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around Easter, so I stock up. Beth and the kids know not to touch the extra bags I’ve stashed in the cupboard. On Easter morning, we hide plastic eggs filled with goodies inside the house for the kids. We tried hiding eggs outside one year, but it didn’t work out.The combination of morning dew and animals did not mix well. So, instead, the kids get to run up and down the stairs to find all the Easter eggs. It’s a pretty funny coincidence that Easter and April Fools’ Day were on the same date this year; you’d almost think my mom is behind that one.This joke is on the Easter Bunny, I guess.

our cereal, it had gone sour. Another year, we woke up to discover he’d drawn mustaches on his sisters. None of us thought that one was as funny as he did. I guess the prankster gene skips a generation. I’ve never been one to pull pranks, but my mom loved being a trickster. She is the master of little pranks. As kids, we’d head to bed on April 1 only to find that we couldn’t get in because she’d short- sheeted our beds. She never did anything really serious; the jokes were always light and perfect for a good laugh. One year, I woke up to her announcement that the hot water heater was broken. We’d have to take cold showers, she told us. “Oh man,” I groaned. I didn’t remember that it was April 1, but my mom sure did. I’m all about a joke in good fun, but I get more excited about Easter than April Fools’ Day. One of my favorite candies in the whole world is Robin Eggs — you know, those Whoppers covered in colorful shells? You can only get them

Now that it’s officially spring, let’s bring on the warmer weather! The snow last month was quite a surprise, wasn’t it? If you’re a skier, the snow-covered hills were probably a happy sight. Russell had baseball tryouts on the day it started snowing, so for him, it was a little less pleasant. Still, he went out and did his best, and he ended up doing a great job. We also got to see Evie take the lead in “Anything Goes.” It was her last high school performance, so it was extra special. We’re jumping into April with happy feelings — well, most of us, at least. Just a couple weeks ago, our daughter Leila told us that April is her least favorite month. “What’s so bad about April?” Beth and I asked. All Leila had to do was glare at her brother, Russell, who loves April Fools’ Day. He takes pranks very seriously. Whatever he can think of, he’ll try and pull it off. He tries to play jokes on his sisters all the time (he’s smart enough not to do anything to his mom or me). One year, Russell put lemon juice in the milk, so when we poured it into

Happy April,

–Dr. Elkins

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