April 27, 1949

April 27, 1949

THE RECORD Who's Who At State By CHARLES GU'ZZE'ITA As prulde n t ()f �lta Kappa Fraternity, C.rt Fea,.1ck Is quite well known \() m o.ny State atudenta. MllYbe the fact that ht'1 ,.., ��1 J �:s••-::::'.i� ��� m ��:1� � ,· ··-·· . /7 1 � \ WhenCarl 1tarto:d &t � • Su.. , ""m"''"�·B ago hi.I colltge ca.reer WU !nttrn.Jpte,d by B .ojoum "'Ith the r-u·y CARL FE.._WSCK depo.rt m enL Carl 11 a member()r the .. n l()r clua.StudentCoun· cU. pttlident ot Inter-FraternityCouncil and a me m ber ot the 1wlm m lng tu m for '" . 0),. Cart'• fl1e n d!)·, exubera n t peroo n ality humade lllm an outstanding stude n t o n our ca m pus. U you don·t knowCarl, he ca n be fou n d l n the Student Center during lunchtimt or you can·t m W lllm I n 11 1,i :\lode!A, ·1be:\l �""!. n � ragon" U you·,·e att•nd"1 any ofC,Utlng Hall"• dramatic procluctiona, )'OIJ are bound to have not!ct'd. Ruth B&Lley. LUt year alte ! ---- ij .. :: ��i:"�\ ! � e f ""'1,• ytaJ' prtvlou.1 dld a •. m ar. . .,10115 portrayal or ( ' � � '1: / n •·1 Remember U Rutll hQc()nlrtbu!ed Rlfl'U BAll.EY • great deal or tale n t 1o �! r � rama!Lc procluctlont put o n here every In addition to •ctlng, Ruth hu pro•·•d �:� � . 1:,, ra l'Je� n �l�� 1 �i {;; � �:� lhls yea.r&he t. the e'Jted a gTeat deal of tl m tsnd e!!'ort lnllerfour ynrsheN!UState. The N!Ce theAa<,elatlon forSupen1s!ol\a n 11culum Develop m e let Tt:i.d1lng" preHnlt'd m the clauroom teacher can •kills and adapt th! m to conte porary needl. Tht ttport was prtpartd by a com­ mittee of pro m inent l!ducaton headed by Dr.Allee Mltl of T!achenCollege,Colu m · bl& U n ivenlly andProf. Kimball WUu of Kew York Univenlt)·. �,·en major�rbtiollof good teachlllg.accordlngtothe)-rbookare: (I) Fosterlo&' eecnl1'3"� .,..tlsfactlon; (!) prOffiOtb,Kcooperat1,·e Imming; (ll/ � pup.Lis denlop .. lr-dln,cUOQ; (.fl foslMla&c.-tl,._;(S)hclplng pupils de-,..,lop,..iu•:(9)pro,1d.ln&'OPPG11unltl.,. for.ocl&l.actloo.and.(1) botplng puplls e,1'1uaie leuuln&'· "nle repon OOnalden preblflm• of currlculnm de,Wopmee.t, ieacber h1Wllnr, 1<1 peni11Jon Mid dtmo­ cratlcpn,oed- in theclMRoom. Agoodleacher must know llow to lncul­ catt Ill her puplb rupect for the !ndivld• uat. The development of the clilld LIN!• tazded unlQ.l he h.. a fttllng ot,ecurtty n Uy publlshtd 1919 Yearbook or dCur• n t ealltd ·-ro"·ardBtl• ethods by which lmpro,.., her m


