging Policies and Practices in Caregiving • An Exploration of Diversity and Cultures of Aging • Critical Issues in Elder Mistreatment and Elder Justice • Age-Friendly Livable Communities • ASA’s Managed Care Academy - Leading the Field Forward • Policy & Advocacy in a Changing Political Climate • Technology and Its Role in Improving Quality of Life for Older Adults

6  American Society on Aging

ASA Constituent Group Programs | $5,000 These programs combine sessions on targeted topics, and are organized and presented by the leadership of ASA’s Constituent Groups. These groups were designed to bring together professionals who share specific interests, affinities and work settings and provide focused, in-depth information and connections with professionals who face similar issues. Choose from among these groups and contact us for specifics on content: Business Forum on Aging; Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging; Healthcare and Aging Network; Lifetime Education and Renewal Network; LGBT Aging Issues Network; Network on Multicultural Aging; Mental Health and Aging Network; Network on Environments, Services and Technologies. Partner with ASA to create a quiet, invitation-only setting to make a presentation and receive objective responses and observations that will help improve your product or service. ASA will confirm all logistics and will work with your company to create a customized invitation sent to a list of up to 25 preselected conference attendees. Movie Night | $3,000 Join us as we screen several current films on aging-related topics. This event will take place on Wednesday evening after the day’s sessions. Includes popcorn for guests. Networking Events and Receptions ASA offers several opportunities for networking, from coffee breaks to gala receptions. Put your brand in front of professionals as they enjoy these highly attended events. Exhibit Hall Grand Opening Reception | $25,000 (exclusive) & $5,000 (partial) The Grand Opening Reception on Monday, April 15 from 6 : 00 to 7:30 pm celebrates the opening of the Exhibit Hall and immediately follows the day’s afternoon General Session. Your company will be recognized at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall and in the conference program. The sponsorship also includes a prime booth location in the hall and your company logo displayed at all reception food stations. Exhibit Hall Coffee Break | $3,500 A coffee break is available on Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17 from 8:00 to 9:00 am. Your sponsorship will be publicized in the conference program book, on signs at coffee stations and at the Exhibit Hall entrance. First-Time Attendee and Emerging Professionals Orientation | $2,000 This is your opportunity to welcome conference newcomers and professionals new to the field of aging. Sponsors will be invited to address guests and give away promotional materials. Your company’s logo will also be displayed at the event. Constituent Group Receptions | $5,000 Support our Constituent Groups as they gather for evening networking receptions. Each Constituent Group comprises professionals who share specific interests, affinities and work settings, and they are an excellent avenue to target individuals in a particular area of interest. ASA Leadership Reception | $20,000 (exclusive) & $5,000 (partial) ASA’s leadership and sponsors are invited to come and mingle with ASA’s influential leaders (ASA board members, conference co-chairs, committee members, and other VIPs). Closing event | $20,000 (exclusive) & $5,000 (partial) The final networking event of the conference allows attendees to gather as a group one last time to mingle and learn. This event may take the form of a closing breakfast or lunch, or perhaps an evening reception on Wednesday. Focus Groups/Listening Sessions | $5,000 (Food and A/V available at additional cost)

”Very inspiring and refreshing. I am new to the world of Aging Services and there was a wealth of expertise everywhere around me.”

