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Could Your Posture Be To Blame For Your Aches & Pains?

Do you suffer from daily or recurrent aches and pains? If so, your posture may be the culprit. Just think about the number of hours a day we spend staring at a computer screen, hunched over our desks, or staring at our phones. That creates a lot of stress on the neck and back, especially if you are slouched, titled forward, or looking down for prolonged periods of time. How does poor posture affect me? Changes to your posture can negatively affect your body, and you may find yourself experiencing some of the following symptoms: • If your posture contains a forward head tilt– This forward-head posture creates a strain on the neck, which can result in neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, chronic headaches, and lower back pain. Tilting your head forward for long periods of time shortens the muscles in the back of the neck, and can result in soreness throughout multiple parts of your body. • If your posture contains slouching of the mid-back – If you slouch the middle of your back, you can drive your head forward and alter the way your ribs naturally align. By doing this, you may experience pain in the slouched region of the mid-back, in addition to pain in the neck. If this is your average standing posture, it is important to seek physical therapy treatment right away – over time, standing like this day after day may cause internal issues,

as it creates pressure on your lungs, heart, and digestive system. • If your posture includes sitting for long periods of time – When you sit for prolonged periods of time, the muscles in your hips and legs will stiffen. When these muscles become stiff, they tighten and will pull on the lower back, causing pain. The joints also lose their range of motion, which can cause soreness or achiness in the hips, legs, and back, and can create issues with your gait. The way in which you walk can also have an effect on your posture. When you have improper posture, your center of gravity changes. This can cause your balance to decline, which can cause pain when walking, thus creating a vicious cycle of overcompensation and pain. The most common symptom of poor posture is lower back pain, although pain can be present in other parts of the body, as well. The back muscles constantly contract to keep you upright, and they overcompensate when you slouch or hunch over. Over a period of time, constant poor posture can create an unusual amount of wear and tear on the lower back, which can increase the risk of arthritis in the spine. Call us today to talk to an expert about how we can relieve your aches and pains!


• Hearing you say: “I’ve been forgetting to take my pain medication lately” (YESSS!!!) • Or hearing you say: “I can now check my blindspot while driving!” or “...look behind me to back down the driveway.” • Seeing you practice walking/exercises unsupported (no walker/cane) but 100% safe with a Safety Overhead Support. • Or when you return to the clinic without your walker/cane, but instead with a big smile. • Hearing about how your urinary incontinence has improved and now you are not having any accidents. • Running into you later in the community. (True story from earlier this year: I was driving directly in front of a grocery store- -where the pedestrian traffic is high--and I spotted a 75 year old lady that we worked with a few weeks previous. She had vertigo/difficulty walking and was quite literally dragged/carried by her son into the clinic. But when I saw her going to cross in front of my car, I went for the window to roll it down and yell a hello. But I wasn’t fast enough. My jaw hung low as she jogged across the parking lot. I didn’t get to say hi, but I did get to feel some warm fuzzies as I watched her hustle across the parking lot.) MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU for choosing FYZICAL and sharing your recovery with us. We love it! It makes being a therapist fun and exciting.

Christmas is a time of fullness and gratitude. We count ourselves as incredibly blessedand fortunate tobeable toserveandworkand interactwithsomanyofyou. People often ask if I like what I do as a physical therapist. Without hesitation that I respond that I love being a physical therapist because I can spend time with amazing people where my primary concern is to genuinely take care of them and get them feeling and moving better. Often people will show up to therapy with difficult cases of a major limitation in an activity like walking or moving and they often have debilitating pain. Sometimes progress isslow in thebeginningbutaswework together to improve thecondition the changes that comes with therapy and healing are truly exciting to see. This year we have been able to help thousands of you, and we are excited to continue to work with you and your friends and family. MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU for choosing FYZICAL and sharing your recovery with us. We love it! It makes being a therapist fun and exciting. These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: • Getting you off crutches for the first time after weeks of not walking. • Seeing your relief from neck pain, back pain, headaches. (It’s often written right on your face) • Getting you back to recreational activities that weren’t possible previously. • Seeing you connect through conversation with family and loved ones after treating your hearing loss.


What Can I Do To Fix My Poor Posture?

It can be difficult to correct poor posture, but there are a few steps you can take on your own to try and help: 1. Sit properly. – If you are at a desk for extended periods of the day, make sure your stance is okay. Sit upright, place your feet flat on the floor, and try not to cross your legs. Make sure there is a small gap between the back of your knees and the chair. Having a chair with strong back support and padding is also recommended for making your upright position more comfortable. 2. Take stretch breaks. – If you are an office worker, it is not secret that most of the day is spent with limited levels of mobility. It is important to make sure that you get up every 30 minutes or so, and take a small walk, at least for a minute or two. This will help in loosening up your muscles and joints, as well as initiating a stronger blood flow. 3. Exercise. – Exercise is incredibly important, especially if your job produces several hours of inactivity. When you exercise, you are stretching and strengthening certain muscles of your body, including problem areas such as your neck and back. Taking even a small amount of time to walk or jog around the neighborhood every day can highly improve your overall gait. 4. Set up your office properly. – If you work from an office all day, it is important to have a proper ergonomic setup. Make sure that you are at a proper height with your desk chair and computer, so you don’t have to slouch or lean forward. Additionally, make sure your chair has the proper

lumbar support needed to help you sit straight while you’re working. These simple steps can help tremendously with your overall posture.

How can physical therapy help? If these at-home treatments don’t work, it is important to consult help from a physical therapist. Simply standing up straight is a fight against gravity, and if you have been standing the wrong way for several years, it may be difficult to change it on your own. However, physical therapists are dedicated to getting you on back on track to a pain free, and risk free life. They will evaluate your posture and gait to determine the best treatments necessary for you, and then they will create a treatment plan unique for your needs. They can improve your posture, eliminate your pain, and get you back to doing the activities you love to do. If you are experiencing pain, and you think it may be a result of your posture, give us a call today. We will help you get back to a comfortable posture in no time!

Try this stretch if you are experiencing pain from poor posture. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

Helps Relieve Back Pain


PRONE ALTERNATE ARM AND LEG While lying face down and keeping your lower abdominals tight, slowly raise up an arm and opposite leg. Slowly lower and then raise the opposite side. Do not allow your spine to move the entire time.

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“All of the employees at Fyzical in the Provo location have been extremely professional, helpful, and understanding. They take the time to understand the patient’s problem and are willing to make adjustments as needed as time goes on.” - K.T. “They take the time to understand the patient’s problem and are willing to make adjustments as needed as time goes on.”

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