Man:h �. 1949

Tribute to George Birbeck SCA presents State Fai r; al� d��''ut��� ,!!n!�:. �� t �';,,�: .n��-:=='!n�:i:i:�1e"p���� ws to he revealed there bow an aeUve peraon who IHV<:m urea hi.a life afrorde4. Ha took tb!1urthlyexlatence,e&n thu1bc pride and genuine tntere,t ln hit gone so unobtrualvely, gardening here at the College and By MARYJANE CAPE LL INO Tlle ru,h of lhl1 lite make. us at hQme. · The Jdenllly or t he Whispering Student wLJI be d.11cl0Nd ::! 1 �:.;,�1 1 : 1:-,:�;r.�� y t ng en�:;::; q:�:Ju�, � u ;:;,-::;.1�Y� sometime shortly aJter 11:00 p. m. on _ Fridaynight at State Fair Georg� Blrbeck'a p11•aln g Po u eu!ng no degreu, he 'epltom- by the lucky Individual who has decoded the puzzllq cluea. These brought lhla to mind. Here wu l�d the kindly Lnterut, help r ul· have been presented via l'l:'Wrdlng1 In the Student Center tor the �::�1�� ..: �:� ed :d r •;,-: ��r� ��c'a���J:; r �:� t { 0 wh ��e.i.; rm � past two weeks. Try your hand at winning a portable electric hlm tllerewaa a developed appre· people. phonograph,thlslawhat"W.S."uyalnfull: elation or life and otller people. -Ha.rryw. Rockwell. Record 19 straight A's top Dean's List; total of 37 4 recorded �::. d : i. ,:�1!.•::....-:;.,,. l>l,.:u:.\:' ........, .,._ ....... �.����i.=.-:.=--


NSA card, will be sold In the 1tudent centu Maroh 9, 10, 11. during the noon houra. t.Udgo Haase!beck Mnotaled "Remember theyonlyCOllt$l.OOand eertaJnly aro worth !t!"

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