Tanya Bustamante Jewish Family and City of Berkeley Aging Services Division

Sponsorship Prospectus  7

Promotional & Specialty Items Promotional items turn some of the conference’s most used resources into thousands of impressions for your organization. Conference App | $5,500 ASA’s conference app is used by the majority of attendees and referred to multiple times throughout the conference. Your company logo will be featured on the splash screen, which is the first screen users see when launching the app. Our app sponsors are also invited to provide an organizational description and message to attendees, which is included as a dedicated content pane within the app, with links to additional information and resources. Registration Badge Holders | $10,000 (exclusive) Your corporate name and logo will be printed on the front of the badge holder used by every attendee at the conference and will extend your company’s visibility at the AiA19 conference. Badges are required for access to conference sessions and the exhibit hall. Conference Bag Tags | $6,000 Brightly colored luggage tags can help attendees identify their conference bags while at the conference and can be used after the conference for many years. Your company logo will be placed on 3,000+ luggage tags and distributed to all attendees. Exhibit Hall Aisle Floor Sign | $2,000 per aisle set Bring attention to your location in the Exhibit Hall by purchasing this unique advertising opportunity. Place your corporate or product logo prominently on aisle floor graphics located at the front and rear of each aisle. Each aisle sold as set of two. Size 24x24 square. Hotel Key Cards | $10,000 (exclusive) Provide a special welcome to AiA19 attendees by putting your message directly in their hands with a custom keycard as they check into the Hyatt. Massage and Wellness Lounge | $10,000 (exclusive) Provide an opportunity for attendees to connect and recharge at the Networking Massage Lounge in the Exhibit Hall. Professional massage therapists provide an upper body massage on a special massage chair. Your logo will be featured in the lounge and in advertisements for the lounge. Photo Booth | $3,000 per day Who doesn’t love the opportunity to strike a silly pose with friends and colleagues? Sponsor this opportunity at a photo booth in the Exhibit Hall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Your logo will be featured on the backdrop for the photos, which will be enjoyed at the conference and treasured for years to come. Customized Water Bottles | $15,000 (exclusive) Your logo will be displayed on reusable BPA-free water bottles given to all attendees. They will be able to carry the bottles with them and refill them throughout the conference, and many will likely continue to use them long after the conference is over. Internet splash screen | $10,000 (exclusive) Your logo and message will appear on screen every time attendees initiate wi-fi access at the hotel.

For more information on these and other specialty items, contact Corey Gerhard at 415-974-9627 or cgerhard@asaging.org.

8  American Society on Aging

Aging in America Conference Sponsorship Benefits


Logo published in official conference program book

priority placement

Logo/link on conference home page

Acknowledged as a sponsor in social media broadcasts using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Logo/company name published in conference announcement (distributed to 30,000)

priority placement

quarter page

Color ad in conference program book

full page* full page* half page

Logo/link included in conference email campaigns

priority placement


Screen projection loop of logo before and after general sessions

Logo displayed in conference registration area

2 premium booths

2 premium booths

1 exhibit booth

Exhibit space

Logo displayed at entrance to exhibit hall

Complimentary registration for key media or communications personnel that you designate

2 passes

1 pass

Opportunity to consult on general session content

Logo displayed during general session

Promotional insert in conference tote bag

Logo on conference tote bag


Complimentary ASA membership

Logo in May–June issue of Aging Today

Invitation to exclusive VIP events

* Titanium and Platinum Sponsors also have an exclusive opportunity for premium advertising in the conference program book

Full conference passes for your staff, customers, press and/or other guests

up to 12 registrations

up to 8 registrations

up to 4 registrations

up to 2 registrations

** Direct mail only; sent through authorized mail house

One-time use of Aging in America attendee list**

Sponsorship Prospectus  9

We Seminar

10  American Society on Aging

ASAWeb Seminars // Online educational training and tools for professionals ASAweb seminars are an excellent opportunity to reach national audiences of up to 1,000 viewers at a time. On average, 19,000 professionals participate in ASAweb seminars per year. Additionally, the content is archived for later viewing by those unable to participate in the live event. Each 60-minute web seminar features a chat function between presenter, moderator and the audience, as well as a polling tool to garner audience opinion or impressions. The web seminars are promoted in advance multiple times to ASA’s 30,000 members and stakeholders. Sponsorships are available for one web seminar or for a series of events.

”ASA provides top of the line programs!”

Iris Harris Fayette Senior Services, Inc.

ASAWeb Seminar Sponsor Packages Platinum | $30,000–$45,000

Gold | $7,500–$15,000 Both Platinum and Gold sponsorships offer a series of web seminars, with complimentary CEUs available to each participant. In addition to the ability to capture multiple unique and repeat audiences, these sponsorships provide an opportunity to build the brand of the series and highlight the sponsor. Platinum sponsorship offers a series of up to six web seminars over the course of six to 12 months. Gold sponsorship offers a series of three web seminars over the course of three to six months.

