May 2022


THREE SISTERS AND A BABY BY TERRI GRAVITT The bond between sisters is unlike anything else. They play together. They fight. They “borrow” each other’s clothes and hairbrushes. It is like living with your best friend and your least favorite mean girl simultaneously. If we do not have a sister, we want one, so we find a best friend and call her our sister. Books and movies like Little Women and My Sister’s Keeper are written and brought to the big screen to explore this one-of-a-kind bond. It is a complex and fascinating friendship—one in which there is indeed struggle, but also the knowledge that you never have to stand alone. You have a genuine gift of the heart that far surpasses most other relationships.

There is no more beautiful example of this unbreakable bond than the story of the relationship between these three sisters: Lyndsey Leach, Brooke Beall and Meagan Beauchamp.

L yndsey, the oldest sister, a US Market Accounting Manager for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Dallas, Texas, explained, “It is a story about growing up together, loving each other and being willing to do whatever we could to help each other.” Brooke, the middle sister in this trio and an eighth-grade principal at Texas Middle School shared, “We had a typical love/ hate relationship as sisters do. We loved each other to death, but definitely had our fights growing up. Lyndsey and I ganged up on Meagan a tad… just typical things sisters do growing up. But I would say as we have gotten older, they’re my best friends. So, if something happens, they are who I reach out to tell.” Youngest sister, Meagan, a Registered Nurse and a branch manager at Texarkana Heritage Home Health & Hospice, added with

a laugh, “Yep, they made up their own language so that I couldn’t talk to them, AND they cut my hair!” Lyndsey met her husband, Darren, in college. They graduated from college one week and got married the next. “Within three months, I think we did everything you’re not supposed to do,” she said. “We graduated college, got married, moved to Dallas and started new jobs.” The couple has been together for 21 years and married for almost 18. “He is my best friend and the person who makes me smile every day. There are so many ways we have been blessed throughout our time together. Still, unfortunately, we could not have children.” After five years of marriage and at 27, they began to try to have a baby. It was seven long years. They faced many trials while trying to conceive. It became increasingly


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