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Dr. Marvin Rapp receives 1948 . JC Gold Key Awardt By CARL NAICA Dr. Marvin A. Rllpp, aulttanl prolfflOJ' ol hlltor)', at


===========;====;====;=====c===I State, received the United Stain Junlor Chambff ol Com• Vol.40No.24 N. Y. luteColl,go forTuch,,.1t BuffiloMu<>liU. 1Mt merce Gold Key llWard Ill a dinner at Hotel Staller W�. Concert to be AKK-lwlds conl f •I March 16. Dr. Rapp received the award for hi, contribution to the welfare of city, lltate 11nd natloo throtq;h h1I -.rcb on the Port ol Buftalo. d F , lo select emblem presente r1. for athletic teams Research on Buffalo A member o f theBufl'alo H»­ Port Wins Recognition :::,i ,:::-::· i:· i :PPt a um ,..!: 'nl e coll e ge m ..-Lcal organba.- Art Kratt Klub lnv!tu Stale Uou.e will pru,nt th e ir ennual ,tud e nll t o aub m lt Jd e a.e tora SprlngConc e rt onFrlday evenln&', Sl1te1rr1 e n embl em tor th e •th· March 25, In th;o colleg e eu d l• l et lc t1111ms o n ca m pua. Each llu• torlum Ill 8,30 P. M. dent m ,y sub m it u many e ntrlH Miu Met}' Louise McMshon will u h e wlahcL 'nl e rutu are: dir e ct th e FreahmanWom e n' • Glee l. S ke tch m 111t c o nfor m to t h e Club; Mr. Sllaa Boyd, th e ACap- Id•• of Sta t umen. pellaChoir, the SeniorWom e n·• 2. Orlglnal!ty , and m ann e r of / OlceClub an d Men·• GleeClub. pruenllUon count more t han arTh@Colleg e Sy m pbony Orchestra tl.etlc eblU t y. and Coll e geBand wlLI be con- 3. De1lgn m ual be applicabl e to duc ted by Mr.Joo e phWlncenc. bann e r&, badgu, l e t te rheada, etc. 'nle eccompanLsllot e Jean Ker- 4:' S ket ch e s sh o ul d be on 9 In. plnakl Jan e Rttlor 1n d Dolor e s byl2 1 n.pape r . Nebrl�h. 5. FlnWl!d product may be T0tt"'• -��-� 0 .- 1!:°.!boldl-Kl.odl.. d o ;: 1 � !11 i! , m" :��n and year •::;; ��-�� ..:-;;i;;:·�='.��� 1 :r::�r�:5 �ue: :��f!'.�949 Dr >hrdoppor­ l11 nllleo or a prtoolpal tramblp­ m ent center on the gNU.ln1and water 1Y 1tem In the world; how, In etrett, the port ot ltldraio linked toa"ether tbe ..Old Nol'Ulwut" with the Atlantic Ocean. ln hLsac«ptanee ot theaward, or. Rapp wanted MW. u a b'lb­ ute to no onepeNDn bolt to the youth otBu1falo wbo.,.q11ittly exhlbltlnfl' day gt"M.tqu&lltle1ot]u.derlhlp ln aUphQel,of our U!&-tha.e yoon&' men and wormn wllo In their choloen profeulona ere guided not oa.Ly by a high aenae of pride In their work but byan even hl&"herHn1eot cMc pride."' AWorl d War ll veteran, Dr. David Seabury to E!; 1 :!i�1;v?s!,. !.;. address students SC requests ideas �r o ;t. � .:;� a � y ,:!,.� Davi d S e abu,-y, one of th e m o.t from Student body and the Elementary S�y • �m na :,:.:�0::1. ke :1�:;;: k �:: Stu de ntCouncn announcu tha t =!te��u� w �::u� :!rc�\tOO o•cioc k hour Friday. ::u: 1 ; 60 m :!1"! e :' be :�::: • :;; �:!i m ::i e %.�e�':n�i:: ' on! o !/::; • m �· tS:::Zw':;1::� ::1n ���'!aa��:' ter th e �i k o �;::�� f ?:!: w..i.,.,. ld�t�:•.1:!':: ..�:�ld w,ie.. ..,JUng psycholog\llll ln N e w Yor k Stu de nll m ey IUb m lt any l d eu All'elr:1 c 01 ; ..::;:: :: .. 1 ·l·�.····a,.-u.i, ��· !���f � 1 :::;:;1 �;"'�� ��0::�:� u :" r.i �;; in st d � -· ---- b;f-r!::f.S�iflµi�• 1..... �1!t�:;�o1°! gy �! e �':��� ::;':,�!: tl �� °1. P "� 1 � e ;� :; N otice to journalist& �T::�-=d��· aad �u;�:11at�. e :a�, e �n d �! d o�� = P !:���=;:./:..�. 0 =� E1!:'':n!:� edl :i"!.i:. 1 : Pa�:::��·:;� :.:r, boob ::kl-:,. u . ::��� i :.:::� d ::ti teruted In workln&' 011 UM Elma Rev. Daly conducts ::a e'::.�":i ��·:!be roopent d tor the s t ud e ntl' UH. �: kl 1 a :! e : ,':::�::1e�: 12th ann":"l retreat :::� ::" ....- ";:. 114 .� ,. �r"':; Eighth grader's paioting1,'.::' "':.,':c· m = ·----� peycbolo&"Y of adolNoNM:e. SLnoe accepted for art show c.u.uD.U 'nle twelfth annual N!treat ror tbe a be tiu laad .ewral boob _ allCa t hollc 1tudenl1 wlll be con- pub!Wled. hb. 11.&eot one "Keep "' The W oe s or a Play bo y" 1 ductt d by Rev. John K. DIJy at Your Wlta" Is oal y ui o tlaer o r W. wet e r colorpainting by an eighth 3t, JoHph ' a Ol d Cathedral;Frank- 1111111y � tftlatm en b of (Tl de r In the School ot Practice Un St. at Swan, Haldi 24·27. h....,,... problemL. been accepted Into . the w m: The retr e at UI b e ln&' 1po1110N!d Al Mr. Seabu,-y uy,, hl m melt em New Yor k Art Exhibition now by I.he N e wmanCluti. ofBuffalo- "Hu m an naluN! ii, alt e r aU, the on d Ulpl1y at the Art Oallery. SUte T e ach e r:1 College, the Uni- blg&"eat ele m ent In lit e .Without It 'nlla w &I the ant water oo lor ver:1Lty orBulfalo an d the tn.U· buatnu. la nothing, marriage UI f orUtue 1 3 year ol d BarbaraHow. t ut.. of Applled Arlland8clence& nothlq, lite Ls nothing-; IAd pr&c. an1. ' Both the faculty of tbe Collt willbegin at 7:t!S P. M. 'nl.UN- tlcalp.ydlology UI the blfl'e,lt rac- lep and of the School oLPrutJoe d ay throu&"b Saturday and at 9:00 tor In the undentan d lnt' of buman are very proud..:it thUI� A.� S�day. nature. " artllt. L-==='---J

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