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THE PRESIDENT'S DESK: Aa college opena,"� emN.rk on &n enltttly new enterprlae, =�!iia:��e 1 �o�"fif:�:en� 011 th!a cunpua.Tbl1 ao-< : alltd temporary building h&ll l>et!n erected In t11e pUt six weeks. There are so m e detalls or cori• nrucUon and compLetlon wll.icll m1,1.1t atlllbe taken care ofbut the young women who occupy thla building ltave ahown a nne 1plrlt and�creat!ng he...,a new algn!IICA!lt center of atu• dent life. The,u, yO\lng ""' m en are ln aHnac,lhe ploneera of �r! u !'.;,"i!n·�:ti:!,!�·1:i!�� lngly Import.ant wltll the de• velop m ent of o t her dor m itory faclllUea. Sl- they &re �:i ee l';,';1.°'%..!' 1 : " .,: 1 1���c 1 � "Pioneer Hall'._ We aalut� "Pioneer Hall" &nd aaaure LU ruldenta that we expect to d o everything poulb\e to make or thls thel!.neat alu�nt llome of �1t� 11 :r� 11 t! h b e e��=lru;� ., � ., �� W<'Ck, the Hall will be pLlnted !nalde an d out,tclepbonea are belnglnotalle d ,a d dltlonalfur­ nlto,m! and hangings wlll be a dd �, and laundry factllUea ��!�r�T";";,f�! te tm\:n 1 ��c�!�� .neth, houln, we expreu our appreelatlon of their •· chlevementalnmaklng "Pioneer !'.,� l :: r � ch a promU.lng1tudent llarryW. �� .i: :t TIie f•culty of the Ho m e Eco­ no m let d epart m ent y,,a t erd1y were llosteueoto the depnrt m ent fruh m en at the!r annual Jnfom,n\ punch par t y. TIie rete wu or,. g11nlted1Under the dlrttllon or Miu Ruth Buddenlt.agen, Mjq r.1Hgare t Hockins, Mi"'5 Al m • Rcudebusll, iand Mlaa Arlene John.eon.

Dean's List (OouUnued from.tutWftk ) ·


LlFEATCA� (Continued fro m Sund•y well ettcnde d . Chul'cil was fol­ low<>d by bre•kfast, end bre•kfut by Dr.R..Rpp"• tn1pirt.tlon Ti m e. "'WatcrJockey!ng"'pre<:eede d din­ ner. At dlMCr U m e more or the S.T.C. t.culty arrived and were introduced to the Fr e llhmen. TIie l!Ull •nd m oil l m prHa!ve cere m ony of the w""kend was hel d !ncarly a!ternoon.Frlend· ahlp Circle wu the sctllng. A• the girl• m ade their lut Frlend­ al>lp Circle, a true •ppredatlon of the work and effort """"Miry to provi d e thi. weekend wu felt. The veluc of the newly m 1 d e fr!endllhlp1 wu rea!Ued. The Freahmen broke their circle,no long e r f""llng like girb mt&rtlnr ::: . ;�;: school, but true me m ber• P•ge 01>e) m orning service, were Start Sorority Ruth Seuon with Pnn Hellenic Party 011 Tuesday, September 28 from 5 to 8 p. m.


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