November 10, 1948

Benefit auction to climaxwmmunity Chest drive Record


THE PRESIDENT'S DESK SIDE VIEWS Ttle pl"Opoaed. donnltory fo� By JAMES ,1. MANCUSO :��yi:��1:� e t�°:. IIL--------' ottb.epresent ath­ l What effect did th.Ls pmAt. elec-­ Uo11 hlfl!""' yoaT lllllton Patrio-QE '51 I wu rather lru.ltrated. I thought It was a lead pipe cinch. It happened-that's all th e re Ill to IL ,JuueZahm-llE '49 I w u real giadbeell.Ul lelvoted for the fin.t time and my man a specl&I. awanl by the New In1ng llom1111g-lA '49 !:t!!•:tii."=::,,eo":� �:: ���: :�: ed ,;,0��y. m � tloll. vot e d for the wrong me.n but Tbe b111ldlng ilIn the approx• 111 look forward to the fUture lmate dealgn of a capltal'' U". to see w hatTruman does. Two donnltorics, each ae<:om• Blll Webar-lA '51 modal.Ing 150 students, will Itlhowed me th•t you c11n't put co1111Utute the amu of the "0'" too much faith in what the p11b- lllld a St11dcnt Union bulldlnj: Uc hu to aay about a given � � ; �!, p ll�� e l��� :��!·. brief l y that th e public ii wing, accommo--lA ·�1 ::::.� 1 h�!� d � to i:1'�: !ho::': i,';,":· w �n. thln �ow�:{ acooriimodating 00 •tudents Tru�an hu a Democratic con- :i:-l e H ...!�! le e = . m;,,�t o � w ,: �: helhou l d get som e thing unit plan haa been wide ly em• Barbara sut2.--GE '62 p l o y ed In dormitory conatruc- I was d i.uppolnttd. rt p� tion rec e 11Uy I O u to develop that many of the po l ls were aU student l lre with.In amal l er wrong. Jt demonatrattd that :� �!�11�:u:;r�� ;� m:fi!:fC.: 0 .1: z their opln!on.1 ten:ommunleaUng. I w u very happy. Trum•n w on Th e main entrance of the e,.en though h e had to beat the Union will fac e and bl! on Republlcaru,, Thurmond, and ;�� 1;1 ¥i:;:;!� "Ea .,. �:; ly think ho on the present athletic field. Dlagw,t e d &nd d!Bmay! I think Ent e ring the Union to the Jett the Republican Party d id not of the l obby, a general l ounge state !ta plallorm we \! eno11gh, �: I Ofli c gular dining .eerv- X-ray exam!naUon.1 wi l ial N o ti c e; I l be he l d