Bronze | $2,500 Bronze sponsorship offers one web seminar. CEUs are included.

Web Seminar Sponsorship Benefits

Logo displayed on the slides of each live and recorded event

Follow-up communication with registrants who did not attend that includes a link to recorded version

Logo/link included in email campaigns promoting the event (distributed to 10,000+)

Complimentary CEUs for participants

includes: link to claim CEUs; satisfaction survey; and link to sponsor’s home page

includes: link to claim CEUs; satisfaction survey; link to sponsor’s home page; link to series page on ASA website; and invitation to next event in the series

includes: link to claim CEUs; satisfaction survey; link to sponsor’s home page; link to series page on ASA website; and invitation to next event in the series

Verbal acknowledgement of sponsor before and after each live and recorded event

Dedicated page on the ASA website for the series

Sponsorship Prospectus  11

“Home Instead Senior Care was excited to partner with the American Society on Aging to start the Family Caregiver Support Webinar Series. Home Instead continues to partner with ASA in this capacity, not only because of the great participation in the web series, but also because of the exceptional support received from ASA. The partnership with ASA creates another opportunity for Home Instead to stand out as a leader in the aging industry.”

ASAWeb Seminar Custom Events Content Collaboration | $30,000–$45,000 Series of six web seminars with CEUs

Partners will work with ASA staff to develop a customized web seminar series using informative, non-promotional material that is visually appealing and suitable for the web seminar format. A series of six events is the minimum for this type of collaboration, which potentially reaches an audience of 6,000 or more over the course of the six-program series. ASA will develop announcement and marketing materials to distribute to our members and stakeholders and conduct each event using its accomplished production team. ASA Book Club | $2,500 The ASA Book Club features authors discussing their book and its application to aging and the professionals who serve older adults. This one-hour live web seminar and Q&A session features books on health, finances, Alzheimer’s, spirituality, caregiving, and more. During the one-hour web seminar, 30 minutes will be devoted to the Q&A session to allow the attendees to interact with the author. When you have an important training to conduct, why try to coordinate the multiple schedules of staff and spend money on travel and accommodations? Let ASA help! We can work with you to develop, schedule and deliver compelling training presentations to small or large groups of employees, no matter where they’re located, from the comfort of their desks. With full conference call capabilities or simple Q&A sessions, ASA can help craft a training web seminar to suit your needs. You can also record your training presentations and deliver them to your audience to watch online at their convenience. Join previous and current ASAweb seminar sponsors, including: Training Module Tailored to the client; individually priced

Lakelyn Hogan home instead senior care®

For more information contact Steve Moore at 415-974-9628 or smoore@asaging.org

12  American Society on Aging

Exhibit at Aging in America! As an exhibitor at this premier event, you have the opportunity to make a connection with key influencers and leaders in the field of aging looking to learn about products and services that can help them do their jobs better. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make your reservation soon to secure a good position! Exhibitor Benefits • One free conference registration—more than a $600 value—with each booth purchase. • Unlimited free exhibit hall passes for booth staff and guests. (Passes are for exhibit hall only.) • Complimentary morning coffee and two lunch tickets. • Exhibit listing in the conference program book distributed to nearly 3,000 attendees (Deadline 3/1/19). • Visibility on conference website with your company’s description and hyperlink. • Free one-time use of conference attendee mailing list pre-conference or post-conference. (List includes physical addresses only; does not include e-mail addresses or phone numbers. You must contact ASA to request the list, and all mailings must be sent through a mailing house.) • Special reduced rates on advertising in the conference program book. Reserve by September 30 to enjoy these early rates! Govt/Nonprofit Standard Premium ASA Member $1,100 $1,700 $2,100 Nonmember $1,600 $2,200 $2,600 April 15-17, 2019 Contact Merle Zappan at 856-302-0884 or merle_zappan@AFassanoCo.com to learn more and sign up to exhibit. or visit www.asaging.org/exhibiting

Sponsorship Prospectus  13


14  American Society on Aging

ASA Publications // Generations and Aging Today Generations is the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging, published in both print and digital formats. Each peer-reviewed, single-topic issue of Generations brings together the latest in research, practice, and policy on a key issue in the field of aging. The multidisciplinary readership includes physicians, researchers, policymakers, nurses, therapists, social workers, administrators and numerous other professionals in aging. Each issue has a print run of 6,000, with hundreds of institutional subscribers.

