'" December1, 1948


Decemberl,1948 THE RECORD State ca g ers face U. of' Toronto tomorrow nfl1tt V f ,IP'" Basketball opener slated for 74th Armory; Stellrecht, C',apL Capr:ain Earl Stellrcch1 will lead hu ,ncn ,pimc lhe U� of Toronto tomorrow nip in the openi n spme ol lhe �-.

SIDE VIEWS By JAMES J. MANCUSO Wh:.t Activity or subject do you like best in school?!: S..hool of Prac- tiee. Roger Mulford, 6th grade I don"1 know, I gue$$ I like spelling and l,'J'lll. I also like an bca.use 1 can draw bn1er. Susan Cutler, 2nd grade Whar 1 likc to do is numhcrb«a use i like to count :md add. h's e:isy :md f un with my 1e1.cher. Georoe Livingston, 5th grade I like gym beouse ffi)' re:ochcr lets us p br soccer :md I like 10 p !;,y it ,ll the time. David Fiel d, 8th grade ���:��f 1:01�r.tre ;:/�:·.� � i ; !:l�rbar:, Ogwney, 6th Gr�dc I think I like- most of the $ubjttts in school bur don't pmicubrly like social s:udics. B e verly . Cryer,5th grade llike 1o rte.idbceau.seldoquite"·cll in ir:md i,'s:m subjeo: "Kinderg:irten :,rgumcnt" MARILYN DAVIS: Hcrbc. dolls is a girl­ ish game HERBE RESSING: Oh no it isn'r, fathers ha�e 10 know how ro p lay"'ith dolls too. (Then they both looked a, me to de­ cide. "\\7ell rou �. Ir's a ???" Have roue,·er tried.1o hc di p lrnm1ic with two serious fi,·e year olds?) .Need Qualified citizens The need for ci1ittnshi p 1r:t.ining •·u em p huiied a1 a rcccmc:onfettnceatWil• minsronCoU eg c. AmnicmCollege ""'denake thcmpon$ i biliiy ofcie>'C"i opins citizen$ who ""'demand how ro dimirute the\lo- ar s p irit and build peacefulanirude:$. �� ki '!fo::=.H t�: �r! n � h � rogether ed.ucarors,businesslcaders.rclig· ious workers,llnd scientistS. A p ica was nude that ri,orc a ncnrion be gh-cn,o gen­ eral edua.rionand,ocounc:sthat will reach )Vung men and women 00\\· ,o think dearly and how ro rcoognize b$1:ing ...J.ucs. The conference ur� snidcncs 10 set high idcalssnd.,,'Ork individiwlyandc:o­ opcrathTly ,o achlc-, Tthesc idedsins "Beutt Tomom)W." In vie..- ol the prob­ lems facin,s the .,,'Oriel i1 was fob dw all fururc hope lies in s sound eduarional prosn,m. Buffalo Snore has ml>Ch roolfct1heci1i= of-through ourendorsement of a prognm of high ed.uc,,riQQII sims. In order for sociery 10 snrvive,e,uyooc musr do his share.

