., OctobetlJ , 1948

THE RECORD . be abol iahed,says · indignant reade r

October 13,1948 ,-------�--� Twirling star - Norma Da• is Home Ee. frosh at State 8y JOANNE WUPN&II

SIDE VIEWS . What 11 your opinion of the aven1ge glrl atSlataf Fred Jacob-IA '50 Ihaveno general opinionot thewomen . at State exc ept that they are all lcmales.I don't know what el.$e 10 - say - what you look for you will probably find. • B o bWel......CE'51 1 JU a transfer student o1 N.Y.U.,I have had the chance to compare.I /Ind the gll"U at State much more' friendly and cooperative in all� c:=�� n un-GE '52 The average girl Is sociable and good natured butI'm not a person tocom­ ment on girls becauseI intend to go toState for four years andI don't Intend to be hit with a high heeled shoe mrery UmeI walk under a win­ d=. Leo Fe n er-lA '49 It's a good crou section. All types, slzes anddisposlt.lons.I hope the next eight years wlllbe as good as the past eight years. Jack Fo1ter-GE'51 1 think they're great! They rate with any college in the country.They have a lot of school splrit and they're the best ar o und. Carl K no ll-IA'SO lthlnk that the glrls must ha11e some­ thlng as the fellowsI know at U.B. cometoStatefor dates. J oe Pileri-lA'50 Very nice,also very nice to get along with.I don't thinkI'll say any more because the guys In the shop will rib me. Vi n ce Am on e-GE'52 They're wonderful! They ha11e all treated me swell.SomedayI hope to fet better acquainted with them. "'

1bis ll lhe fifth---;;;;k ' ot school-the fifth luue ot the RECORD! In other words Wt't has been a RECORD out f!'V

Dear Editor: These 11!ew1 perhaps wlll ne11er see print, howe11er,at a member of the stu­ dent body o1 thhl ,collegeI believe It my prl11l�e to address you In letter form with a gripe that Is shared by many other students. 'The rece n t Pan Helle n ic c o nfere n ce waa a no ther remi n der of the a n ti· qu1ted evJl thl(e n d1 ng ersthe dem o oratic p roceutt of thi, oolle g e. The 1u pp osedly pro g ruaive mlnded 10rori• ties of State Teacher11 C o lle g e are i n reality a g rou p ofbigoted organiza• lion, that cater t o the dem o r:lllizi ng influences o f the pack. That w o me n sh o uld re t um t o animal l o re it 1i g n ificant of the backward n eu i n our mi d st. Sororities ha11e made the competltl11e spirit that op e rates between them the dominant motl11e 1n their existence. Sueh competitiveness has been abused to the extent that lt ls common to wit· ness a back yard brawl at elections, Junior and Senior Prom Queen nomina­ tions and In the 11ariou.s social and pro­ fesslonal act.Mtles of the college. The methodt em p l o yed by s o rori· ties t o il*Sure o n e of-their ca n didates vic:tory ia a dreadful ,peotacle of po litical eorru p tio n . Eve n tl have proved time a nd time a g ai n that i n d emogverythere are no rivals to the bue n es. o f these o rganizatio n s. lt can sa!ely be sald that our college life would benefit by the abolishment of sororities.Such a ban would do a great deal toward uniting all eUorts to lm­ pro11e the college.A solltary front would promote a more democratic student body and accornpll$hments could be achieved as a unit.

That modest little brwwtte with thetwiDkUq brwD� and pleul.n1 ways hi Norma Davt.. a from IJl tbt IIQme ac.. nomlcadepartmant here atState. Norma 11 ao quiet tbai� :'e�� sll !_�� ced th ot taJmt BtJr he���= ,J:: 1, � WNY baton champ

