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An Insider’s View of the Shenanigans at Janet Davis Cleaners

Being a dry cleaner isn’t always easy. Mastering the proper pressing, cleaning, and drying techniques to ensure our customers’ materials are cleaned properly is a feat that takes skilled training to accomplish.

My dad taught me and continues to exemplify the value of working hard and having fun. You spend the bulk of your day with the people you work with. Why wouldn’t you want to have a little fun? As the boss, I enjoy seeing respectful, light-hearted relationships between my employees. It makes the complexities of their day-to- day work easier, and it ensures they are giving our clients a great experience. They stay on the same page and get the job done while having fun doing it!

But no one makes this quite as fun as my dad.

My dad, Dave Matthews — not that Dave Matthews — purchased Janet Davis Cleaners from his cousin in the late 90s. At the time, it was a standard dry-cleaning business, but one of the first goals my dad had was make Janet Davis Cleaners a fun place to work. His dedication to fun has had profound impacts on this business.

If you happen to pop into our dry-cleaning plant on any given day, you may hear us saying phrases like “Crispy Critters” (the client ordered extra starch on their materials) or “Who wants to get high?” (code for “Who wants to go up on the ladder?”) We never say anything malicious or inappropriate, but these are just fun little ways we communicate. We try to have a little fun during the holidays, too! One December day each year, my dad and I will man the counters at both Janet Davis Cleaners locations. In turn, our

Like the celebrity musician he shares a name with, my dad creates songs while working. He transformed “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly into “I Believe I Can Spot and Press.” I still know the lyrics to this day!

I believe I can spot…

employees enjoy a completely-paid lunch together, swapping war stories from out on the floor and laughing about daily mishaps or joys. It’s always an exciting time of the year, and I’m honored to offer this opportunity to the employees who make our business great. Working at a dry cleaner may not seem too glamorous, but at Janet Davis Cleaners, we know it can be fun. I’m proud to say we have had second- and third-generation employees join our fun mix! Whether we’re singing a song my dad invented or sharing a Holiday lunch together, every day is an opportunity to share a little laughter and fun while starching the Crispy Critters.

I believe I can spot and press.

I can do it every night and day…

Good luck getting that one out of your head!

Of course, “I Believe I Can Spot and Press” wasn’t the only hit my dad wrote. He turned a famous Whitney Houston song into a dry-cleaning diddy. The lyrics elude me right now, but long-time customers and employees of Janet Davis Cleaners may know exactly what I’m talking about.

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340


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