Generations Sponsorship Benefits

Logo and acknowledgement on the back cover of the sponsored issue

Logo featured on the ASA website

Acknowledgement in blog posts of select articles from the sponsored issue on the ASA website

Advertisement in the sponsored issue

Electronic flip book created for the issue, with added promotion to generate more page views

Issues Available for Sponsorship Generations, Fall 2018 | $15,000–$22,500 Family Matters: Older Adults Caring for Others and for Each Other (Guest Editor: Mercedes Bern-Klug, Professor, University of Iowa School of Social Work and Director, Aging & Longevity Studies Program) This issue focuses on older adults as caregivers to family members and friends, and aims to sensitize the reader to situations in which older adults are continuing the role of caregiver into older age or are new to the caregiving role. Articles will cover topics related to families and caregiving, and include: filial piety/responsibility; retirement impacts; legacy and estate planning; caring for adult children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; family conflict; guardianship; late onset mental health issues; and more. Generations, Winter 2018–19 | $15,000–$22,500 Politics of/and Aging (Guest Editors: Robert Hudson, Professor of Social Welfare Policy, School of Social Work, Boston University; Robyn Stone, Senior Vice President of Research, LeadingAge) This issue takes an in-depth look at politics of and around aging, examining the current national political landscape; politics at the state and local levels; older adults and the political process; older (and younger) people as leaders and advocates; the ethnic, racial, and economic diversity of the older adult cohort; voting patterns and trends in older adult cohorts; older women’s involvement in politics; how older people can sustain U.S. democracy; intergenerational issues and politics; immigration and older people and its influences on the political landscape; impacts of environmental change upon older people; and more.

*Sponsors may add a series of three one-hour web seminars based on the Generations issue for an additional $7,500, and may also purchase bulk copies of the issue at an attractively discounted per-copy cost.

Sponsorship Prospectus  15

Generations, Spring 2019 | $15,000–$22,500 The Financing of Long-Term Care (Guest Editor: Ruth Katz, Senior Vice President, Public Policy/Advocacy, LeadingAge)

This issue will explore long-term care and how it might be paid for and sustained via a range of available national options, current approaches in states, and an examination of the financial, service, and human impacts of national options. The issue acknowledges the central role of out-of-pocket payments and Medicaid; the unpaid care that family caregivers provide; limitations of Medicare for supporting long-term care for older and disabled populations; the experience to date for private long-term-care insurance; and the political and other impediments that have thwarted the adoption of a universal approach. Previous attempts at long-term care financing reform, such as the Health Security Act, the CLASS Act and the Commission on Long-Term Care will be described and analyzed.

Generations, Summer 2019 | $15,000–$22,500 Aging in Rural America (Guest Editor: Dennis Dudley, Aging Services Program Specialist, Region IX, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living)

“We depend on Generations to keep us stimulated and thinking beyond what we work with daily.”

This issue of Generations seeks to provide readers with a broad overview regarding elders in rural America, offering a “snapshot” of rural America today, based on where it has been and where it may go. Articles will focus on developing a discussion about what some people have called the “forgotten America,” and will explore various topics, starting with a “demographics by the numbers” section, as well as other sections addressing the current barriers and challenges to aging in rural America, what’s being done to rectify these challenges (or not), and culminating in a section positing the future of the people, services, and politics shaping the rural aging culture.

Carol Aronson shawnee health service

Generations, Fall 2019 | $15,000–$22,500 Aging, Work and the Workplace

The Fall 2019 issue of Generations will examine aging and work and the environment of the workplace. Myriad aspects of the older American workforce and work life will be examined—from paid and unpaid work (and civic engagement), remuneration and retirement, issues of policy and advocacy around older workers, economic inequalities and disparities, employer practices, legal ramifications of work in older age, supports for older workers, the demographics of the older workforce, and more.