gcruvtlle, New York when, llhe w.. a champion bat.on twtrler and aim taught many girls !be art lffll hu .,:, 1-utuultymNterad. Her lntereat In t.ton twlrl1n,f ,terns from her fa t her', p&rtldpa,; Uon ln a band lnPIU.1burgh,Pa. She twlrla with n.atlon.LIehampll -the Ton.awand& American Le­ gion band and a!aowlth the Unl­ vereltyof Bu11'alo band. OnSatur- , day, September 25, al=,: with tour other gtrla trom AT(lhent Norm& went to Hamilton and twlrledforU,aU.B . -Colpte toot­ ballpme.Tbertrl,lhad thelr pie­ ture1 tallen with eotpte• 1drum major torU,e Colgate yu.rbook. Alldt trom the ' ucltement otU,e trip,theyirecalYedthlrteenlnYitl­ UM!.1tofratpartlu. Norma ii not onlyaulllllndlng In baton twtrlln&'. but allo

By CHARLES GUZZETTA In ---------------1:'�� t �7"-;':"'cio lilh i:: ::u�: !:° d::;; 1 ::� g ��:��:; nd rt 4-0, vrith Fi g el a nd team and rivetin g the g l o ry ·Jo �:: ���:1:�::;/;.!� kpo � IQtSaturday, whichStele drop- 1 ped t-1• .,:,me m1gnlltCffl t T!!il iiU,e wayIt went: land 111:0N:d Stlte'e flnt goal of Ule eddtd a booted 1w1y. Stile wu then . Jtvtn wu &1ven a Brock Cramer hi o f 2-IJCOl'U Rowe n playing 10 mlnutea o r WI.I done bythe Butralo Booten. latet, ln 11 minutes of play . How• •uditorlwn. yea.r In 1.21S f!ratquarter. bo&rd m&k.lng ltS•l.Dellplteadded I.N th ebea t ! SoonU,e ball wu qlin danJ:tr-. ttrorte byU of R. no moN balls (R) 111:0rl!d, Tben In H L:�t;;;!,y �.:·:: 1 °:: ;;: :.U mad � o g ng hlighti r w:� re =l tree kick. Soon te& tM an d •WN l tll ol-� r!i:f!l=i�};� �!:�u:�=�:= Hush-tor tacultymembenOld7 = H; � (B l . pena1ty-1ck. = g '.�.!.t ";!y �i:'"-� ��""m;.� a !:;'C: ee !.irmi;..e:: Whfl e UM Sooc. t.m Illa IIOt tlld quaritt-N� ar the bel"ln· the field Ralnhert wu hllrt. but u.btd bya r ew teachenunknown J'lll ...., U. flf9l C- . a.dt. ��:: =� r :. i"!.� y :.:� Tb .:�!!U.: to �� t �:-::r toll9'1'tbe ����� �·:��� un :•-=� �a;' (�i'� 1 !:';!.. a �:i th .:.:.:! ::O��-=i:=� ... l 't.lf . tba:: Dll'ectly atter a tneldck · forbefon, thaAnllb. ottheeclltora. 'l'lllm,-r'l-� .. gs Stile,the bad luck whleh w.. to , Onthe.SUl'faee,U,e IICOre ml(h t l&rSeA in lltMa'I�. ta.n- placue her thnlugh the tut of 1-1 one to believe thatSt1te•1 =-, bMN ta · a lup-el lhepme tooJr.bold Itlt&rted� tnm t,n't all I t wae whenone otState'•�bootuw,,.t.aclced up lo be. 'I'ha RCOrd H llllt.R&lnbart>&ll d .U tb e N9 l WIim ............_� whofWedln torCbet dkl&c:oa,.• Bull'UOlnClwet'aoatcmthatf!ald •_ • • tlc."lwoaklm.�------ mend&hl• job,and It the end ot 11&h t1ne U,alr be&rta oat � OODcntnl&Uolll, Dlek Coolw: - kl llt&N rfi&M", "'- ..... :��::�=7!:J:::;:'!t.°";o��eS::a::;:.:-��'.·= State,ToqafJft:¥'(R)_.... .:; i� ' � -, "°"t ( be ii-�- .._. � l*,.. �-!� . ��� � � :ll:lli:lr. ' .-,.smt , stata t.:aftMl8 . J , Fll'lll , ......_ ,, eramw.�Ja . '¥�--- .. - , "*:, t,al lll ho

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