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November 2018

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A Time for Stories The Bonds of Thanksgiving

A s a young girl, there was nothing I loved more than visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving and listening to them tell stories. I wanted to hear about how they met, what it was like during the Great Depression, and how they saved to build their house one room at a time. These stories made me feel more connected with my grandparents, and I still see Thanksgiving as a time for stories. When families gather, they are able to enjoy spending time together and sharing stories about loved ones who can no longer attend the feast. Stories are how we remember the bonds we share with other people. For me, I am truly grateful this year for the relationships in my life. I value the connections I have with my family, my friends, my coworkers, and all our seniors and clients. It is a gift to have people we care about in our lives. My son-in-law’s grandmother comes for Thanksgiving every year, and she really looks forward to it. Last year, we were sitting together and she said, “The thing I miss most is seeing my family. I miss being around the kids. I really feel like my old self when I’m over here for Thanksgiving.” Her words got to me. How often do we just expect to see our family members when we go home after work? Nearly everyday, our family is home waiting for us, and even if your kids are grown, most people can make plans to see them without much struggle. We don’t realize how precious the time we spend with our family is until it’s gone. This is something a lot of seniors experience. Their family has grown up and moved away, and they can’t go out like they used to. It can get lonely, which makes Thanksgiving an even more special time of the year.

Our Visiting Angels do a lot to help make Thanksgiving special for our clients and their families. Whether our client has family coming to visit, or they are going to visit their family, our caregivers can help them bathe, get dressed, and tidy the house. This gives the senior and their family less to worry about so they can more freely enjoy each other’s company. If a senior isn’t fortunate enough to spend the holiday with their families, our Angels can still work to make it a nice occasion, cooking Thanksgiving favorites and sharing a meal together. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, there’s a beautiful quote from William Arthur Ward that I have been thinking about: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” I believe there are countless reasons to be thankful everyday — from the air in our lungs to the bonds we have with our loved ones. When we remember these simple pleasures, every day becomes a celebration.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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