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One of the toughest but most fun questions to ponder is this: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which movies would you want to find there for entertainment? Chances are you’ve been asked this question a couple of times throughout your life, and, if you consider yourself a big film buff, you probably struggle to come up with an answer you are 100% confident with. In fact, it seems the more movies you see, the harder it is to peg down the few you’d be excited to watch on repeat for all of eternity.

Morgan Freeman, this unforgettable movie tells the tale of two

prison inmates’ unlikely friendship forged over years of struggle under the watchful eye and brutal hand of a barbarous prison warden. Due

to its intriguing narrative and nuanced portrayal of likably flawed characters, this film continues to resonate with audiences over two decades since its release. While “Shawshank Redemption” isn’t a film I’ve watched recently, I become fully engrossed in it every time it appears on my TV screen. The conviction it must have taken for the protagonist to maintain his senses while serving so many years of jail time in brutal conditions is nothing if not inspiring. But his dedication to plot his escape might be the only thing even more impressive. The second film is certainly less heavy but every bit as memorable. If I stumbled upon this movie on a random deserted island, I would have known I was officially near the “Highway to the Danger Zone” with Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Charlie. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’ll tell you: “Top Gun,” which tells the iconic story of Maverick (played by Tom Cruise) who is sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School where his recklessness and overly confident demeanor make for certain trouble.

I remember seeing this film in theaters when it made its debut in 1986 and watching it in theaters a few more times after that! My favorite character was the tragic Goose, whose demise was one of my biggest heartbreaks by the time I reached age 14. Even though I cried at this film’s conclusion the first several times I watched, it’s still one I know I will never tire of. With all the great films that exist today and all the ones in the works, there’s no real shortage of stories we can fall in love with. But for me, these two will always stand out a little more than the rest! Which films stand out to you? Which ones would you want to find if you were stranded on an island?

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which movies would you want to find there for entertainment?”

When asked this question, some people might go the practical route with suggestions like “Cast Away” where they can glean survival tactics like building fires and fishing weapons, while others might choose comedies like “Blazing Saddles” or “Caddyshack” to keep the mood light during all those hours stranded alone. My personal approach is to fall back on two of the classics, both of which have entertaining and inspiring storylines but drastically different plots. The first movie I’d choose is “Shawshank Redemption.” If you aren’t familiar, here’s a bird’s-eye view. Starring Tim Robbins and

-Dr. Cherukupally



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STEP 2: SHOP SMART If your bathroom is full of plastic, it’s time to make a brand change. Plenty of makeup brands cater to a zero-waste lifestyle with recyclable or compostable packaging and products made with bamboo, glass, or stainless steel.

Walk into your bathroom and look around. Do you see plastic? Odds are you have a boatload of the stuff. Plastic is the beauty industry’s go-to material for eyeshadow palettes, makeup

brush handles, blush compacts, and even liquid foundation bottles. Take a moment to consider the poor recycling rate for plastics, 9.1% according to the latest EPA data; the amount of plastic in the oceans, which the Ocean Conservancy estimates to be more than 150 million tons; and the impact of plastic pollution on climate change, which the Center for International Environmental law equates to 189 coal-fired power stations. Those statistics are enough to convince anyone to aim for a makeup routine that doesn’t contribute to the landfill. If you want to keep the makeup and ditch the plastic, here’s how to start.

Axiology’s lipstick tubes are made from recycled aluminum; Antonym Cosmetics packages its eye shadows in bamboo; and some companies, like Elate Cosmetics and Kjaer Weis, send refills when your favorite colors run low. If you’re really dedicated, go a step further by DIYing your makeup or finding a bulk supplier.


If you don’t opt for refillable makeup, determine what will happen to each container at the end of its life. Some brands, like L’Occitane and Province Apothecary, allow you to send containers back to them

STEP 1: USE IT UP There’s no point in tossing your current beauty products until they’re empty. Otherwise, you’ll just be adding the cosmetics themselves to the waste stream. Instead, use up what you have and dispose of the packaging intelligently (keep reading to Step 3 for instructions on how to do just that).

for disposal. Glass, stainless steel, and aluminum vessels can be recycled, and mascara wands can be mailed to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, which uses them to clean up wildlife. Plastics that can’t be locally recycled can be mailed to TerraCycle, which partners with factories around the world to recycle difficult-to-handle waste.


September is an important month of the year because not only does it bring cooler temperatures and fiery fall colors, but it’s also known as the time of year when the greatest number of babies are born. With all the celebrations of life that will occur all across the world over these next few weeks, in the months following, the mothers of these September babies might start contemplating which exercise and nutrition plans to follow in order to get back to the physical state they were in prior to pregnancy. Our pelvic health specialist here at Activcore, Bri McCormick, DPT, has these conversations with moms all the time. What she’s found is that moms may feel at least four common (but not normal) changes as they are returning to a more active state. 1. Back pain — Most moms lack core strength after their baby is born, which often leads to back pain. Since your abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles undergo vast changes during the nine months of pregnancy and labor, these muscles need to be properly engaging and supporting your trunk for your back pain to resolve. 2. Diastasis recti — This is a term used to describe the lengthening of connective tissue between the rectus abdominis muscles, or the “six- pack” muscles. This can create gapping in the front of the abdominal wall, which can lead to hernias, back pain, and even injuries. Again,

this can worsen if you are not supporting your trunk properly. 3. Pelvic pressure — If you feel a heaviness in your pelvic region, you may be experiencing a prolapse. This is a term used to describe the lowering of organs within the trunk that can collapse the vaginal canal. It can range from minor to severe with varying grades but typically is very treatable. 4. Pelvic pain — After delivery, specifically, if you have experienced a perineal tear during delivery or had a C-section, scar tissue can heal to be very stiff and immobile. This can cause pain with applied pressure and muscle contraction.

