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One day, I was talking to her about it, and she asked, ‘How about they put two babies in, and you give one to Aunt Lyndsey and we keep one?’” “No, ma’am,” Brooke replied, “Absolutely not!” “At the beginning, I still had to remind them that this is Aunt Lyndsey’s baby. It’s their cousin, so we use that language. ‘This is your cousin.’ ‘This is Aunt Lyndsey’s baby.’ ‘When I have the baby, they will give the baby to Aunt Lyndsey.’ They are so excited!” In March 2021, Meagan eagerly began the process. For her, this included giving herself two nightly injections in her abdomen for three weeks during ovulation to slow down the growth process, increase the number of eggs possible, and ensure their release together so the doctor could harvest them simultaneously. In June 2021, she went through the procedure of donating her

just puts the cherry on top! He was high-fiving everyone at the gender reveal. My middle child, Faith, was born in February, and she is very upset the baby did not come in February. So, we are hoping for a March baby, so it splits the difference, and everyone is happy, but my kids are just excited and ready to have another cousin!” Hence, the process of Invitro Fertilization (IVF) began for Brooke. “IVF was difficult,” she said, “because they tell you that you will get a shot every day. It is painful. You’re over it. You do 15 weeks of shots before, and then you do it for 12 additional weeks. My husband was giving [me] the shots. He is not a nurse. He is a teacher. Meagan would come and save the day some nights. It was a lot of medicine that I had to take, a lot of shots. It was difficult.” Finally, on July 20, Brooke was implanted and got

(L-R) Parents, Darren and Lyndsey Leach, Aunt Meagan Beauchamp and Aunt Brook and Uncle Daniel Beall with baby Bryce.

eggs. Once again, Meagan earned the nickname “Fertile Myrtle,” which her sisters had always called her. While most women only produce two good eggs, she was able to donate six great eggs! Meagan’s husband, Zach, and family were also very supportive of her decision. “Hunter is so thrilled,” Meagan shared, “The baby is actually due on his birthday, April 8. Then the fact that it is a boy

a positive pregnancy test on July 30. Brooke’s greatest challenge came when she got COVID-19 just eight weeks into the pregnancy. She was very sick and still had to receive injections, which made it challenging. Brooke remained positive and expressed her only real concerns were the “normal pregnancy worries such as the delivery, recovery afterwards, the hormones being kind of all over the place


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