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In tune with what I needed to heal my back pain! “I can personally say that Trevor, the owner, is not only gracious, empathetic, and a really on point, knowledgeable physical therapist, his staff who interacted with me were gracious, patient, and in tune with what I needed to heal my back pain! If you are nearby and are looking for great PT, I highly recommend preferred PT! (I understand they also have OT and Speech Therapy)” - Y.B. (Actual Google Review) CURRENT PATIENTS: DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR FREE HOME EXERCISES

We are very excited to have started using Compressive Cryotherapy Technology on many of our patients in that have pain or swelling in the knee, ankle, foot, elbow, shoulder, wrist and hand. The patented technology of the Game Ready ATX Wraps (Active Temperature Exchange) provides the best surface contact for more effective cold compression therapy for these injured patients.

• Easy Access to Your Home Exercise Program • Full Exercise Videos with Instructions • Personalized Notes From Your Therapist • You Earn Medals, Awards and Achievements • Health Tips and Strategies Howtoaccessyourexercises... 1. Once your physical therapist creates your account, you will receive an email from Click on the activation link!

FREE COMPUTERIZED GAIT SCAN WITH DETAILED REPORT ANALYZING FOOT MECHANICS CALL TO SCHEDULE TODAY! (954) 360-7779 For more details, look on our website at This innovative technology is mainly used for accelerating injury recovery, and post-surgical rehabilitation. It is the system of choice for thousands of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors, medical professionals around the world, and is used by elite athletes in all sports. We are excited to have introduced this modality in our clinic, and in combination with ultrasound, cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation, ShockWave Therapy, and soft tissue mobilization, our patients are already seeing amazing results. Please call Preferred Physical Therapy to inquire more about how this equipment can help you recover from your injury.

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