Meet Our Two Fully Credentialed Caregivers


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Meet Our Two Fully Credentialed Caregivers

Roger Howard, CPO, Director

Sara Remley, CPO

While Roger Howard has been in the field for 25 years (13 of it as the owner of Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics), Sara Remley joined us in 2014. She began as a CO-Certified orthotist, she went from a CO into her prosthetist residency with us and passed her boards this year, becoming fully credentialed. Most orthotics providers only have a single credentialed caregiver on staff, HOP now has two. Sara’s credentialing also allows us to offer care in both our main and satellite office and helped us launch a formal residency program. Having a residency program does more than just help students become the best providers they can be, it also helps keep bright young people like Sara right here in our own community. We continue to be dedicated to not only our patients but to serving the community at large and contributing however we can. Our formal residency program is designed to help encourage students to remain in our area and to contribute to economic growth right in our local economy.

Approved by Fidelis Insurance After several months of negotiation, we’ve been approved to accept Fidelis Insurance for prosthetics and orthotics; we’re pleased to be able to offer our services to more individuals than ever before. Fidelis covers low income individuals and families and allows us to provide care at no cost to the patient. We’re proud of the accomplishments and changes we’ve made in 2016. In the new year, we will strive to always provide the best possible care to those in our community. Contact us to learn more about our newest office and offerings or to set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts.

Now You can Visit Our New Satellite Location

We Are Now Accepting Patients At Our New Location

New Location

(In the recently remodeled Suburban Propane Building)

EJ Noble Physician Offices

6128 Route 11 • Canton, NY 13617 (315)786-8973 Hours: Open Monday-Friday by Appointment

“Before the foot orthotics my feet were sore & hurt a lot. With my foot orthotics I don’t limp anymore and can do more work. My feet don’t hurt as much. I’m very pleased with my results.” Leon W.

We Now Accept United Healthcare Insurance

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Health Tips

Even those who use snowblowers often have to “touch up” later in certain areas with a shovel. Consult the snow shoveling tips below to the make the job go more smoothly -- and to make it less boring, as well. Are You Shoveling Snow The Safe Way?

You Should Have a Plan Before You Start Snow Shoveling Leave these 2 areas for last:

1. Don’t fuss about the rest of the snow around the car just yet. More snow will accumulate there when you clean the car, so you might as well wait till then to clean up around the perimeter of the car. 2. Hold off on snow shoveling (with any degree of thoroughness) where your drivewaymeets the street. As plows go by, they’ll be barricading that area with more snow. Save this area till you’re ready to pull out with your car (or till after you’ve rested up). Speaking of resting, if you can afford the luxury of clearing a driveway in stages, that’s the way to go. If the storm’s over, divide the workload into sections; if the storm’s still in progress, make a preliminary sweep, then go back after the storm.

How To Shovel To Protect Your Body From Injury The stretching I had you do above is just step #1 in snow shoveling the safe way. Once you step outside and start wielding your shovel, remember the following: • Bend your knees and lift with your legs • As you lift the snow, keep the shovel blade close to you, to reduce back strain • Switch off between snow shoveling right-handed and left-handed, so that you’re working different muscles • Likewise, periodically change your grip on the hand holding the bar (palm under vs. palm over) • When the snowfall is heavy (1 foot in depth, let’s say), don’t try to clean right down to the ground with a single scoop. Instead, skim the top 6 inches off, then scoop up the bottom 6 inches. Otherwise, you could be hurting yourself by lifting too much.

Exercise Essentials

Try this simple exercise to help you feel better... Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Helps With Back Pain PIRIFORMIS STRETCH While lying on your back, hold your knee with your opposite hand and draw your knee up and over towards your opposite shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

SHARE Please share these exercises with friends and family members to help them stay healthy and free from pain. S AV E Save these in a place where you can easily use them as needed. Watch for more exercises in our next issue.

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