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‘GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU’ George Harrison’s Sales Advice

‘It’s Gonna Take Money’ As the first verse of the song suggests, building this promising relationship isn’t going to be cheap. If someone hasn’t already taken the leap to become a customer, they need some incentive to get serious. This is where free trials and giveaways are your best friend. Targeting these special offers specifically at your warm list is a great way to cultivate lifetime customers. ‘It’s Gonna Take Precious Time’ The No. 1 mistake sales teams make is giving up on leads too early. If you dump a prospective customer because they hesitate on your first few attempts, you’re shutting the door on future profits. Depending on your business, leads that take months or even years to convert can more than make up for the time and effort you’ve spent on them. Customers won over this way are far more likely to stick with you. ‘To Do It Right’ The final conceit of George’s song is that there may be other ways to win a person over temporarily, but this is the right way. By remaining dedicated and spending the time and money to build your relationship, you can win over lifetime customers — no singing required.

In conversations about sales, one doesn’t usually think of George Harrison. But the truth is that the Beatles’ lead guitarist actually has some solid words of wisdom when it comes to converting warm leads. His last No. 1 hit single, “Got My Mind Set on You,” may

sound like dated courtship advice, but it’s actually the perfect road map for turning interested parties into loyal customers. ‘I Got My Mind Set on You’ The theme of the song is painfully straightforward: A

lovestruck singer has his mind set on dating someone. While your mileage may vary on single- minded romantic pursuits, this level of unwavering dedication is a must for warm leads. Unlike the mystery woman of Harrison’s song, these are people who have shown interest in your business. To build toward a sale, you have to return the favor. Send personalized emails or newsletters, or pick up the phone and call them.

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At MicroTech Systems, our mission to provide 5-star IT service wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated employees. Whether they have been with us for years or weeks, we appreciate their commitment. This October, we would like to recognize Mike for his five years of dedication to MicroTech Systems! Thank you for all you do, Mike. To keep the celebrations going, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Stuart and Heather . Cheers to many more years, everyone!

“MicroTech is a fantastic company to work with. We have used them for well over 15 years, and they have been an excellent resource for our group. They are small enough to provide their customers with individual attention but large enough to have the resources and materials to solve major issues. We have had them put in a few servers, countless boxes, several pieces of equipment etc. They always get it right and keep us going. I am glad we found them way back when we did.” -Shawn Snow

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