X-country ' win StudyOfBible 1 to be discussed at one, drop , one next SCA. meeti;. g A. •trong Syrtu:uae t e am de- The St11den�tl.&DAaocla· roted State 15 to 40 in th o med tlon will m�t an SWl(b.y, Nov. 14 htld Saturday, November s. but at the TrWty EpLtoop&I Chlll'dl the table.I w e r<1 t11med the foUow. on De l aware A.ven11e nur TUp- lng day when State won at SL l)U . ;?::�:: r : ::: U : :: S:o!:.��:! :,,4::: �:i.lln�� p � � th ;t!3� Er � m � ��=�:s team bro11ght home • trophy. Tb. e Kean to Yout" Robert El� ;:{�:�:?o:�R=� D -Marmon wW 1Uf the cameIn for State. "Pn.yer -.nd" lt The Syr&cllR tum. sl&ttd to the theme of the wonib.lp ..rvt« be naUonal champlone, took the pla.nntd by Wlnifrotd G11thrie. !ln,t aeven pleee. befo re the llnt Mary l..&urte, Kenneth :<'"'rankl.ln, State runn e r J&clr. Foster came Jack Hiller and Marlon OW o n will tn. Placlng n�t were Dick · Coo ke. perticlpate In the ..rvtc:e. Robert John HW, Rodney J......_tt and Ulrich, musl<: director for S.C.A., Dick MenhardL wil l play the orpn. �:r�i;t�r k ��:s �elta Kappa leads : o .!:.�:i':O. Nlapra Dltll'icl on lll football CODtCSt Sophs P�shball Winners puo Th" .!�::.. u e:_ 7ri:; J a...,. &UltOf one oltheme enoounterw, count for the -with w hich th ey Don Meyer of Pal. Phi rn.tern!ty pu,,ed th e b< blU:k a11d forth." la walking around with hill len CompllmeD.Q for tho ..,..._ of foot in a cut. thlscoatc.tbeloD,&"toU>c,tudm>.b l The lo.Ing tum• will give i fortbel,-su.pportudpartldi-,.party at the c!o.e of th e conlell, Uon, �y to tboM ""bo which ls being pleyed in two stayed. 1n tbe 12,e roun(lt. rain, to StudeatOowld1 tor pro- Result.a of the f!nit nnmd are motlo11 ..,d orpnlration., the AUi. u follow,: SigmaTa11 12; Pal Phi k,Uo "-lation, ll>e TrM!Uou 6; Delta Kapl)& 12; Slv,,.a 'J'.11.u 6; conuul""", tho baad Udtwtrlen.. De l ta KapJ* 18; Pal Phi 8. Men take heed-schoolmarms are ideal � � ... . I SChool teachen - for ten � Y are a bo ve average In :":� He described I SChoolmarnu, u health, beauty and lnteli!gen""· cafeteria aervtce may be u.ol!d l ovabl e , eager to m&ny, and lea 2. They have ,i dcc" p aJfecUon ror brealdut en d lunch but ")'ak-lty-ya)t tty'' than moat other for chlldren. .eet-up for re .,,..,men. 3. They are eag e etic field on lAnd adjolningtha pttaellt campuo which was giv en the college by the Mayor and "Common Councll ot the f�t of Buffalo on February 6, ..,.., bulldlq haa i-n de­ -.Lgntd by Anlhlteet J..- W. KldMley of Ulla dty and the dealp bul"OOel1tly � elven cb.�; = �"\meo;-.. = > ��� =�: �� 1 �:'��':1� en

··� e � �=! �:�te::a�t if:;�r!;; lr--�-: t �-· ._::.'_. '_""_'_' '_'_"_"_' ��.. �

r to marry, Ice for dinn e r. A .eection of the dally during the w""k of Nov.8-12. Dr. Jame. F. Bender, dlttetor w!ah to bear two or more chU- dln!ng room m•y a1.9o be set Tbil is a required examination; or the NaUonal lru!Utute tor dren. apart to make provillon for two achedu l es !or each section are to Human R.e!&tion., told tbe Con- 4. They have we l l.protected priv,te dinlng rooms 20x2:I be announced by 11ecUon c•ptain.11. necticut EdueaU011 AYoc!aUon In jobs, u..fe during a receaslon. f""t w hen required. Aleo to the H e len WenUandt - -====� - 11o!·, t :: Y tc!:":.:� " vo ke.1 en d � °! � o !��V:,r an .'!.n�:� •°'! II "!" nune THE RECORD 6. Their re gu l ar houn and bar which will Inc l ude a I IOd& Stu d ents expc:<:Ung to graduete � Nov. 10, 1948 :::o/=���':"11 t them :;�::_ •In and facilltiu for �!!���?:, �C:� ��! re m : l : hl•ll•- 1,7 u.. •I ... 1. Tbelr •tud.!OtUI hablt.t and 'I11e Ulllon bRlld1n&" \\ill be I ll> w i l l mean the withho l ding of � If•• l'•rio s'": ::::=; !or reaano ;.m,: o :i�:::. :; ='!:.i,:::...:dl:.:..:..: their dlp l o � . llI !"9 · • &nnar, RN / ' Ultoru/-=:':""�* a � rol =hlgh tdeals mal

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