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August 2019

The New School Year Is Finally Underway! Good Luck, Students!

August is going to be pretty busy for everyone in my family, but mostly for my daughters. The subject I’ve been writing about for months is finally here! As we’re getting into the new school semester, my girls are preparing and are very excited to step into their next school experience. While there are a lot of things that have changed since I went to school, the feelings of excitement and anticipation to start something new are pretty much the same. I know everyone reacts to starting school differently, but watching Grace, Elissa, and Kaity these past months leaves me no doubt that they’re going to have a blast. Grace is finally starting law school at the University of Texas, exactly 20 years after I did. When I was enrolled in law school, she was only a toddler, and I’m so excited to be here to support and encourage her as she heads off into the same journey. I’m very excited for her, and she’ll know where to look if she has any questions. As some of you may know, she has been filling in around here, first as my marketing person and then as a paralegal. I was just talking with a friend the other day and realized that before I went to law school, I had never stepped foot in a law office. In fact, the only interaction I had with an attorney was as a client at a “fix-it ticket” place when I got a speeding ticket, and I never even met that attorney! She’ll definitely have a leg up since she’s seen how things really work in a law firm. Elissa is continuing her pursuit of becoming a middle school English teacher, and she’s preparing for her first semester at Oklahoma State University. Her high school graduation ceremony, which I’ve written about briefly before, was pretty amazing. It was held at the Cowboys practice stadium, which is a great facility. I was also extremely grateful that the

ceremony didn’t last very long. The people who run it really know their stuff and can zip through about 1,300 kids pretty quickly! This month, she’ll be attending freshman orientation, which is actually only a week apart from Grace’s orientation, so Wendy and I will be spread thin by getting them both where they need to go in time. My youngest, Kaity, who’s entering her junior year, is excited not only to have most of the house to herself but also continue the Health Sciences Academy program I’ve written about before. The program calls for working all sorts of odd hours, as it involves rotations of hospitals or doctors, andWendy and I are thankful she’ll have the ability to drive herself wherever she needs to go without worrying about transportation. We just need to get a few more training drives in before she can take her test. With everyone taking off, I’m reminded of the first time I went to school and how excited I felt, even as far back as elementary school. I moved around a bit when I was younger. I attended a school in Washington state and another in Denver. Then for second grade, I went to a school in Fort Worth and changed schools in the third grade because my former school folded and merged with another small private school. I was there until I graduated with a class of just 19 students. Out of all my school experiences, I think my time in Denver may have been the most interesting. I used to walk to school, and the quickest route involved me walking past a wooden privacy fence that had a German shepherd dog on the other side. Without fail, he would bark and growl when I passed.

Gradually, the hole got bigger and bigger as he chewed the fence. So, I started walking on the other side of the street. This hole got to be pretty big — I’d say about 4 feet in diameter, and big enough for the dog to come through. And, eventually, that is what he did. I was walking home on the other side of the street one day, and as I passed, he jumped right out through the fence. I took off like a shot. When I got to the end of the street, I guess that was as far as he wanted to chase me because he bit me on the rear end and ran back home. I bawled the rest of the way home and told my parents about it that night, asking if I could go a different way to school. Dad said no, because I guess he wanted to build character. Realizing that he had no idea which way I went to school, I took a different route from then on anyway. (Sorry, Dad.) For my daughters and anyone else who is starting a new school year this month, good luck. I hope you have an excellent year without any rogue German shepherds!

-Aaron Miller

One morning, I noticed a small hole in the wall that the dog would stick his nose through. | 1

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