16  American Society on Aging

AmericanSocietyonAging 575Market Street,Suite2100 San Francisco,CA94105-2869


Models from Shanghai p.4 |ChicagoSister Citiesprogram shares bright ideas.

AdvocatesPersist! p.8 |Supporting indigenouspeople andcaregiversand endinghunger.


Coveringadvances in research, practiceandpolicynationwide www.asaging.org

MAY–JUNE 2018 volume xxxixnumber 3

Sponsor a Column in Aging Today ! ASA’s bimonthly news and feature publication, Aging Today, is read cover-to-cover by thousands of professionals who work with older adults. Have a presence in this publication by sponsoring and contributing content in one of the following areas for six issues (one full year) at a time. (Please note, this is not an advertorial opportunity and sales pitches are not appropriate.)

thebimonthlynewspaperof theAmericanSocietyonAging

Topof theagingadvocacy agenda: familycaregiving, elderabuseand isolation

In this issue

FORUM When “goodenough” isn’t: thenewpush fornursing home reform page3 AiA18 Highlights from the2018 Aging inAmerica Conference pages5, 15, 16

aging. After working in direct service, clinical socialwork andmanaging aging services, I’ve spent the past 30 years as a facultymemberattheUniversityofSouth- ern California’s LeonardDavis School of Gerontology.Tome,andIsuspecttomany AgingToday readers, it isclear that large swathsofolderpeople arenotgetting the help theyneed to survive, let alone thrive in our abundant and prosperous society. Understanding researchfindings andpol- icy issuesprovides a foundation for advo- cateswhose role is to give voice to those most likely to be absent, drowned out or ignored in policy debates. In considering which advocacy issues in aging aremost pressing, I have selected three: family caregiving,elderabuseand isolation. FamilyCaregiving Pop didn’t needmuch care and the con- cepts of caregiver burden and stress— eventhenotionthatfamilymemberswere “caregivers”—were not part of the 1950s

By KateWilber W hen I was 6 or 7, a favorite activitywastovisit“Pop,”my 86-year-old great grandfa- therwho lived upstairs inmy grandpar- ent’shouse.Popentertainedvisitors from aMorrischair,encircledbyastashofhard Mostcaregivers lackavoice in policydiscussions,whenwhat theyneed isamegaphone. candy, his parakeet and a pile of reading material.Popwasmobileenough tocome downstairs on his birthday, and prepare his ownmeals, except for dinner,which was brought up frommy grandmother’s kitchen. One winter evening, my aunt delivered the trayand found thatPophad diedquietly inhischair. RegularvisitswithPopandotherolder relatives sparkedmy lifetime interest in

INFOCUS Advocacy inaging:

anupdate page 7

lexicon.Butwhat about caring forpeople whoweremore sick or frail?The answer came a decade laterwhen a stroke par- tially paralyzedmy grandfather, stealing hisabilitytocommunicate.He lived inthe hospital formore than amonth,withmy grandmother by his bedside feeding him andreading tohimwhile thenursingstaff attended tohismedicalneeds.

2018ASAAWARDS TheGraduateStudent Researchand NOMAAwardwinners pages 11, 13

› continued on page 12

Going itsownway:howoneAAA builtbusinessacumen,fiscal strengthand qualitycommunity service

Policysummitpanelistsurge: find thewill toact! T he midterm elections will be a public referendum on howwe as a community and nation intend

By Sherry Leach and JacobBielecki E ditor’snote:TheSCANFoundation, The JohnA.Hartford Foundation, theAdministration forCommunity Living, theGary andMaryWest Founda- tion, the Marin Community Foundation and theColoradoHealth Foundation have united to funda three-yeargrant todevelop and establish the Aging and Disability BusinessInstitute (goo.gl/nz7ykU) ,housed withinn4a.Under the grant,ASAandn4a are collaboratingona seriesofarticlesand case studies in AgingToday thatwillhelp to prepare, educate and support commu- nity-based organizations and healthcare payers toprovidequalitycareand services.