The Red shirts attack spirit of State students Tolhfl•tud.mtbodyal8ta�: b the college spirit atState what lt ahouldbe?ntls queaU01>has co m e to the ml n d of both the faculty and the studtntil. Ttl., ontwtr LI a po3ltln NO.·Thll hubeen pro,·e n hy the tumouta at the ,·al1ous1LC­ u,·lt!es Jn whichState huthus fllr p&r· tlclpated. Whal happened during the opeclal &ue m bly In which tile v!ctortous Swlm m lf\l" Tum preaented the ,cllool with Ille Wut�m r-ew York Trophy? Just be­ caua;oatte n dance wu.n't required o n ly a handful of 1tudenta 1howet, done about thi,i 11Uuatlo:r,! \\'ha11swroaJ!Lalt.en>eAterlheF&cuUy putt�al'ush-balLThhprovedt,;,be qulteouocaafu1 deApllead,..,.,..,,._1ber conditions. ttal splrll orjust lille cu1"1Dlllty.Wew1.ll.-. At 263 Su mm er Street a group of fel­ lo,.·a wllo were living together away from ho m e. dtddtd that competith•e chtertng "...s the a n -·er. We ca m e to the cooclU• alon that In order to get our plan working we had to be ser n . thu1 came I n to being the RedSllhU and tile Yellow Tlea. Next we llad to pro,·e our m ettle wlllell waa doneal the baakrtball game ll'lth Waynes• burg-. U n tor1u n ately thll plan wa• formu­ lated too late ln the HUO n to provide defln!ta proof of lla m erit, but it will con­ Llnut. It LI wlat. I th!nk, to 1tatt heN th3t The Rt'dSlllrta are 1'0T atnliato!d withany organlu.tlon atState la the scl>OOL going to be a com m on, ordi n ary Job, or II lt golng to boa part of )...Ur life that you will ao m eday look back on \<1th pride and�n,loyment? WHAT ARE 1·ou come TO MAKE IT??!!? THE RED SHIRTS acceptance. Th� mnj<,r alm of better teaching II to do,·elopwithin thelndh·ldual theablllty to become a N!IIM>""lb�clttunwhlch� far & ,i.,:boolwhere U,e.., i,, a decN!tllllng amouQt of lflM:her dlrttllon 11.11 lh• cllll­ drenbeconlemoN!mAlutt. The educator, "'llo prepared t!!e YH.r· book w•re a"·arelllat nol n dlvklua! can be ugoodutlle eompo1lteof&!ltlleceac11 tt1 m e n tioned u '·i;oo oacllte,·ed. NOTICE Captain A. R. Epplln or the Marine Coflll' Recruiting ol!lce will be hue Friday at 10:00 ln Room M-118. Re .. 111 explain to all lntero,ted young m en the det&llsot the MarineCorpaPlatoon LeadenC!aas. He •ta.tu that thll LI the program wlleN• by eoUere 1tudenta may take twoaummer1 or aptdal trall\lnK and upon r,aduaUon trom eollege, may nce!ve a eommlMLo11. Rich.a.rd Christ !�=�·n�-:; Raymond Haughloo which co m et fro m

Ca p en's crew favored to win

'Ibb S.tunllytrill mark one of the mmt Ii:nponant OCCU>ons ot the )"!:',Ir for SUie. Ou:r colkgewill be host to 8e\'81 area colleges of W Westem Dis­ trset Ne." Yotit State Nation.alStudent Assoeb.tlon.�yooal'l!'a"·are of It or not. this 1s an honor State joined NSA, NationalStudent Assoc:iltlon,this year. 'nils fesU\·al ls the first bia: ' es.1'nt thatState has pa.r­ tklpated ln. We hope thal ma.ny more .."Orth� acthitl@:s can be undenaken Uflm:r NSA in future )'af'S Th!J is jU$1 aatartforStue. Ho,,.•satist.eior,·this festh'&l "ill IN!, •ill help determine futllffl!'\"fflts. Not onlyl$thls thefirst time that a NSA Sprirl& Festi\'al has been held in this aru.but al.$oState 111uchasm to inaugurate this a{falr.Spring Festh·al is (l{ffflng many fields in "ilich these collegesmay corapete. c e rtainlyState h u "much to oiler ••hen it romes to our fine musical organizations a.s well as non-\'arsity sports. We 9o'Ould like to congratulate Jade Armstrong, chairman of the fes­ ti,·al He along .. ith his committ ees has worked hard to plan the exlen$i\'e program.Thuhutn,·ol,·ed a great deal of fores!&:ht as ..- e ll as time and effort on the par1ofJack and hls commlt1ees. To arrange a s,,tidactory schedule ln\°l)Mng W'\-en oolleges ls sheera:enius In itself. State studenuarenowbeinguked to help.The 11·ay in which each one ol you may contribute to this occasion to In­ sure Its 1ucces.s. Is to support it. This can be achi"'-edby simply attending the ,·arlous e,·enuof the day. Attend and make a good �owing forState. You ean helpby the generous hos­ pltallty that we want these visiting colleges to feel. lf you can't attend thee,·ents sched­ uled during the day,you can attend the dance In the t!\"en!ng at the Memorial Audl!orium We hopeState,tudents "·W not take • 1 h ls e,.-ent llJhtly and pass lt o!fujust another afftlr. This Is ablg thing! In fact,lf thls festl\·al prcwes tobe sut'­ eeuful,It wm becomebtri::er andbetter In followlnr yean.So let's support the Spring Festkal and help to make It a b!g suCCl!$5. THE RECORD Vol. 40 N(). 27 April 27. 1949

l\1ajor characteristics of good teaching

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