THE RECORD September .. 15, 1948 THE PRESIDENT'S DESK: Hockins, Hollister among 14 appointed to State's faculty

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Upperclasses scheduled for HA'lost"' '""kend'cllmplng out- �m�� h ; . 1!� 0 :,,1;:'�:�=- kirk eontcn,nce gr,,unda.'' ""ported !:: k. Vanceo.t wlll bel8.:Klpor per. -,.. RNervlltlona can be made In. atudent centuonWtdne,,day11.t1d �y.SepUmberJS,16,.1t.b -�poeit otll. Only a Umtttd number ,.111 be ...,.,.,.

(Con�;u�: 1 ;..,'::::!e Ont) ;if�:E?;!:f it:.��;::f:l�� appointment u Art Inatnictor. C&mp ..Aloha Din,c;or Patricia D.·. Smay, rormedy on Leave or Kelly advlsell freahmen women to absonc:e for gn.duate study, ls come prepared with · naahUght, back thlaRmnteru head of the ahtt!a and plllow cue, hlankeb vltu-.J Alda DepartmenL or &lffplng bag, dungarees,aport Other appolntmenll Incl u deMiu clolhH, bathing s u it and the at u . Arlene o. Adarna to the Home Eo- onomlc• ataff; M1- cupy the loop or the "'U". The Bu!U wUl meet the women at u Assistant Professor In the Ed· union will Include a,nple din• :i,oo P. m. on 1-'riday In rront or u u nges. game the main bulldlJI&". StUdenl• are na P. B u rrell as lnlltructor In Edroom,, ,tudcnt or-ganlullon uked to be In the main toyer at u callorL olllcu, ..,,,.,ra1 guest rooma. &n that time. 1 Mr. Jo,seph P. wW be Lnftrmary. • anack bar, etc. It Ft· women are alao tt- 1 Aulatant Pro!usor ot Health Edw!U be located we•t or the pro- minded by camp olllclal• to watch ucaUon; Mr. Ellsworth H. Ruuell po9ed llb,..ry b u lld!ng which the ,t u dent mail bo>

:;::•���... " o�"'ur.'�/:.,� "o� ':)�":/;; o,flltbollcboolofP'rw,t�bulkllB;. TIii& la• St�d< � t�noU n.llDJI. �=�:�::l:e:.:;::�


��s:=. �.:: � ....": ��� Men's camp at Pioneer ::,; ,, ,t� .....- ....,. by aorottu..,- re- Hlgt,.llghtillg" a ··set acquainted - 0 -0klahomL" ports8-],l 0....,pn,oldmt ot with" week"tGf theFreahmen men The t�lowlng- week brlnp Mar- - PulkilleuoOaalN:U. Evo,- lid will be a weekend ouUng at Camp pret Webllter'a producUon.l of All ahl.difJID.U ....W.ln&' to join a ..,._ ,.._ -,,rtty fallwlr la Plonect near �ta Sept.ember "Hamlet" and 0 'Macbet.h." 00,ul mualcal organization - � lll..SWWatta4. 17-19. Under the chalnn&nlhlp ot .i.ows wh.lcb are on tbe road and Mc:Habo.n, Kr. Boyd or Kr.Win• It hualmbeenannowiced that Robert Knm.u a program ot .iiould atop ol!. at Buft'alo Include: c:enc belon, n,glsterlnc. then, will be a meetiq: of the talka,1po,U, l'ltCl'UUoD and good llauriee Evaru, ln Sbaw'1 "Han Mr. Sllu Bo7:.d, Pan Hellffllc Councll Thunday, food hu been prepared. A. num- and Superman": Judith Ander.on Head ot Mualc DeJ)arUMnt !kptetnber 11 at 7:30 p. m. In ber of uppen:Jaamen and faculty In the claulc ·'Ml!ldu."; "Cuou• • 8odal Centtt A. All men>beR an, men will be on hand to Jobi bl the- .el"; '"Command Dcclalo.n"; and Th.ere wen, elgh.t dally pap,eR ln urged to atleDd. ,-cUvltlea. "A. Streetcar Named Dea!? L " London In1800. i:.!.-!P!:',.1:� :' us1 � Mmiciana note

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