THE RECORD Pan Hel counciljustifies Position of sororities on campus in formal reply The n:ocent Pan Hellenic Party was another tt!l11nder of the co-operation between so.roritles on campus In work­ lng together toward a common goal. In thelrsmall way,sororities lry toUve up to the!r ldeals of servlng thelr coliege Jn the best way po.ulble. Requirements for membership are a C avera'ge and sincere Interest ln be­ coming a good dependable member. Stress Is placed on leadership,scholar­ ship, character, dependability, and In bulldlng other gooilpersonallty trall$. Sororities benefit Crom their national groups ln gu!dance as weUas flnanclal aid.There are national conclaves held which . enable members to meet repre­ sentatives from colleges all over the country and thus broaden thelr scope to higher and tar-reaching Ideals. There axe social service projeds car­ ried on such as sending cookies and singing to Veterans Hospitals, reading to the Crippled Children's Guild, and entertainlng orph.ans.Ai.a part of a national serv:!ce group,one.s.ororlty con­ tributes·to the support of a healthcamp for underprivileged children. Another has as Its project the Leprosaurium at Carville, Miss. Our Pan Hellenic Council supports aFrench War Orphan under theFostefParents Plan. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT NO ONE HEARS ABOUT-The LIT­ TLE THINGS THAT YOU DON'T READ ABOUT IN ANY NEWSPAPER. But yet this Is the work that closely united groups such llll .sororities may accomplish to help othersless fortunate. In a largecollege lt lsd!fficult toachieve the sisterhood that smaller compact� We'll leave!t up to you--ls bulld· fng character and leadership, making friends, and helping others Important? SOROR.l'l'Y GIRLSWilJ.. CONTINUE TO STICK TO THEIR BELIEF AND THEY BELIEVE IT IS. Pan Hellenic Council Progres5 reports will replace report cards at ' the School of Practice. Dr. Pug.sley, principal, halls the new card as an advancement In child evalua. tion, and an attempt at Individual analysis. The cards are new to the school system and are probably the first of thelr klnd In America. The progress reportha.sbeendeslgned to give the parents, as comprehens.lve an evaluation as possible, oI the acUvl· tles of thelr chlldren ln school ln all aspecla of thelr development. The educational goals of the School of Pract.lce are based on theCudinal




· SC and . smokers Many times we'Ve heard State stu­ denta aay,"State lsjust a glorified hlgh sdiool."Wewouldllke tora.l.setheques­ Uon: la State a glorilled high school or rather� the students In Stateglorified highschoolers! Judging by the looks of the smokers, •-e'd venture.,_to saythat the latterques· Uon b correct.Alter all what makes a college what II Is! We'll answer that­ the students tn It. Let's call a spade by a spade and say that State stu

X-Country swamps St. Boonies in fourth perfect score victory

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By JAMES J. MANCUSO Describe your Ideal dream mate. Joe Melka-AE'SO Describe my ldea1 mate - well - Humm! Let's see--Some one who Is understanding and has a .sense of humor. She must be cooperative In all respects. Mary .Ellen Duqueti-AE '50 Bus, he"s got It but It doesn't show on the surface. Tom Scliwob-GE '51 Naturally a woman! Must be agree- ; able,trim, neat and temflc.Must·be able to cook like my mother.Anyone interested-Please apply through mall box. Object: Matrimony. JHn Hale-HE '50 My Ideal of a dream man Is a gentle­ man who must be taller than I am with brown eyes. Robert Kramer-IA'49 A girl th " at has a personality and Is fairly good looking. Let's see-Ukes . sports and dancing. She must be able to cook! e,.rbara Nlchotson--AE '50 A man that can talk him.sell out of anything.He must have a great per­ sonality combined with such great Intelligence that I would always be What, do you mean a girl! There's one In school but I don't know her JanetWolf�E'51 He ls to be slx foot or over wllh dark wavy halr.Also a good brand oiahav­ lng lotion. Norma Davi-HE'52 A guy that doesn't lecture to you all the time. He m\Jlllt like the same things lllke and enjoy my company. STUDENTS! SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY CHEST Objectives of Education. The new mark­ Ing system reportsprogress directly In terms oI the,e objectives. Parents can gain a deeper understanding of the goals their chUdren are wol"klng toward and therefore the nature of the d.Ullculties they are experiencing. Through the.llchool year standardized tests are glven.Theresulta arerecorded on the progress report. By a Rries of comparisons a parent may determine U hl11chlld lswol"klngtoca.paclty. The teachers also 'make character evaluatlona andrecord the child'1 llkllll and talents.There ls 1pace glven fc. teachers or parents tocomment. trying to figure him out. GeorgeZuydholk�E'52


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