Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest_Summer 2019

Cyber Hygiene

Ghost users are inactive but enabled accounts that are a key means for hackers to infiltrate a system/ infrastructure. Reportedly over 65% of companies have 1,000 state user accounts. Left unmonitored, attackers can easily steal data and cause disruption without being detected. Another Addressing and establishing security levels, as well as implementing multi-factor/ 2FA authentication, is paramount to data security protocol. You can also check out this arti- cle from the K-12 Cybersecurity Re- source Center that explains what the DBIR says about K-12 cybersecurity. human error giene and lack of attention to detail.

security vulnerability to address are accounts with non-expiring passwords. To combat this issue, the IT department needs to set expiration dates for all user accounts, monitor login activity, and deploy multi-factor authentication. Use this link to read more about this cyber hygiene best practice.

Ghost Users and Non-Expiring Passwords

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report is based on 41,686 security incidents of which 2,013 were confirmed data breaches. The report is 78 pages and packed with information dealing with types of breaches, where they took place, who was involved, and the motivation behind them. The most promising outcome was the consensus that many breaches are the result of poor security hy-

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