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HOW TO BE LUCKY Better Than a Four-Leaf Clover I don’t believe in luck. Too often, when people blame poor circumstances on “bad luck” or say they’re waiting for their “lucky day,” they deny themselves the opportunity to take responsibility for their life. Luck is often used as a crutch, and that’s no way to be successful in life. However, I do believe it is possible to be a lucky person. I have met people who seem genuinely lucky, though it’s not because their circumstances were predetermined by the Fates. Instead, their attitude and life choices lead them to great luck. Here are a few ways you can learn to be a luckier person. I’ve found moments of luck happen when we are prepared to take an opportunity when it presents itself. If you want to be lucky, you need to educate yourself, reach out to experts, and give yourself the tools you need to have the best chance at success. For example, I took my first PT job not because it would pay a lot of money, but because it would provide more experience than other higher-paying positions. That job ultimately built the framework of my career, providing the knowledge to run my own practice and introducing me to a number of people I still do business with today. I’m lucky to have met these people, but I made that luck by choosing to become a more prepared, knowledgeable person. A lucky person has never said, “I’m just waiting for my ship to come in.” Lucky people build their own ships. Some people spend years waiting for the “right time” instead of putting themselves in a position to have that lucky break. It’s like if someone is in pain but they don’t seek out remedies. Instead, they wait on another person to deliver a magic solution. How can they ever recover if they don’t find someone who can help them? BE PREPARED. DON’TWAIT FOR YOUR “LUCKY DAY.”

“I’ve found moments of luck happen when we are prepared to take an opportunity when it presents itself.”


If you think you are an unlucky person, chances are you’ve had a string of bad luck in your past. But did you know lucky people believe they are lucky? This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that comes frommaintaining a positive attitude. Lucky people don’t dwell on their bad luck, because if you spend time regretting what could have been, you will miss your next opportunity to enjoy good luck. The luckiest people are those who persevere through setbacks. I don’t mean lucky people blindly perform the same actions again and again. Instead, if something doesn’t work out like they wanted, a truly lucky person looks at what went wrong and comes up with a better plan. Lucky people learn from their mistakes, and they don’t make the same mistake twice. It is important to remember luck is entirely within your control. Your actions can decide whether or not you will be a lucky person. That said, if you’re looking for some luck in the lottery, the most common numbers drawn for Michigan’s Lotto 47 are 19, 18, 28, 43, 8, and 36. Go ahead, try your luck. If you win a couple dollars, don’t forget about me! DON’T GIVE UP.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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