Bursary Appeal 2021

Bursary Appeal 2021

Our social mission We believe that our diversity is our strength – that good learning with a social conscience can only be achieved in an environment where a healthy social mix exists, representing a breadth of talent, character and backgrounds. This social mix was a key characteristic of the College in the middle of the last century, when the “Dulwich Experiment” welcomed talented boys from all walks of life here regardless of ability to pay fees.” For our pupils today, this diversity remains a fundamental part of a Dulwich education – it is not an “add on” or a box to be ticked, but intrinsic to how we prepare all our boys for their future. Our ability to offer bursaries lies at the heart of this. This work will be more necessary than ever in the wake of coronavirus and its likely impact on the global economy – more children than ever will be at risk of being left behind. We are determined to play our part in addressing the resultant inequalities. The contribution of philanthropy is vital to helping even more boys benefit from a Dulwich education.

“Coming to Dulwich had a major impact on me. I developed a sense of self-confidence and self-worth from being treated and valued as an individual. It is one of those places that if you have a particular gift or affinity to something it is really nurtured and developed further. I am really grateful to those that have given to bursaries. It really does make a difference.” Donald Nartey OA (2002-09) Bursary award holder and former School Captain

Dr Joe Spence The Master

The Bursary Appeal Fund

We are proud of our history and remain committed to increasing the financial support available for talented boys who might not otherwise be able to access a Dulwich education. We currently provide financial support in the form of scholarships and means-tested bursaries to 35% of pupils in the senior school. In 2019-20 the College spent £4.15 million on bursary support - a 250% increase since 2012. We focus on families who need substantial bursary support - the majority of awards cover more than 75% of fees. Bursaries are funded through a combination of the generosity of benefactors to the College’s Bursary Appeal Fund and our own financial resources, including distributions from the Dulwich Estate and income generated through our educational partnership with Dulwich College International. As we look ahead to the future of the College and what this might mean for the sustainability of bursaries, we hope to build further our Bursary Appeal Fund, the income from which will continue to fund these places in perpetuity.

“I found at Dulwich there was no hierarchy. There was no sense of ‘I am better than you’. There was a genuine respect for other people, and for what others could be or do.” Professor Andrew Tomkins OBE OA (1954-61) Dulwich Experiment award holder

“Every single opportunity that’s been given to me is truly life changing and helped me develop into the person I am today. Thank you.” Luke Pye OA (2017-19) Bursary award holder and SpringBoard scholar

Just 49 gifts of £400 plus Gift Aid could fund a 100% bursary for a pupil for a full year

“Bursary support can make such a big

difference, not only to the pupils it helps but to everyone at the College because you get a diverse range of pupils, which I think is one of the great things about it. When you are on a bursary, there’s a real motivation and drive to try and do as best as you can and really make the most of the opportunity you’ve been given. I’m very thankful for Dulwich, it means a lot to me.” Selvin Selbaraju OA (2010-17) Bursary award holder

If 100 donors committed to just £16.19 a month plus Gift Aid, your support could fund a 100% bursary pupil

joining us at 11+ for their entire Dulwich education

1940s: The College had been in decline through the 1930s and had huge debts, in part on account of war damage. The then Master of the College, Christopher Gilkes, took advantage of the stipulation in the Education Act 1944 that any child who passed the newly implemented common entrance exam qualified for a free place at a secondary school with the fees paid for by the local authorities. This was the start of the Dulwich Experiment, the term adopted to describe the system by which great numbers of boys came to Dulwich College on free places. 1619: Edward Alleyn founded the ‘College of God’s Gift’ to provide ‘good learning’ to ‘twelve poor scholars’. Recognising that education should be for all, regardless of financial circumstance or background, this visionary act of philanthropy has defined the College throughout our history.

1950-60s: Gilkes' initial vision for the Dulwich Experiment was to reserve 50% of places for London County Council entrants, but by 1957 as many as 85% of boys were in receipt of full fee awards from local authorities in and beyond London .

1980-97: Local authority funding was replaced by the central government’s Assisted Places Scheme. Approximately 280 boys were on a means-tested place through this scheme.

1997: Since the Assisted Places Scheme was abolished in 1997, the College has relied on philanthropic support and its own financial resources to fund bursary places. In 1990, our Bursary Appeal Fund was established, consisting mainly of a ring-fenced endowment. Since its inception, the Bursary Appeal Fund has contributed a total of £4,553,000 towards bursaries at the College.

2014 - today: Since 2014, over £7 million has been added to the Bursary Appeal Fund thanks to the incredible generosity of our benefactors. Today, the fund stands at £16 million (including some non- endowment donations) and is currently able to support approximately 16% of the bursaries we offer. With your help, we can continue our mission to grow the fund so that many more talented and deserving boys can access a Dulwich education with the help of financial support.

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