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March 2019

What’s new? 2019 has begun, exciting things ahead. One Team, One Goal, Let’s make it a year to


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GM’s Message

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Islam Mohamad Sakr

Service—Al Tanoor

“ A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. “ Melinda Gates

In celebration of Women’s Month we asked our senior leaders their thoughts about Women Empowerment.

What is Women’s Empowerment?

“ Focusing and choosing your career and having a balance in life and it is up to you to make it happen. “.

What are the qualities of an empowered woman?

“ Being organized and having a listening ear which gives me direction on how to guide people “.

What can women do to feel empowered while still maintaining their femininity?

“ Just be yourself and not put too much focus on it but it has to be part of you “.

Ghislaine Le, Resident Manager

What is Women’s Empowerment?

“ Our voice is being recognized and heard, same with our thoughts and exchange of ide- as. Not to doubt that we are valuable and powerful and deserving of any chance and op- portunity in this world ”.

What are the qualities of an empowered woman?

“ Having the freedom to choose her life, recreate oneself, being independent. I always believe in the saying, ‘ Life is short.. do what makes you happy ‘ ”.

Who are your personal icons and what makes them stand out? “ Hillary Clinton, despite the controversies she faced , she stood her ground and being the only First Lady who ran for public office, serving as the first ever female Senator and the first female candidate in the Presidential election “.

Gina Siojo, Director of Customer Sales

What is Women’s Empowerment?

“ Women are free to make and own their choices and decisions, equal to everyone and having the same rights, choosing what and where to be and to do in your life ” .

What are the qualities of an empowered woman?

“ An empowered woman is one who strongly believes in herself. Never takes criticisms and failures as a reason to whine about but instead is even more determined to make it big. Being patient, fighting back at negativity, speaking her mind, being humble (irrespective of her achievements), empowering other women and believes in equality, are other important qualities that makes women feel empowered ” . What can women do to feel empowered while still maintain- ing their femininity?

The cave is only accessible by the rail. And there are also some exhibi- tion with in- formation of the

“BE YOU - BE STRONG—FOCUS ON WHO YOU ARE! Do what you really want to do and love.

Always show the best of you—Every Woman is beautiful—inside and outside!. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. .

Sandra Leibrock, Director of Sales & Marketing

What is Women’s Empowerment?

“ Women in leadership or inspirational roles is what empowerment is all about “.

What are the qualities of an empowered woman?

“ Self-confident, assertive, a strong leader , empathetic and has a high emotional intelligence “.

Who are your personal icons and what makes them stand out?

“ Malala Yousafzai is an amazing individual` whose aim is empowering girls through education” .

Camila Semiraro, Director of Events Management


Turtles & Plasti

Shangri-La’s Initiatives

As an environmental initiative, the Hotel has created a guideline to eliminate single use plastic items. This will not only save our environment but it also complies with our sustainability vision to make the world and Shangri-La a better place.

Here are some of the steps we took:

1) Single use inventory: Use up the plastic stirrers and picks that you al- ready have

2) Switch to non-plastic stirrers and picks: metal stirrers and metal picks are the recommended choice as a replacement

3) Single use cutlery: We are working towards offering wooden cutlery as the disposable option

4) Offer “Straws available upon request”: Only give out a straw if a customer specifically requests one, except for special drinks where a single use straw is needed.


SLMU went to Al Khairan School to spread awareness about the turtles and plastic awareness As you know turtles are a very integral part of not just Oman but Shangri-La as well. Being one of the few locations where turtle nesting and hatching oc- curs, it’s very important that we high- light on the fact that we care about our environment, our property and our Turtles.

Beach Cleaning Day

Let’s keep our area clean. 85 Shangri-La Employees gathered to help clean our combined Beach from Al Bandar to Al Waha.

Muscat Marathon

Another Successful year, another successful marathon. 30 employees participated in one of the biggest events in the Country. Let’s not forget our only participant in the 42K who is no other than our General Manager—Mr. Doerr.

A true leader by example.

Women’s Day

Where do we start? Compassionate, caring, hardworking, loving, leaders and much more...all characteristics of women. To cele- brate these wonderful ladies, SLMU organized an event celebrating Women’s Day as a Thank you for their constant gift of giving.

Drug Awareness

SLMU Team organized a Drug Awareness Campaign for our staff with the help of the Royal Oman Police to spread the word.



Nizwa Fort Cultural Trip

A great way to explore Oman and its Culture. SLMU organized a Day Trip for our Employees to go to Nizwa Fort. It was a day filled with knowledge, culture and good food,

We highly encourage our employees to go and discover what this beautiful country has to offer.


What better way to have fun then by going Bowling. Another event organized to enjoy some time off from work.

GDP and Birthday Party



Hosted by Spa and Sales & Marketing Team on March 20.

Ending the Winter Season at the Turtle Beach before the heat kicks in. A bright colorful and unique party full of smiles and Joy.


Hosted by the Training Team

Started the year off with a Bang, the training team hosted a ping pong themed SOHA full of fun activities, a wonderful performance and lots of prizes. Let’s not forget the celebration of our Diamond GDP’s and Colleague of the Year.


15—20 –25 That’s how long these employees have been here. Loyalty, dedication, hard work and commitment. We organized a celebration to acknowledge the long year services that some of our employees have had within Shangri-La as a brand.

Not only do we appreciate such candidates but are grateful to have them motivated into giving their heart out for Shangri-La.

Let’s put the old learning style behind us and bring in a new fun way of Learning. The Training team organized a Product Knowledge Rally as a way to encourage our Employees to gain more knowledge and insight focusing on our Unique Selling Points. The Rally includes singing, dancing, crosswords, running, team work and lets not forget a lot of fun.

If you still haven't participated make sure you join the next Rally to find out more about the Hotel and what you think you know but don’t!



A new restaurant is in town and we are about to Chow you a sneak peak of our latest project. A hardworking team that have been training non stop. A new concept, new items, fresh, fun and trendy…..This restaurant will give Shangri-La a different touch and will allow our guests to enjoy the variety of items with a Southeast Asian twist and an experience to remember.


Don’t wait for ‘PERFECT’ mom

Take the ‘MOMENT’ and ma

Don’t worry abo about the chanc you don’t


e it ‘PERFECT’.

t failures, worry s you miss when even TRY!

SLMU Vacancies & Referral Programme

“Do you know a potential

candidates who has the

attitude to delight our


Vacancies 1 Hostess (Chow Mee Restaurant)

1 Social Media Manager

When you refer a potential & they are successful in

their interviews, you will be rewarded after they suc-

cessfully complete their 6 months probation period.

CVs can be sent to basim.alhasani@shangri-la.com

or Brammanand.rajkumar@shangri-la.com

If you refer a:

You get:

Level 2

500 OMR

Level 3

200 OMR

Level 4

100 OMR

Level 5

50 OMR

Ahlan Contributors Nali Rattanajit

Dick Keefe

Stephanie Rashid

Janette Villacarlos

To be featured in the next Ahlan newsletter, please contact:

Nali Rattanajit at #6922 or


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