THE RECORD Ardrltect Kideney's dormitory and union floor plan

Looking back By PAT GLASER TWENTY YEARS AGO IN THE RECORD The model Chem Lab Th" Ilea.ken and flaab An clear rocle old order chan11:etb,D1lfll­ tLN1Se'iilon nowOC:Cupy the balc:>ny In Assembly, the joyous Frosb proudly di on the ground rtoor. NH.dy evtryday,we have a doc: or two roamlncaro1111d ln�l: of hi.I muter. But , perhas» we m!o,lud11:e, nnd It 15 really an ln­ telllgent do& In Rt1CCh of know­ ledlt, Nevertheleu, �re haw bffn sever-1 of them t..verslnr; ���t rTLdors, Sffffl1n£].y quite 11

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