"For unto you is born this I bled, t0 collapse wicb •relined iq. Ma, the caodlelborll cllw diy in the city of David • Sav• si&h when each gift hu been aDd bri,br. IIIIIJ cbe Jdlile' ior, which is Christ the Lord.N purchased. bowl brim ,rim,-:e.lniller- h i1 His birth we rnebr11e on Chrisrmas 1ben, bu bm:,me bood and p,aDl ID -. Chri11mu day. synooymotll with givin,. DOI while our atoll N j olce ia Hil "And she brought forth htr f�md.ll)Jrth,but1111ne. firstbom�son, and wrapped him b&ubles aDd mckties. � pr- at usbet!wkb me -• in swadd.lins dodle$, and laid lands of holly and nffSJ«tlmidoi&bt,aDd a - Up llbt him in a manger; because rhcR should sin:,uhtc the cool green Chr� aw mil ,-r llr It wa.sno room for thcm inthe of I woodland cathedral, dir bewith a feeUnaol--. inn." We fill rhe manger with odor of pilll'bn.nchcs a fBg• lot that acdle in 8'dlldlem. rinsel The swaddliog clothes mir incetUe for His temple. 1be binh of J- - llwtt, we s«k are of utin :ind btl'. 'lbeS1Vin theeastdtloeoo may that be the bolidq • Harried souls suugg[e through our hibrious, joyous spili- a,Jebni:c MU. 2<:lhesive aowds, tcdse and uou- m:i.y ir abo $lune on O\lt hum.ii- -&nnuc-.;.& �1n':;I�����������������������

cards on sale here at State AcQOrding' to National St11dent Auoclatlon epokum11n Jack Arm- 11.ff>ng, Student C

Juniors hold annual Prom at Lafayette


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