Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 18, 2023

Brand Update Dr. Morse gave an update on CWU’s new brand. He reported that the Brand Summits on January 27 and February 3 were well attended. He added that CWU’s brand promise is the distilled essence and heart of our brand – We See Futures. Our brand voice should sound like a person and be real, active, warm, and confident. Key messages need to be distilled statements that convey our brand promise to audiences. The Public Affairs team has designed templated kits for the campus to use. Photo and video are among our biggest storytelling platforms so it’s imperative they align with our brand. They should be authentic, show relationships and interactions. They should also celebrate authentic diversity of backgrounds, identities, age, and modes of self-expression. We will retire the medallion and will use a single, simplified logo to enhance brand consistency – CWU with the mountains logo. Public Affairs has developed a brand webpage that has a wealth of information. The group will discuss taglines at the Friday board meeting. CWU Safe Dr. Morse gave some background information on CWU Safe and then introduced Marissa Howat and Cindy Coe, co-chairs of the group. The CWU Safe Work Group convenes as a large group for a series of focused topics related to gender-based violence prevention policy and procedure, high impact practices, and an overview of the current state of institutional policy and procedure at Central. In addition, the group will facilitate intentional and reflective conversations related to creating shared, university-wide ownership of trauma-informed and equity-minded gender-based violence prevention and handling strategy and practice. The large group convenings will feature interactive dialogues with subject matter experts on campus and in the community that inform the work group about areas of strength in CWU’s approach to the prevention and handling of gender-based violence as well as some possible areas of improvement. Work group members will be provided pre-convening reading materials and presentations that will help members be ready for an engaging discussion on each session topic. In between large group convenings, work group members will be asked to choose one focus area that will facilitate further study on campus prevention and response to gender-based violence. The purpose of the smaller focus groups will be to facilitate a deep dive review of current issues, challenges, or opportunities for Central to elevate gender-based violence policy, programming, and prevention. The small group work will be reported back to the large group during our regular convenings. After the large group topical discussions and small group focused activities are complete, the work group will then produce a final report with recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team. The Executive Leadership Team will then be responsible for reviewing the report and partnering with campus on a shared plan for campus-wide ownership of the recommendations. CWU’s Wrap Around Services Case Management Gretchen Geltemeyer and Jen Moultine from the Office of Case Management were introduced. They presented to the board on the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) Pilot Grant Program. The Washington Student Experience Survey Findings from January 2023 reported that 57.9% of students in South Central Washington face basic needs insecurity. This is the highest rate in our state. The WSAC SSEH Pilot Grant Program awarded $108,000 to CWU for AY 2022-23. From that amount, $76,044 was used for direct funding to students. Awards to students ranged from $300-$5000. The remaining amount was used for staffing expenses to

4 Board of Trustees Minutes February 16-17, 2023

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