to care for older adults,” said Shelley Lyford, president and chief executive of WestHealth,while introducing the West HealthAgingandPolicySummit at the 2018 Aging in America Conference. The Summit highlightedWestHealth’s find- ings from anational survey thatexplored what issues are ofmost concern to older adults in the upcoming elections, and publicperceptionsofkeypolicies. The Summit’s first panel featured Zia Agha, chiefmedical officer and executive vicepresidentofClinicalResearchatWest Health Institute;CherylBrown, commis- sioner at the California Commission on Aging and formermember of theCalifor- nia StateAssembly;BruceChernof,presi- dent andCEO ofThe SCAN Foundation; and Scott Leitz, senior fellow in the HealthcareDepartmentatNORC,Univer- sityofChicago.Panelistsdiscussed impli- cations of the new survey on how people feelabout theexistinghealthcaresystem. “Ourhealthcaresystem isaslow,evolv- ing train wreck,” said Agha. The study

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found that 44 percent of people did not seekmedicalattentionwhentheyweresick or injured; 40 percent had no scheduled routine physical or preventive healthcare visits;40percentskippedmedical tests;32 percenthadeithernotfilledaprescription, or stretched out medications they pur- chased; and one out of three Americans have to choose between paying for food, heatandhousingorhealthcare. Perhapsthemostalarmingfindingwas that survey participants reported they were more afraid of the healthcare bill than theywereofany illness. BruceChernofandmoderatorAnna Gorman; tohis left,CherylBrownand Dr.ZiaAgha. ScottLeitzspeaksonapanelat theWest HealthPolicySummit.Tohisrightare

and experiences seen inwebinars, confer- ences and publications, everyCBOwork- ingtobuild itsbusinessacumenandsecure itsfiscal futuredoesso in itsownway. Efforts to strengthen BoulderCounty Area Agency on Aging’s (BCAAA) long- termfiscal stability started in 1999,when BCAAA created the Aging Services

The call for community-based organi- zations (CBO) to become more business savvyhasbecomenearlydogmainthefield ofmanaged care. Based on the examples

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The R Word: Retirement What paths work best when contemplating retirement, and for those who are retiring, what are the latest trends? This column examines all aspects of the retirement path, and is placed on page 13, following the well-read “In Focus” section on a right-facing page, and is mentioned on page 1. The Political Age This column engages policy and political experts and features interviews and discussions that are forward-thinking and informative, providing an educational look at the most crucial issues around aging in the realms of politics and public policy. This column appears on page 5, a right-facing page immediately following the OpEd section. The Caregiving Landscape Today, there are many great organizations working to lighten the caregiving load, and this column will tap into them for new findings, explore policies that speak to the financial and physical impacts of caregiving, touch on workforce issues and showcase literature/memoir and other narrative journalism that makes caregiving come alive on the page. This column placement is on the back page for maximum exposure. Aging and Long-Term Care Uncertainty surrounds the issue of long-term care and America’s elder populations. This column explores current options for the various cohorts within the aging population and what is being done around policy, the reimbursement, financial and social issues of long-term care, as well as the evolution of aging in place. This column is placed on page 5, a right-facing page immediately following the OpEd section.

Disparities in Aging The “Disparities in Aging” column covers a wide range of topics, from barriers faced by African Americans in oral health to Asian American mental health disparities. Content provides essential evidence-based models of successful programs that spread awareness about and ameliorate disparities. It is highlighted on page 1 and generally placed after the well-read “In Focus” section on a right-facing page. Business and Aging This column highlights a successful or emerging business either run by an older adult or serving older adults as its customer base. Beyond just reporting on typical business metrics, our editors seek out stories that will inspire others in their business. This column appears on page 5, a right-facing page immediately following the OpEd section. Technology and Aging This column examines the most effective technologies and applied strategies that work (and don’t work) to support elders, their families and their caregivers. It hosts lively discussions by experts on the pros and cons of using technology to solve our issues in aging. The column placement is on the back page of the publication, for maximum exposure. The New/Old Workforce This column explores the caregiving workforce landscape and seeks to offer solutions for growing that labor pool, and addresses older workers and the issues and challenges they face. This column is placed on page 13, following the well-read “In Focus” section on a right-facing page, and is mentioned on page 1. The Economics of Aging This column examines trends, outlook and strategies on the economic front, offering new thinking on where we’re headed, economically, in the United States, and what we might learn from other countries on how they keep their economies healthy while caring for their elders. This column placement is on page 5, a right-facing page immediately following the OpEd section.

