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July 2018

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Our referrals continue to be one of the best ways clients find us, and we deeply appreciate it! for your trust and confidence. Thank you I remember when we arrived at one of the largest outdoor shelters in the park, I could not believe all the people from our church who were there. I remember my mom turning around looking at me and smiling as she said, “Steve, there sure are a lot of people here to celebrate your birthday.” I was born on the Fourth of July. I was so naive for a little while, I believed everyone was actually there to celebrate my birthday. It was a wonderful day — eating, playing with my cousins on the playground, and watching the older kids playing baseball. Also, after some patriotic and church songs, they actually sang “Happy Birthday” to me. There was even cake and ice cream. I thought I was one of the luckiest boys in the world. I am sure I did not totally understand the significance of Independence Day, but I O ne of my most vivid memories as a young boy is my first visit to beautiful Deming Park in my hometown of Terre Haute, IN. It was a bright, warm, sunny day. I could not have been more than 5 or 6 years old. My dad was driving our car, my mother was in the front passenger seat, and my brother, Larry, and I were in the back seat. We were going to our church’s Fourth of July picnic and celebration. I remember turning into the park and seeing ponds with ducks, rolling hills, and tons of children running, playing, and having a great time.

remember I thought it must be something really special to be an American. Everyone was happy and so nice to each other.

Unfortunately, in 2018, sometimes we aren’t as happy and nice to others as we should be. Our country seems divided. Our leaders (from both parties) lambast their opposition, call each other names, and act as though they hate each other. Each side treats the other side as if it is “un-American.” I don’t have the solution. I wish I did. However, I do wish our leaders would abide by two simple rules my grandmothers taught me (and my brother and cousins) over 50 years ago. I doubt if either of my grandmas graduated from high school, but they were wise in many ways. I remember my maternal grandma told me (more than once), “Steve, if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” The advice I remember most from my paternal Grandma was visual. She would certainly let you know how she felt, but even if she disagreed with you, it was always with a smile. She did not have a mean- spirited bone in her body. It is my hope that our leaders (on both sides of the aisle) will become a little more like my grandmothers.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July. I am still very proud to be an American, and I am sure you are too.

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