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The Property Jungle is the market leading provider of websites to the property industry in the UK and has successfully delivered over 1,700 sites for Estate and Lettings Agencies since 2003. The company was founded by Mike Smithson, a veteran of the property industry, with 36 years’ experience working in Estate Agency, Relocation, New Homes Development, as well as IT Project Management and Web Development. The 20 strong team at The Property Jungle includes many other agency veterans, an extremely talented group of designers, developers and programmers including a Doctor of Computer Science, a former university lecturer and an Oxford graduate. This mixture of agency expertise and technology know-how makes The Property Jungle your ideal partner because, unlike almost all local, or non-industry- specialist web developers, we understand your business, your jargon, your software, your objectives and the very specific legal requirements of websites for Estate & Lettings agents today. We are true specialists at building property websites.

About this Project

Weale and Hitchen are a multi branch agency based in Lancashire, who have had their current website for 3 – 4 years.

Properties are uploaded via a feed from Vebra Alto.

Although Weale and Hitchen currently have 4 branches they appreciate that they will need to move with the times and will need to amalgamate their branches to a central office and offer a “hybrid” style agency with online tools but still offer a traditional service.


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