March 30, 1949

March 30, 1949

Page Two Student Council Yn1etday the smok1!r and card rooms ,.'flrerMpenedth roughlhe comblned('flort, of Student Council, faculty and students. But the smoker ...1u be operated under a ·different system. Ho"· well this system "'"ONI' told hou· to act. This method should helpthe situatlon. but in addition eaeh studemis held re· sponsibletor theeare and cleanliness o! the smoker and card room. Students should bear !n mind that 1he sui:cess or failure o!this method depends on them Olten 1n plain thoughtlessness on the part of thl' studen1. So let·s re· member 10 keep the smoker dean and see to it that the smoker and can::I room remain open! ln view ol this presentsituatlon...·e "·ould like to bring up the subjeet of Student Council. We ha,·e heard stu· dents condemning their student go,·emment. We feel the students ha,·e been unfair in their quick upbraiding of Student Council. Student Council has not received your support. Any go,·ern· ment. be it national, city or school. needs the support of the people. The members or Student Council are your repreSentath·es. elected to ot!ice by you . It is yourprerogative to infonn yourrepresentath·e of your opinions and to find out what Student Council is doing. U you feel that your Council is not representing your s.entiments, then a11end these open s.essions andstateyour ideas.


SCA President ,,oices appreciation to students AbOut o w""k anc" half has passed sln,:ethe thlniannualS\.ateFnl r andstUl R mo re oucceoi!lful one""" pr e sent<'w to th.- upon whom ""ece!III rcaUy depended, the c<>Uece org-anlza!101111 and tho. �tudent .. In th e m. Thanks. lt w·u a lot offunalong ,.i\hall thework."-a.•n't ll! State Fair i. th� J.a rre,t affair of ou r c,o1. lO"Xe ,·-r and th" -.tgument l• aceept ed by the student h<>dy. It I� la rg,,r l.hao any 1<,m, J"'I"'• and tb11 majorityde,ien·e &n "'A" or at least a "B plus." It b planned, or pnlzed,..,t upandrunentln!lyby111la· dent�. This la 1•roof of lh<> lnteg'l'ity and 11blUtythalthe..tuden1cw,sho" 'lfg'h...., th& ch11nce.. Th.,,. an, ndulta ke "'l�e decl· Howe, . .,r, we ha,..i two ad,·i.soni. who """ ...-1,.., lh e mseh·es, and allow the young people th� oppo rtunlt}' to accept the charg e they11re.. ,eage rlr 11trhing for - indlvldu 11 l �����r ty Than k you Or. Rapp an� 1>1..,, Ten-point program A !O·point program to help �trengthen teachlnr u B p rofe uion and to att ract morf! young men and women lnto this tleillp,,cti,· e teach e rs;{3l an inc re as<' to a m(nlnmm o! n,·e yea rs in the pretiervke p,...paraUon of teftche rs In publlc school•: 1�> an adjustment of cu rricula for the Inc reasing numb e r or Junior eoll�ges so that graduates may e lect to prep are fo r t e aching wllhout a !OSI of time: 1:11 11 "'!der and wl3er ua e of labOn· \o r)· faclUtiu In t e ache r prepa ration: (6) lmmedlateatrp,, to attn,.ct better prepared �tatr members f o r teacher education lnaUtutlono:(1Jan,.illlon of ce rtmcallonlaws In many atates to permit exp,,rlmtntatlon Md.changes lnlhe cul'Ticula cfinatltutlons preparingl e ache rs;(8)hlgb e raalaries for publ!c&ehoo\teach e rs,and(lO)aprc\'blon of cou"""" In coUeres and unlvei,lties which prepare teacben1 ...ho will provide theability "to dlacove r real life problems ln lhe communltle9 when, they teach."'

Two teams remain unbeaten 1 in intra-mural ca g e race

Who's Who At State By Tom Schwob and Charles Guuetta S,,,> -� hert are a ome lntlma\c racts abOut "l r hlllperlng E school by "·Inning a �pol on the VaMllty •wimmlng tum. Ed•""m onSlaU'• nl'Si\yswim. mlng te&m for rour •ea.son:oan dwas ll<>n· on,dby belngselecte,:tcaptalnthiopaat y e ar Ed,warn the breaststroke on the n,con;J- snatt e ring I� tin,e ,tn,.lght"· Inner mtdley l<'am Uull hold� the lime n,con;J for Western :-. e w York.

Sport Shorts

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