All of these complications can typically be treated when caught early, so, if any new moms experience them when returning to exercise routines, be sure to reach out to Bri here at the office. You shouldn’t be afraid to exercise after having a baby; just make sure you’re doing it safely!



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this way, stem cells allow you to heal your own body. Several of our patients who have been in pain for years are now experiencing good results after using stem cells to promote tissue healing and repair

Pain Awareness Month with the hope of setting aside a time when various organizations can work to raise public awareness of issues surrounding pain and pain management. The approach to pain management has become synonymous with surgery and/or prescription medication in many circles, resulting in a widespread opioid epidemic. So, understanding you have options when it comes to treating your chronic pain is of the utmost importance. Those who have suffered a serious injury or who are constantly in a state of pain are often told that going under the knife is the only treatment option available, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Regenerative Sport Spine and Spa, we offer stem cell injections as a natural, healing alternative to surgery. The most amazing characteristic of stem cells is that they are capable of transforming into different types of cells to heal organs, tissues, and joints throughout your body. They are the only type of cell in the body that has the ability to turn into a brand-new cell with a completely different function! Furthermore, they work to maximize the body’s own natural healing system by transforming into new cells that replace the damaged ones and repair the injured tissue at the site. In

for several conditions, such as these: heart disease; cancer; diabetes; leukemia; spine, shoulder, or knee injuries; and even erectile dysfunction. This September, as we look toward National Pain Awareness Month, we encourage you to consider the damage that overprescribing has caused the population, and instead, spend more time learning about natural alternative treatments.

You should also attend our upcoming workshop!

What: Stem Cell Informational Dinner Where: Facility TBA When: Tuesday, Sept. 24 RSVP by calling or emailing the office to reserve a spot!

Since we’ve given you lots of material to read already, why don’t you take a quick break? But don’t just sit there. Use this break as an opportunity to take some deep breaths. Surveys report that Americans’ stress levels reached new heights in 2010 and have continued to exponentially increase in the years following. While you have many options for stress management, a good place to start is with some deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. It slows down your heart rate and helps bring your awareness away from the worries in your head. Start by inhaling through your nose for a count of five seconds. Hold the breath for five seconds. Then exhale through your mouth for a count of five seconds. Continue the cycle as often as needed. TAKE A BREAK FROM READING ... AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH


Savor the end of tomato season with this spicy and healthy salad. Because the horseradish-spiked dressing packs a punch, you only need a little to add a lot of flavor.


1/4 cup mayonnaise

Salt and black pepper, to taste

1/4 cup buttermilk

2 1/2 lbs. heirloom and cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped

2 tbsp prepared horseradish

2 scallions, thinly sliced


1. For the dressing, whisk together mayonnaise, buttermilk, and horseradish in a mixing bowl; season to taste.

2. In serving bowls, arrange tomatoes and top with scallions.

3. Lightly drizzle tomatoes and scallions with dressing and serve.

Inspired by Food & Wine Magazine

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INSIDE 1. A Film Buff’s Ultimate Dilemma

2. 3 Steps to a Zero-Waste Makeup Routine 2. 4 Things to Watch for When Returning to Exercise After Childbirth 3. A Way to Promote Healing and Fight the Opioid Crisis 3. Tomato Salad With Horseradish 4. National School Backpack Awareness Day



September is the first full month of the new school year for most students, and they’re likely to be armed with all the school supplies they could ever need! With everything required of them, kids need a way to carry their supplies to and from school. The most common means of transporting supplies is a backpack, and knowing how to manage a heavy backpack full of school supplies is vital. Sept. 18 is National School Backpack Awareness Day, and it’s the perfect time to take a look at how backpacks can affect a child’s physical health. FAR TOO HEAVY Students have a lot to carry around, and it’s essential to distribute that weight evenly and not overpack. Heavier items, such as textbooks or binders, should be centered and placed in the bigger back pockets and lighter items stored in the front pockets. According to the Ameritech College of Healthcare, the total weight of the backpack should not be more than 10% of a person’s weight. THE ONE-ARM SLING Many students like to wear their packs with only one strap over a shoulder if they’re in a rush. However, this can cause poor posture, pain, or injury, especially if the backpack is too heavy. Using both shoulder straps on the pack helps distribute weight evenly across the back, minimizing potential health problems.

A backpack that sits too low on a person’s back can imbalance someone, forcing them to lean forward or backward to adjust, and cause

back pain. Adjust the straps of the pack so it sits at least 2 inches above the hips and just below the shoulders, centered on a person’s back. Using a chest and waist strap will also help keep the pack close and secure to your body.

These measures don’t only apply to students returning to school. Whether your family is planning a camping trip, hike, or a bike ride, knowing the proper way to wear a backpack will help your family avoid back pain or even injury!



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