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Building for unity, loyalty, service


By JAMES J, MANCUSO How do you think the eonlJtructlon of the new dormitory will affect this campus? Franees Hepin,tall, College Libruian Yes, t he new dormitorywill aft'ea the collc:ge library and &vonbly. A fi:w of f�:�:tr,:!�� P,::1� livins oo campus a.n mum boob eu­ il7; gttattt ioteresi in reae:atiOllll !Hding, ch e rebJ, incrnsing useof fic­ tion books; a d o1miroiy library of lte· :: ti ::!r,re:; g n:fi� I: ;"t� ec ai: 1 he CVC"lling.�uc ochcrchanges which will ta.kt pbce when the new libnry- is a;,nsuuaed, changes affected by d ormirorics but which cinnot tak e pbcc:now d ue ro p,esent condicioos. Raymond FN,U, Dean of'Me.n T he oew dormicnryao d sru d cnt unioo will bttom e r h e center of the ama cur­ rirular lif e of coll,ge; thus e v e ry stu­ deni, w he t he r a resid e nt of th e a.mpus or nor, will shar e in 1 he benefiu mbe d eri\·ed from these buildings. A greu ec uniry among studenu and depamneoa willhc a narural outcOmC of wing our campus horn,,h e nce Alma Mater will achieve a oewmeaning. Cathe.rine Re.eel, of Women Resi de nce of COUrK con&isl!I of ltarnins to liv e with orher peopl e , exchanging family b:ad:ground an d carrying ou1 IC• tivitin in goodteamwork or group IC· tivity.This is iov.aluable for one goins ouc inro 1he to:a.chingprofe$$iOO"' h e re on e deals with people and thereby wi1h all 1 h e currcot problems of Oil< time.A rcsidmtt tall is aft e r all a so­ cl!al laboratory-invaluable in the cxperi- • e nc e of1.srudco1 1ncher. Ralph Hom, Dean of the College 1h lint place I 1hin.k with snidena in residenc,: it will cre,i.1e abetter a.mpus :r:ean:ed:�:&t= :c�= 10 a college a.mpw. Secondly,a dono.i­ cory experi� give youns pcople 1 type of community life which will· be helpful ro them in growing up. Mrs. Lillian �cKenneth, Pioneer Ha\l

Khool buildings and equipment. Wit h oat live or &ix years t h e sme will need more than $1 billion ro coo.struet school """"' 11llff members of the Amc1ian Fed­ er:ation of T were elcaed ro Con­ gn:ss in the ream elcetions. Both Mr. Dougw :uid Mr. Hlllllplirey,cleaN to t h e Scnace, arc former collcge profcuors.. Mr. Bttmillcr,clcetN to che House,was a for­ mer fCf.chcr. A four-yearcoursciD 1hclirld of spe«h an d diama.tic an Willbe avaibblchcgin­ niog wi1h 1 be 1949-,0scmes1cr a1 che Ncw York, Star e Collc:g e for Ttachcn It G e n­ eseo.Srudfflts who comp!crc 1 h c program successfully willbe •warded th e Bachelor ofEdllCK.ion de grcc,• liccnseto teach in any elcrocotaryKbool,and a liccnseto $el'VCU1speech in1n elc- mco1ary� � · --- - A gain in 'respectability' found in teaching fi eld in che

With chc hol d che fuscopcn hear· ing in Albany, lase �'ttk, the board of tNS· 1ZCSof cheSa.c e .UnivenirySyscemhcgan ihr: arduous wk of formulating pW1$ for New York·s vast progr:un of highcc Nu- ""'"- · � When chc state ·univeniry is completed it will com� f.avorably wich any found �d/�°:i �=. made � blsis.ThcCOIUltryisbeing�r tbebesl:aknL N:.=� che me�� be s!i gh � univeniryshouldmetb e up.uuive f1cili­ ticsthr0\lghou.c tbesme. Within wi years "mis m1e will have a syscem of hi&):iet" NU(S{ion companble en anyfound incheCOW1try.Thc toa.lcoscis escimatcdtorun inlbr:nrighborhoodof $200,000,000. Pardy bcause of meincrnsed binh r11 e aod partly beause of iiulatioouy com. NewY��-�aseriow:sbonageof . THE RECORD ing of


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