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plans to continue the work in the frame of its vision statement: The field of aging is diverse and highly skilled in the issues facing older adults. As a result, the quality of life of older adults is enhanced. Brain Health and Healthy Aging For more than 20 years ASA’s MindAlert Program has provided information and training on the latest findings in cognitive fitness, and disseminates information on current research and innovative programs that help older adults maintain and improve cognitive and mental function in their later years. Through ASA’s MindAlert Program, we are able to expand the visibility of brain health through educational programs featuring nationally recognized experts in the field. In addition, ASA presents live and on-demand web seminars on brain health, dementia and Alzheimer’s. ASA continues to sponsor the MindAlert Award, recognizing innovative community-based nonprofit programs and research to maintain cognitive fitness in older adults. Elder Poverty About 3.5 million Americans ages 65 and older live in poverty. An additional 2.3 million older Americans are “near poor,” with incomes below 125 percent of the poverty line. For these poor and near-poor older adults, life is often a constant struggle to meet basic needs. Today’s poverty measures give policymakers and the public a sense of the large and—in today’seconomy—growing number of poor people. ASA presents more than 15 educational programs a year on this important subject—both in the annual conference format and through web seminars delivered to members’ desks. In addition, ASA’s quarterly journal, Generations , has plans for an issue dedicated to this subject. ASA has the membership network and relationships with other organizations addressing elder poverty, and is committed to seeking grant support to expand this important work. Empowering Aging-Friendly Communities Nationwide Recognizing the critical and growing need to help communities prepare for an aging population, Age Wave and the American Society on Aging are combining resources, capabilities and decades of experience to launch the Aging Sensitivity Training Program. This program is designed to create positive outcomes by empowering key community workers across the country with the knowledge and skills essential for working and communicating effectively with older adults. Sample program elements may include cutting-edge research about older adults’ needs, challenges, and vulnerabilities with ongoing reports and insights based on these national and statewide investigations, a compendium of available local resources and organizations serving older adults; and design and creation of an engaging and actionable in-person and e-learning curriculum that teaches the core skills necessary for supporting older adults’ safety and well-being. The older adult population in the United States continues to grow more diverse in culture, language and sexuality. ASA sees diversity through several lenses and strives to ensure that inclusive practices prepare our members with the best tools and resources to serve their communities. With a growing emphasis on community care organizations, we need to understand the diverse experiences of older adults in order to serve them most effectively. Their experiences are shaped by cultural attitudes, family roles and responsibilities, and beliefs about health, disability and sexuality. This field book will provide information for practitioners working in diverse communities by distilling research into innovative, evidence-based practices. Cultural Competence Field Book Featuring practical guidelines for working with diverse elder communities

Our Mission ASA is the essential resource to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge, and strengthen the skills of our members and others who work with, and on behalf of, older adults.

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