weekly highlights ending 11.16

QU PA student donation dinner 11/5 We donated food for the QU PA students for their event to raise money for their medical mission trip.

Superfood Tuesday: Mushroom 11/6

This month’s superfood is

Mushrooms so we gave out made to order spaghetti

squash with mushrooms,

tomatoes, and basil in Café Q. We used the same recipe as in our

Super News newsletter.

Waste Warriors 11/6 We launched our Waste Warrior campaign to help raise awareness and stop food waste by having students scrap off food they didn’t eat into a bucket. Those who returned a clean plate got a free Chuck Buck!

Teaching Kitchen 11/6 We had our very first Teaching Kitchen at North Haven Café. The class was fully booked and the participants had a lot of fun making two different kinds of salsa!

SPB Music & Munchies 11/7 We offered free homemade chips so the students could snack while listening to Liz McNicholl in the lower dining area of Café Q. The flavors included mango siracha, sea salt, and zesty lemon pepper.

Hot Chocolate & Donuts 11/8 The students at North Haven were excited to see free hot chocolate and donuts as they walked into the Café. They were lined up and ready to get their morning pick me up when we opened at 9am!

Free Vegan/Gluten Free pasta 11/13 We gave out red lentil pasta with roasted vegetables and a vegan alfredo sauce. Many students were not aware we sold the red lentil pasta to-go at G8 and that it’s often served on the main line.

Hot Pretzels 11/13 We had a free Hot Pretzels event at North Haven Café from 3:00pm – 4:00pm. It was incredibly popular, we plan to double our amount for next year’s event based on this years traffic!

Friendsgiving 11/14 We had a Friendsgiving at York Hill Café. The students were able to reserve a free apple or pumpkin pie for their group and come enjoy a Thanksgiving themed meal.

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