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THE RECORD Kurt Hammer finds life in America gratifying By BETTY COLLINS ..There Is no place · llkeAmerica In the world. I sometimes wonder U those American-born appreciate their - - -- -• ; 1 � 1 :�::�� n :���

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Congnitulatlons! All , ot us on the llafl hope you hne a inllflt succeuful IK'ffiNler as �ltor otthe RECORD. \'OU'\'t \\'Orict'd long and hanl on thlg -�t-nd at)Ht you'rcat the top. So, 111 otFebl'Uary l this t'ditor's dt'lk, the RECORDS. the me thllt w o n't open11.nde..-m1Jatof mus1a.rdln the 1011-er left hand drw.wer wLIIbe yours.. /\long with the above mentioned Items )'OU wtu ha\'e II i\atr oC enthusiastic and clepL-ndablll klds, who, Joumal!sll· Mlb·, h&\'C only one thing In mind-­ getting out 11. good rol\ege 11c11'Sp.:i.per. They'\-e l\U OC'l:!11 terrHtc this pMI senwster-publls.hlng 17 !nuc.s of the RECORD. I w.tnt to th11nk 1111 of them for put­ ting up with all the tough limes we've hlod and standing by the RECORD all thrQU,1:h the semt'Sl('r. Thc.-rc willbe sc1·eral people notice­ ably a�t Crom your staff-Helen :md JaneSimon. To them cs­ P"C!.ally I want to gh'e my slncen'St thank;, anti :WP"-'<:b.tiun !or making Ill)' job so mucti smoothe'rand I must "lo' lntel\'!ltifli'.. l would ha\'e bc,cn a "dl.':td duck'" without them. Hel'l.''s hoping th�•'ll d11 M w�ll out "in the field."" I atn looklllg ro �wardto thl' time I will be "-ntil;lng 11·itb them :1.1;:ain. As you probably know thcre·s OIK' 1�= )VU won't be able 111 do with­ ou:-or. Bel\l3-m!n Gront'wold. As a f:trultyad,;�·s.toJ1$.He lslhe kirtd nfl a p('f$'>.'1 11·1!0 tries :ind don 1;1r:1.IJ;:hll'!\ out 11.1.1 those r:i.ther (icklish probkms you 11;11 h.1ve to fan-. By the 11�· you 11ill h:a,'I' pn.-.blfml -.-uillions and numnns ot them. But do..,'t IN thtm g>"I you do11:n .. The most imp,.�nt t.'i.tng to do is not to J>:Q' toomacll:11tentiontoall1hosei::tU$tlc remarks th.I.tare rore,-er being thN111m .1.1 )'OIL You rould ,eulb· go m.1.d! \\bra you �· stop 111 think about It. the Nitor'$ ,;iot on theRECORD b tbernos.t��%jabonthecarnpus.. Wait until you R.'I' your fint IS$�. n-.uu�-the�1thrill:aroll�studm1C1Ut�lnsofaras :an:, cqneerned. 01 � f\"'i:O('mo.�tips foryou. butMl ..nit to tell you ��·. Ap.m.C\"ll'l­ i;\lb.tit',r.s! And UUI'.k:s tor be:in.g su..'"h:a�joc.lrt\1fut! MARV MENTESANA

By JAMES J. MANCUSO Do you think that the Brenda Starr eomi,; atrip will ,;hange women's fuh­ ions? Question submitted b)' June Courtney GE'5-0. David LukeGE'51 Absolutely! U Dick Tracy can bring out the Sparkle Plenty dolls, Brenda Starr 11111 bring out the Blg Stare. Don MayerlA'49 l don't know. It's really an asslnlne question to ask, but it would have Its advantages. Lyle Bement IA'52 Don't know! But I suppose there are many men praying. Allan MeCarthyGE'51 Anything that happens will be an Im­ provement over what they have. It won't leave any Impression on the American public. Ed Flayer IA'49 No! ButI'mlntavor of lt. RussP e ter lA'51 . I amjustanlndustrialArtsmanand not a f11.shlon expert butithlnk lt'scn­ tirely possible not knowing theAmer• iron woman's mcntaieapae!ty. FredWescottGE'52 Well.I certalnly hope lt dOI.'$. It will ,;a.\·e moromat<>. ln return you recrh-ediscounts ,u ,·:uious stores In the city. Thelist Is PD$1ed In the smoker and 1$ publuhed In this luue. Olp It out 11.nd pm it to your purdiasec.rd..

greatest thing that can happentoany­ o nel''cxclalmed Kurt Hammer, a displaced person fNlm Romania, In a te«!nt lnten,lew. Kurt Is a fresh­ man hcn:!at State. He was born In

Kurt Hammer Cz;:!rnowltz, locat­ ed in the nonheas1ern part of Romanla. When the Russians came in he and his mother mo,·ed to Brno, Ctechoslovakla In 19-10. In Brno Kun attended a Ger­ man school. When the Russians fought 111 Ctecltos.lovakia in 1945, Kurt was fo�to llve down in the cellar whlle the fli:htlf!i wu i:o!ng on. "All we ate du�ng that t!ml.' . was sugar," recalled Kurt. In April 1945 Kurt wu placed In a C:ech conrentration camp because he hadauendedaGerman school. "Atnight Jwas beatenanddurfhgtheday Ihad to bury dead soldiers:· Kurt reealled. He \l'lll relNSed In May 19-15 and moved to Vienna. ,\ustria.After a year ofwaiting Kurt lef1 on June 26, 1946forAmerica.. On his arrival inAmerica, Kun went to Ii\� in Brooklyn.. Thi -re he attended Franklin K. Lane high school. When asked for h!s opinion of American $Chools. Kurt replied that he had leam<.'d much more In Austria. Those >Chools had classes of eli:ht st1!dents and more advanred subjects such as French and physics were taui:ht In the gnunmar schools. Thi.$ f.ll.l..l Kun play e d rli:ht forward on the soccer team. lfo Is a member of men'sgle,eclub. theorchestra, swimming teamand reeently was admitted to the liter:1.�·society,SlgmaUpsllon.. Our college ls now a member of NSA. �· State students ha\·e asked the �RD to clarify the NSA's po$ltlon on this campus.. From time to time this nevi,�per will pubUsh11.rtieles orlnter­ est OD. theN:ulonal Student Assocl11.tlon and lts functions. The :-.11.tion,JStudent Association was ntfid:ally oriantttd in SC'ptembcr 1947 u a ron,'"fflllon at ?..111.dlson. Wisconsin. lbe es1ahllshmen1 of the 11.uoelatlon an.n.�r.!'d.1.need for abody whlcticould x-tw.l.l.)·�t11.nd11.ld.1.ll students. Itlsrornpri$1Nlo1students otall!alths. politic.11 mn,;ctlons, nett. and eoo­ nomkC'Ondition.s.

KennethHoedtGE '52 Ifltdoesn't.ltshould.. Stule memhersl1ip iu · NSA to benefit all students


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