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I hope that you’ve been enjoying the summer and taking advantage of the nice weather. At our house, it’s been a quiet, relaxing season. As we’ve gotten older, it seems our adventures to far-off lands grow fewer and further between. But because of their infrequency, these trips become all the more memorable. Our last big vacation was about six years ago, when Louise and I went to Rio de Janeiro to experience Carnival. It was one of the most incredible vacations we’ve ever had. Luckily, we were able to do all of the travel using miles we’d saved up over the years. I can still recall doing all the math and finding it hard to believe that flying to Brazil wouldn’t cost us a single cent. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t take vacations all that often. We stayed on Ipanema beach, giving us awesome access to the sand, sun, and fun. Whenever you travel to another country, it’s amazing how quickly you realize that there are different cultural norms, often to comic effect. For example, I learned that the folks in Rio don’t wear too much clothing. Not long after we arrived, I saw a man who must’ve been in his 70s walking across the street. From my vantage point, it looked like he was completely naked. After he turned around, I realized he wasn’t in the buff, but rather wearing a tiny G-string. Imagine seeing that on the Oregon coast! Of course, our time in Rio wasn’t exclusively spent sharing the beach with scantily clad locals. We visited the iconic “Christ the Redeemer” sculpture at the top of Mount Corcovado, which was breathtaking. One thing I noticed is that, unlike many American cities, the higher into the hills you go, the poorer the residents tend to be. We did a tour of Rio’s favelas, which are basically a massive series of shantytowns cut into the mountains. Seeing these living spaces and neighborhoods allowed us to get a real look at Rio, not just what you see on the postcards. It was eye-opening to see the conditions that many people there struggle with on a daily basis. Yet everywhere we went, from the flashiest locale to the humblest, the people were unfailingly friendly and welcoming.

Perhaps the most unforgettable experience was the night we visited the Sambadrome. As you might guess from the name, it’s a place devoted to putting on samba dance performances. What I didn’t expect was for the venue to be a 50,000-capacity stadium where locals and visitors flock to see the best samba dancers in the world. Even though the event started at 9 p.m., which is our bedtime, we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance. It was so fun that we ended up staying until well past midnight before we finally had to call it quits. In my opinion, one vacation as magical as this one is worth a dozen lesser ones. What did you get up to this summer? Let me know the next time you’re in the office. Who knows? It might end up being the inspiration for the next trip Louise and I take. Just don’t ask me to pack a G-string. – Garry Li day

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