Newsletter - Jan 2020

Volume 27, Issue 1 | January 2020

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We wish you and your family a wonderful 2020!

Seven Oaks CC's Annual Election and Meeting

With the start of the new year comes the Club's Annual Election and Meeting. This is the time of year our Equity Members have the opportunity to choose incoming Board Members as well as vote on other important items the Board has placed on the ballot. The nominations committee is pleased to present 5 candidates for election to the Board of Governors. They are: Mike Burton, Jay Ericsson, Tom Feher, Scott Howry and Mike Pelle . The 3 candidates with the most votes will be elected to the Board. Within the next couple of weeks, all Equity Golf Members will receiveVoterInformationinthemailwithprofilesofthisyear'sBoard of Governors candidates, explanations of any by-laws amendments that are brought forward and your Ballot. Paper ballots may be returned by mail or dropped in the official ballot box, located across from the Reception Desk. In 2019, we introduced electronic voting to our Election and many of our Equity Members took advantage of this convenience. For those members who have already consented to vote electronically, you will receive an email with your Voter

Information and a link to your e-ballot. This email will come to the main email address that we have on file. If you have not completedourConsent toElectronicNotificationandwant totake advantage of the ease of electronic voting, don't worry - please look in your Inbox (or possibly your Junk Folder) for an email with a link to the consent form. If you need any assistance with receiving your e-ballot or consent form, please contact Eryn Urban at During the election process, the Board of Governors will schedule a Town Hall Meeting so members will have the opportunity to receive more information on ballot proposals. Please look for an announcement of the Town Hall Meeting in your weekly Thursday email and around the Club very soon. The election will close on February 23rd at the start of our Annual Meeting. We encourage all of our Equity Golf Members to participate in our Annual Election. There are important items each year that are brought forth to better the operations of the Club and improve your experience as members of Seven Oaks and we can't accomplish these actions without your vote!

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