Reco r d Record enrollment expected; Registration schedules issned Mr. Rich a rd Dyer-Hurdo n , College Registr a r, a n nou n ced rece n tly the followi n g schedule of registration. F a «'dwith an expected enrollment o!overl800st ude n ts, an desirethat a ll reglstr an ts pay strict a te n tio n tothe schedule, preparing themsell·es tor the ,· a rious steps ln ple n ty of time. Frosh guests j at camp outing 1 Un d er the co-chairmanship of Beryl O'M a r a a nd P a trici a KeUy, the Women's Freshmen Camp Committee has planned The RECORD !a prlnUng tha schedule"" a aupplement to the lnotruetlonAl>eeUput out by tbo Rcglstrar'a om"". Con a ult llllll sheet for further lnfonnBUon. Wed.,Scpt.15 9:00a.m.-Con,·ocaUon or the College In I.he au..11- torium. Forty Acres with 150 freshmen 10:00a. m.-Senlor Home Eoo- week en d for it5 annu a l Journey to Camp Aloha and brary l�t\l� 1 li�i; to pay their feu Wednesday and 11,•ho ha.I been appoiotNI a bouac Ing to non realdence center• wm · Elementary • lu • �� � �Y m �ro:;: �/ , °,,,� 7� ye t,'.'. dil'<:Ctor.Mrs.McKen n eth h"" had nlso apply to eampu• realdenU. :: u llb::�� In ��w':.':::O.�':m::·:,.:: �:;;./"::.::.�::; OUR CAMPUS ""'m;E: ;:; .,;�:::::E (Cont� s :,'i.�epFour) u.eTui::�'=:i:..�� =� l:OOp.m.-�ro: t Ge:e..:: \�i:�:·:::·n:: DO. ;.:���!� �t!'.uo� u �:�. i;..�:� =:; El � �r In Room and auditorium. VOC. SC Frl, Sept. 17 . Southweot ot the Main BuUdlng ClamlM according to -.:hedule. I.I the VocaUonal Bulldlng, ac:- ':;'.,':,':':;1";!"l 1,!,:� om ; l'U � Quick on the trir,er partmcnt.'l;and dlrectly oppoelUI' � the Main Bulldlog at the rear of With the publicaUon of thl.l th e campua quadrUlgl e i.. th6 lasu e ot the RECORD thi8 Gymnuhun. • =: � t �e to � = th�!or�:'k".:r �::.i�:i: MAIN ILDG. :: e � o ; tt 9:!' t.e ;� :.0: ::i=. � e ot°:: d i.. th :iieM�� �/ n .t°� �! e \i.ew:i:; L--===�-..! t�.�!;���:! ch �!� ELMWOOD AYE. �� tor work on Septem- ��:� t �c t ��: entertained with together s !�s� h el !':?1:�;;.':;';/ 150 ...-UJ be ab:fl to attend. ::;t�:! i �-�it � a ::::� !" : � � i;,, ;; d w � t 7 "1 b � sports, gel· s and song tests. S erv- d on S und a y for ��::�•�t·��!::l; Genmi Eh,- me n tal'}' and Art ;;,'1g�::� on ln -��!" n 1 � o Economic•. Indu,o. :�ca�i:': :�idc�� rcgiater in the ll- 0 ;��:�n State inaugurates c ampus residence tvith Completion Of $88,000 dormitory io,wa.m. - ::::� ----- �: !� . I ��:f:;t��1!�?r�.,i�;�{;;��:i )llss O'M.a,a, camp diredor at Building, Slate lnnugurntea cam- I 0 ::!�..���.. !�ha 27o :�:u�·�:; c ,.,,men made ...,...,,..,,.uoruo only l connn, . �e�::-i€.:·:�f n 2:?ii��::��:;i ' Oclt.a Delta O.:lta sorori t y at the ;:;:::�ntlni: I ts equlpp,-d with ] In ol 5SS.000 Is ,nade !n thrne unlU roor bunk beds, tour wardrobes 12:45n r:,. - :::�omore H me ;,!;;b��:t:mi�1J1i:; u�::� cted Bl an eU!mal•d cost clght women, r:::,e nn


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