GUEST CONTRIBUTOR CellCheck encourages farmers to remain disciplined and rigorous in their hygiene and routines during milking and to treat cows appropriately and most efficiently at drying off and during the dry period. It focuses on the simple routines like how to care for freshly calved cows, how to practice good hygiene during milking, how to properly take off clusters to avoid traumatising teats and letting pathogens enter the teat canal, how to maintain the milking equipment, how to start milk recording as soon as lactation begins, etc. Low SCC milk means more money in the farmers’ pocket, as farmers pick up more bonuses than penalties, improve yields and spend less on treating healthier cows. It alsomeans that themilk supplied can bemore readily processed, and improve industry’s ability to extract best value from existing and new markets – an important consideration with our sector’s export expansion ambitions.



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