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MARCH 2019

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Just as we do every year, we Ulmers are gearing up for our annual spring vacation. This year, we are breaking with tradition, heading somewhere other than St. Pete’s beach for the first time since we began these trips. Ever since I was a teenager, we’ve been heading to the same hotel near the same boardwalk overlooking the same stretch of Florida coastline. This year, Peggy Ulmer decided enough is enough — it’s time for something new. No one but my mother could have pulled off such a shift in family tradition so quickly. If you know her from stopping by the clinic, then you’re familiar with her can-do attitude. My mom uses that same spirit to bring my brother, sister, and me together at least once a month. While we all still call Huntley home, I doubt we’d find the time to see one another as often if it weren’t for our mom’s indomitable spirit. And I have to say she certainly outdid herself when it came to charting a new course for our annual trip. Our family is still heading to the Sunshine State this March but will

be leaving the mainland behind. After flying into Fort Myers, we’ll board a ferry and make our way to North Captiva Island. This secluded barrier inlet sits 3 miles west of the mainland, meaning we’re in for a far more secluded trip than our usual trek to the ever-popular St. Pete’s. In fact, given that the island’s population is only about 300, we Ulmers may be quite the crowd. Including kids and spouses, there are 13 of us making our way down to this little-known Florida gem. We’ll be staying at a lovely home we’re rented for the duration of our stay. It even has a private pool, in case we get tired of the beach I suppose. What’s really interesting is that there are very few actual cars on the island. I’m told we’ll actually be provided with a golf cart to get around! While I’m not sure of all the activities that await us, I can say with absolute certainty that, given the option, I won’t be riding any banana boats. I’ve learned my lesson from last year. Sure, it looks fun from the shore, but after a half hour getting saltwater thrown at your eyes by a Jet Ski,

the experience loses its luster. So, personally, I’m looking forward to catching some rays on the beach while the kids boogie board to their hearts’ content. Maybe I’ll lend Zach a hand with his sand castles at some point. The family Lego master is also (surprising no one) an excellent sand architect. All in all, I’d be grateful no matter where we were going so long as there was sun, sand, and a break from the oppressive winter gloom. We can all use a break from the cold around this time of year, but it’s easy to let those sunny escapes become as routine as the seasons. I’m glad my mom took initiative and found us this unique family experience. Now the only question is going to be whether our new tradition becomes heading to North Captiva every year or continually seeking out new beaches to enjoy! Here’s hoping you’ve found your own time for sun and fun this winter. If you have a favorite beach, let me (or Peggy) know!

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