"' ���:/r::� =. ::: RECORD $3(,00. 1hc EU.IS, $�000 and 1he HM'DBOOK.$4,0. The � bud- =.:: ,t�= nc ro�:'cc� p � ��a r �:; ��:;, i oo M it stands oo,,,· lhc RECORD "'ill not bcabk:ro publish 1hc kind of a nnvsp;tpcr )"(ll;I .,=t. Yoo about the 1wo­ t"S"� enough sp;icc devoted 10 1ca.-u.-es.a..'lOO:lS. p i=and spam. And �tr:� =h� �r:::t,E:; :illof,�1hings)- oo:ll'eforC"1Tr gr1 p ing aro:lta.llsformorepa�Mote p;t� rno'l: money! Who's goi•g to pay /or it? As it s: ud.1now the Bl.mkct Tu annot gflT the lilc:':ll'f m.:1g:uine fin.mcial l»ck­ ing.As al"C5l.lhthe-Liten.,.nug:izine,spon· �byagoo?of srudems, ...;ntu, . ., msnou: on iisov,n. This p ubli• (2l>Qnw;IU\dtu,. .,-thc suppon:of,he11u­ dc'l!s through 1he T= 11' 1 bo"1 g0:Jlg1opqfori1? As ir swtd.s "°"' t!>e HANDBOOK "·ill no.bc:il*1o disuibu:e extr:tcopic, u i1 had pWmed TO do. The HANDBOOK is ool ygi•=tothe frcs..'unen.bur it is 1hc fcclingof the st;Ui1tu1 it should:WObc pcl>!ishf:dfo: uppttchssmenwd others. As it snnds now the El.MS �� 113$ h:i.d ro mai:e dr:tsticch:ingc5in 1he make up :md COOlpasi1ion of 1hc book. The 1tr REC O RD, is � "·ith high p :inting a:,mand mcttsrudent2.11dfacul 11 dem.a.nds. lbc s::udnuenrollment along "'ith om p us aaiTiticsha,· .-incrnsedso tharabigstt udbetter rcarbook is a nccessiry.We must hlwa com p l.-te reoord of theco\1.-gc}"e:ll'­ t!ie EL\tS 11·ill do this u best it cm,.·ith themoney i, 1w ro \\-Ork with.Remember, tlryearbook ·i$ p unntd on a budget of 5�000.We oced more � for che FJ.MS!Who'1goir,g1op.y/oril? Ther�i1ousob.lio11.U7cnudzor.lise 1Mb/okt'l1.x. Oi:hecSt:lteTcacheisCol­ lq;'IS tu,..,- 1 much,higher bbnkC'! C'U. In �f=�� :l:!1: cs thc�k: mt acaxdins' ro the needs of the coUe�. Ou: needs are much gmitet now tlun they C'<'Cf. .=e.So,conside:rthis p robkm,discuu it at your organization mcetinS$:md then, dotomethiagabout it. Raise the bbnkC'! r::u:nextyc,.raDd gi,-e us ach.mcero show you ..-hat .,.., can do "·ith our campus pobliarioru. THE RECORD Vol. 40No.11 Decernberl,1948

College Ponry. �J:· �b n t:J°'f: ::��n f �h'':;: �:;.:,�:.;;.�,:�·: 1 ter,· St:ite. The Am�h?gy is an annual ir,ibhat�on :ttt comainins ,he leadmg col!egc ponryof 1hcJ·cat. ' Cm p i's "Grcless,Jour· ner'"is his.6.rs1�mto bc pnn,ed bra nauonal p . ub­ lication. For d,c.6.m ume in our history, rhc Ne..- York Smc Te-:ichersCol- DAVID CRESPI Jcge ar Buffalo ,.•ill� represented along 11·i1h 01hcrlcadini;Khools. Reader accuses Junior class Jacking in 'spirit' To the Editor: Hollr H:mging is coming up and the1e's one thing 1he f1o;h,Sophs and . Seniois cm �, . .. su .�: .. ; r �� }:1� e i: o :i'. 0 0 ( e v en Why? It's been evident ever �inet theirfrcshman year. When acl as:does not stand behind its leaders and work with them,nothing can be aecomplished Through the past the Junigrclass has had veryable lcadcrsbut the sup;:,ort they received was next to nil. At their cl:iss m«

CoachCoyct ttpOflS that all baskctballpma1Jillbcpla,edl.ndll 74thArmory ItCooneo:irut and Ni18AfLlbcpme romom,w aip will sran with a prelimi nary Bame at 7:30 p. m. with cbndng follow• ing the game. Varsity ,vhips A�1!!:.":��=�: according lo Si gmaTau Oamma, the tratunlty handllnc Ille -'·· The S1.ate9me n

h&•e won 3and lo.it3lnthelran-


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