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Learning & Development Scholarships With support from our sponsors, ASA has been able to provide financial assistance to those who benefit from our educational programs but would not otherwise be able to participate. Scholarships are available for the following programs: Student Scholarship Fund | $2,000–$5,000 The ASA student scholarship fund offers students engaged in full-time study an opportunity to attend the Aging in America Conference. The fund is limited to those who are otherwise unable to attend due to financial constraints. Depending on the amount of sponsorship, scholarship funds can be used to cover conference registration, travel expenses and hotel accommodations, as well as a one-year membership. ASA/USC Online Gerontology Program | $500 each member participant; $750 each nonmember participant (includes ASA membership) ASA has joined forces with the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology to offer ASA members an opportunity to learn the fundamental concepts of gerontology as well as practical and theoretical perspectives to provide a broader understanding of older adults and aging. This program is presented in a convenient and flexible online format. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion from USC as well as continuing education credit. Courses include: Fundamentals of Gerontology ASA Leadership Institute | $1,500 each participant* This curriculum is inspired by the philosophy that leaders influence the thinking of others to imagine a better future for aging organizations and the communities they serve. The cornerstone of this program is the onsite intensive learning experience held in conjunction with the Aging in America Conference. It includes lectures by recognized leaders in the field of aging, facilitated dialogues, extensive networking activities and more. The three-month leadership development program is complemented with additional online tools, web seminars, and an individualized assessment with guidance for creating a self-development leadership plan. Program components are carefully designed to prepare participants to be among the next generation of leaders in aging. Graduates of this program are better prepared to enhance their abilities to improve quality of life, health, safety and economic security for older adults, provided in culturally appropriate ways. Managing Health and Chronic Conditions in Older Adults Elder Mistreatment: Understanding Abuse and Neglect Elder Mistreatment: Prevention of Abuse and Neglect

“ASA’s Fundamentals of Gerontology was a great engaging. This course was a high value investment in my professio al d velopment.” Charlene E. Depner, PhD center for families, children & t e courts experience! The content was rich and engaging. This course was a high value investment in my professional development.” Charlene E. Depner PhD center for families, children & the courts “ASA’s online gerontology course was a great experience! The content was rich and

*Sponsorship support includes program tuition and an ASA annual membership for each supported participant.

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New Funding Opportunities The American Society on Aging (ASA) is dedicated to creating new programs to meet the evolving needs of professionals who work in aging services, as well as the needs of businesses and organizations that are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of older adults. The following are programmatic areas where ASA proposes working with foundations and corporations to create innovative new programs to benefit the field of practice. [Call to discuss these opportunities and the investment required.] Business Acumen Skills Development Preparing the field of aging services and supports [AAAs and CBOs] to work in a managed care environment by training professionals in the core competencies required, and by showing new models, best practices, and all the steps in between. Aging in Community Many older adults want to remain in their homes and neighborhoods as they age, close to familiar surroundings, family, friends and healthcare providers. Furthermore, they prefer not to be placed in the alternative institutional environment. ASA’s work here focuses on effective models that support this goal, featuring programs that have migrated from research into everyday practice. Workforce Development Expanding the workforce needed to care for, and serve, a rapidly growing aging population. The Institute of Medicine, in its critical report Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce, called for the U.S. healthcare system to improve care for older Americans and to support older adults’ families in their care. ASA is responding by identifying and showcasing practical ways to make this objective an effective reality. Family Caregiving Caregiving is an issue that touches almost every life in America. To respond, ASA will train its members to train caregivers to implement practiced and effective responses to support family members caring for older adults. This program area would also include training and development in the caregiving focus area of dementia caregiving, built on models that have progressed from research into practice. Leadership Development ASA has a 30-year track record in leadership development, and offered the first intensive program in the country on diversity leadership, starting in the 1980s. ASA has trained more than 500 established and emerging leaders to help cultivate the next generation of leaders in the field of aging. In addition, with ASA’s Student and Emerging Professionals Constituency Group, with 500 student members and growing, ASA is a networker and developer of the next generation of professionals. Diversity is the lens through which ASA develops all of its programs. As many nationally recognized leaders who entered the field 40 years ago with the Older Americans Act consider retirement or a change of focus, new leaders are urgently needed to take their place. ASA has an exceptional track record in this area. Elder Abuse and Elder Justice For several decades ASA has been presenting educational programs and publishing articles on elder abuse and elder justice. The pinnacle of this work was the Fall 2012 issue of ASA’s quarterly journal, Generations, entitled “Elder Abuse and the Elder Justice Movement in America.” Following publication of this issue, ASA presented a National Forum on Elder Justice at its Aging in America Conference with content addressing elder abuse in all its guises—from physical to sexual to financial to neglect. ASA has continued to present educational programs on this critically important topic and

