Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 18, 2023

taught 15 different courses at CWU in Geography and four other interdisciplinary programs. Students in her courses readily recognize and appreciate her passion, enthusiasm, and depth of scientific knowledge. However, where she really stands out as an exceptional educator is the extra effort that she makes to continue to encourage students to explore new scientific territory on their own in the field and laboratory. She is a paleoecologist—a scientist who studies past environments to understand more about climate change and evidence of past wildfires. She consistently takes the extra time and effort to involve undergraduate and graduate students in every aspect of her research, not because it is easier for her, but because that is how she can best motivate students to learn and succeed. Close to 100 students have worked under her mentorship on original research projects in the field and in her paleoecology laboratory. The defining characteristics of her work as an educator include energy and expertise, zest for teaching, passion for getting students into the field to practice what they have learned, involving students in her highly productive research program, and commitment to extending the university’s reach to new populations. Together, these attributes have made her an exceptional member of the faculty. r The Distinguished Service Award recognizes endeavors that contribute to the welfare of individuals, professional organizations, university groups, the community at large, or the university. Following is this year’s nominee. Sharryn Walker, Distinguished Faculty, Service, Department of Education, Development, Teaching & Learning. Professor Walker began her career at Central Washington University (CWU) in 2007 and since that time has been an advocate for literacy development for children, families, students, teachers, and teacher candidates. Dr. Walker has had an enormously positive impact on literally thousands of people over the course of her professional life. Earlier in her career at CWU she developed Family Literacy Nights, held in various communities in the local area. These events combine opportunities for teacher candidates to interact with children and parents as books are read and the society of readers grows. These events have been very successful and have been supported by a variety of agencies and university grants as over many years. Evidence for Dr. Walker’s passion for reading can be found in her profound levels of service in educational settings and community agencies and reaches as far as her involvement in the International Literacy Association. r The Distinguished Faculty of Research / Artistic Accomplishment Award recognizes scholarly or scientific investigation or inquiry, conducted to advance the state of knowledge of the discipline. Artistic accomplishment is defined as the composition, creation, production or other significant and/or innovative contribution to an artistic event. Lily Vuong, Distinguished Faculty, Research/Artistic Accomplishment, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Dr. Vuong is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy & Comparative Religion. Dr. Vuong arrived at CWU in 2015. She is a prolific scholar with an international reputation in her field. Dr. Vuong specializes in early Christianity, especially early Christian apocrypha, and she is the world’s foremost expert on The Protovangelium of James , which tells the story of Mary’s conception and birth, her upbringing and marriage to Joseph, and the birth of Jesus. Dr. Vuong produced the definitive translation of the Protovangelium , which was published in 2019, as well as a scholarly monograph that takes a gender-critical view of the text.

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