Coye Law Personal Injury - July 2019


Chronicle July 2019 Edition

Wade Coye Attorney

The Deceptive Size of a Billboard

Distilling Who We Are and What We Do

Billboards may be physically large, but when designing one, you have to construct your message as if it were tiny. Hold out a business card at arm’s length, and that’s about the amount of space you’re working with. The reason for brevity is, of course, that people are going to be driving by these billboards. It’s a different sort of challenge. In this newsletter, for example, I get to be detailed, nuanced, and conversational. On a billboard, I only have time to get your attention and relay one message about our firm. Figuring out how I wanted to do that was tough. Originally, I toyed with the idea of a Burma-Shave-style sequential advertisement. For those unfamiliar, Burma-Shave was a shaving cream company famous for sequential highway signs. A number of consecutive signs would each have one word on them, eventually adding up to a message. Sadly, that idea wasn’t feasible. Instead, we opted for a series of messages using another form of communication that conveys thoughts quickly: text messages. Just by looking at the way a series of texts is presented, you know it’s a text message thread. Those blue speech bubbles are a dead giveaway. Text messages are also a nice metaphor for our approach, because we want to get to know you and have a conversation with you in order to best serve you. Finally, texting has an obvious connection to driving. I probably don’t need to tell you again how needless and foolhardy texting and driving is, but it can’t hurt. I tell this story not because I think I’m some sort of design genius (I’m definitely not) but because I think it shows the critical thinking skills our firm uses in every facet of our work. Whether you’re fighting a car accident case or shooting a TV commercial, you can’t just go through the motions and expect to succeed. You have to work hard at the task at hand, and that’s exactly what we do at Coye Law Firm. -Wade Coye

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the qualities that sets our firm apart is a willingness to think differently. Whether it's creative problem-solving on a case or adopting new technology to improve our client experience, we believe that you have to adapt and respond in order to do your best work. We never rest on our laurels or allow ourselves to become complacent when it comes to serving our clients. The same goes for how we get our name out there. Different forms of advertising ebb and flow in popularity with the times. Decades ago, for instance, most people found their attorney through the yellow pages. As such, taking out an ad in the phone book was a very smart business idea. Then, of course, you had the era of low-budget commercials. You can still see a few of these from time to time on daytime TV, but they’re nowhere near as plentiful as they used to be. Understanding how different types of media function is essential to using them effectively. As philosopher Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” Recently, we’ve been exploring the option of putting up some billboards around Orlando. In fact, as you’re reading this, some may have already gone up. Now, I enjoy putting my own personal stamp on stuff like this, so it’s been a fun learning experience for me. Figuring out how to effectively communicate who we are and what we do as a firm in the space of a billboard is no easy task.


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