Our Vision The field of aging is diverse and highly skilled in the issues and opportunities facing older adults. As a result, the quality of life of older adults is enhanced.

Contact Carole Anderson at 415-974-9632 or canderson@asaging.org

20  American Society on Aging

plans to continue the work in the frame of its vision statement: The field of aging is diverse and highly skilled in the issues facing older adults. As a result, the quality of life of older adults is enhanced. Brain Health and Healthy Aging For more than 20 years ASA’s MindAlert Program has provided information and training on the latest findings in cognitive fitness, and disseminates information on current research and innovative programs that help older adults maintain and improve cognitive and mental function in their later years. Through ASA’s MindAlert Program, we are able to expand the visibility of brain health through educational programs featuring nationally recognized experts in the field. In addition, ASA presents live and on-demand web seminars on brain health, dementia and Alzheimer’s. ASA continues to sponsor the MindAlert Award, recognizing innovative community-based nonprofit programs and research to maintain cognitive fitness in older adults. Elder Poverty About 3.5 million Americans ages 65 and older live in poverty. An additional 2.3 million older Americans are “near poor,” with incomes below 125 percent of the poverty line. For these poor and near-poor older adults, life is often a constant struggle to meet basic needs. Today’s poverty measures give policymakers and the public a sense of the large and—in today’seconomy—growing number of poor people. ASA presents more than 15 educational programs a year on this important subject—both in the annual conference format and through web seminars delivered to members’ desks. In addition, ASA’s quarterly journal, Generations , has plans for an issue dedicated to this subject. ASA has the membership network and relationships with other organizations addressing elder poverty, and is committed to seeking grant support to expand this important work. Empowering Aging-Friendly Communities Nationwide Recognizing the critical and growing need to help communities prepare for an aging population, Age Wave and the American Society on Aging are combining resources, capabilities and decades of experience to launch the Aging Sensitivity Training Program. This program is designed to create positive outcomes by empowering key community workers across the country with the knowledge and skills essential for working and communicating effectively with older adults. Sample program elements may include cutting-edge research about older adults’ needs, challenges, and vulnerabilities with ongoing reports and insights based on these national and statewide investigations, a compendium of available local resources and organizations serving older adults; and design and creation of an engaging and actionable in-person and e-learning curriculum that teaches the core skills necessary for supporting older adults’ safety and well-being. The older adult population in the United States continues to grow more diverse in culture, language and sexuality. ASA sees diversity through several lenses and strives to ensure that inclusive practices prepare our members with the best tools and resources to serve their communities. With a growing emphasis on community care organizations, we need to understand the diverse experiences of older adults in order to serve them most effectively. Their experiences are shaped by cultural attitudes, family roles and responsibilities, and beliefs about health, disability and sexuality. This field book will provide information for practitioners working in diverse communities by distilling research into innovative, evidence-based practices. Cultural Competence Field Book Featuring practical guidelines for working with diverse elder communities

Our Mission ASA is the essential resource to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge, and strengthen the skills of our members and others who work with, and on behalf of, older adults.

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