March 16, 1949 The President's Desk The annual conference of theAmer­ ican Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and theAmerlcanAssoelallon ofSchoolAdminlstra\ors held lastweek inSt. Louis ga\·e major emphasis to a re<::ruitment campaign to Interest more hlgh school studentsln enteringE\e. mentary teaching. Unfortunately, more students are now entering HlghSchool teaching thanElementary. Within a year or two, the hle;h schools "'ill have all the teachers they need, whlle the Elementary field wlll be crltlcally short, Only about 22,000 are preparing to becomeElementary teachers now, while -1.5.000 are preparing for Hlgh School teachlne;. The greatest opportunities Ue in theElementary field. At present, there are three or more Jobs open for e,..ery qualified candidate. The nation "·ill need 100,000 Elementary teachers annually for the next ten years. Fortunately. in ourState under the single salary schedule, Elementary teachers reeei\"e the same compensa­ tion as HighSchool teachers. At the conference, it was urged that cities everywhere revise their salary pro· gram so that all teachers may receil-'e the same salaries regardless of grade taught. Some of the key edueators went fur­ ther. They proposed thatElementary teachers recei\"e more money than those teaching on the High School lel"el. If Elementary teachers were orfered S250 a year more than those in seeondary classes, the pendulum would quickly swine; toward theEle­ mentary field. The nation must face the fact that our most critical educational problem for the next few years is to makeEle­ mentary teaching more attractl\"e through larger salarles,increased pres• tige, smaller size, and better working conditions. 11·oods. Last summer to keep in shape, Bob worked for a construetioncompany bul!ding roads and sidewalks. During the Christmas season he dellvers ma!!. An outstanding player on the fresh­ m:i.n basketball team last year, our six foot two inch.192 pounds of dynamite, Bob Lang likes 10 S\\im, sail, play ten­ nis, Jo, spaghettl, apple pie wlth gobs of ice cream and likes to dance in what he laughingly calls his own clumsy way. Bob"s good naturedness and easy going manner ha\·e made him a friend to all. His shyness and willingness to help e,..eryoneadd to his charm. I am glad thatlwas g!venthis opportunlty to bringBob Lang a little closer to you. I am proud to eall him my friend. I salute Bob Lang, the most popular athlete atState. Pyramids are supposed to be fool proof?? It sure took a lot of fools to pro\·e lt,

THE RECORD Who's Who at State? llleel Bob Lang, athlete By TOM SCHWOB '"HI thereBob"" ··m Tom."" '" SayBob,rongratu!ations on winning 1he a"·ard for the most popular athlete of the )-ear sponsored by Psi Ph! Fra­

Mar ch16, 1949

Please co-operate! This Frid-.y SCA's Stue Fair ""lll maR Its annual appNran<'t'. Due to the e,cperimce of tast year. the Fak •ill be �Id under different rules. t.a11)'Ur there v.·aaa la�atten· dance at .State Fair. Those who at­ tendtd will remember the crowd and the dlffie,,,.ltles enCO\lntem:l. People pushKI and "-ere eomp!etely abush-e. There ";as little org,ni.ted procedure fot"admlttlng�ple: as a result the gym became eons!derabl)· o\'ercrowded. to put lt rathermUdly. B«ause of these lneorweniences many students decided that it would be the last time they would attendState Fair. We know - weu-eamong those pe()ple. But this procedure has been chang!'d. Thett wm be people In charge of k�plng things under control. The o�e thing that youwill be asked to do is to "co-openue". Help these people in charge by following directions and h>' shov,·lng some consideration for the other fellow. State Fair is one of the largest e\"ents on campus. Practically all the organizations participate:therefor _ e greater precautions must be taken. This year the number of people admitted to the gym "illbe kept "·ithln the allowed capacity. There ,,..illbe someone at the doors checking the number to be ad· milted and you are11sked to co-operate with them. To help relie,·e the cont:es· tion this year there wlll be booths set up in t:ieSchool or Pr11e1icegym.So lf you ean"tt:et !n the main can go to theSchool of Practice t:Yffl Another important item to remember Is •·smoking·•. Please remember to smoke only in the places designat�. The manner in whichState Fair is held this,..ear is expected tonoid the lnron,-enleiices of previous years. But the one loophole isco· is Important for e,·eryone to realize the neces.sity for co-operation. State Fair cannot be suceessful if students refuse to co-operate. For those people who sroff11t this plea,a\l"·e hal"e to.$i)" is that , State Fair by this time next year may be Just a thing of the past. So please help to make State Fair a sueces.s by co-operating with those in charge.

Mermen retain district title in thrilling victory at BAC

ternity last "·eek. You certainly de· ser,..ed it."" ··cee, thanks a lot.lne1·er dream· ed it would l>e me

No"· dear people. if you ha,·en·t al· ready guessed that the boy who was being inter,tewed ""asBob Lang, most popular athlete had better stay ln your own little dream world. causeBrother. you certainly don't know "·hat"s going on in ours. Get out your pencits and pads girlsfor here are some thin1:s aboutBob Lang that you ne, knew. Way back in 19-1.J.Bob Lang was graduated from public school 5-1., not only an honor stu�nt but also runner up for the much roveted Sons of th� American Revolution award. ThatSep· tember. a bewlldered. quietBob Lang enteredBennen HighSchool.Bob made an exceptional re<::ord at Bennett. not onlybeing one of the most popular tel· lows in his class but also one of the outstandlnii:athletes ln the sdlool ln basketba!l."·here we ha,·e all seen him operate.Bob held down the pou on Bennett·s team for three seasons, gain· In& city re<::ognltion by maklnii: honor­ able mention ail·hlgh in his last two seasons. He played a wicked game as right end on theBennett Hie;h football team. Bob also gained much re,::oe;ni­ tion by reprerient!ngBennett ln thehlgh of the most dlUicult and hlghly skllled e,·ents of the track sea­ son. TheBoys Hl-Y Club ""as proud to claim him their treasurer, not to men­ tion his position of vlce-presldent of Gamma Phi Fraternity. Bel!e\·e !t or not,Bob also pla.ys a shre""d game of chess, which won him a spot on the highly reaarded ehess club atBennett. Every summer while he was In high school was spent working at Camp Otler In thew!ldemes, of the Canadian


Mu-ch 16,19.i9


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