THE RECORD Cochnower dedicates Sonnet to 'a great home' l,[uyCochnowe�lat.ant proleat0r ot Englls.b.. hQ .. ·rttten a .onnet dtdlcated to th8 la)'I"&' of the comer.tone ot the new dormitory. MIM Coc:hno=r'• .tOnl\el wu ..1ectedbyDr.HerryW.Rock"'ell-.ndDr. Arthur Br.dtonl,Head ot the E:nsllah 0.. putment, rrom a gn,up ot .onneta ,ub­ mltled by member. ot the E:ngllah [)&.. putment. T'.be five . o nneta wlll be •mong the memento.9 pl•ced 111 the copper box. MissCochno"-er'1 .onnet Ill utallow•· Now once •&'•In In Nt,.,,.�l .,,d ho� A dfeDroua rlte u ancient u the tower Of Babel or ot lumlng, In thl.9 II.Our, We celebl'llle. 1p.ce we tele1tope. In bl'ld, In llltle, all the planne!'I ""' We .ee: and 111 the prophets drenm we dream. A •ton�. .ome morla.r, Iron beam on '"=- A c ::, • �.:: me, graciou• m..,tlng place· Our campua·ln·th•·llr thla Lovely May ln nlnet..,n torty-nlne. What how•we done. O y �:. ! ? o yean lo come, "'1181 ah1ll bot Time c:urve1 1rou.nd our work and re1t end play. Our Joy to walk ln 1prlngUm., bend In lland. Our tuJt to Jud the L'\lture ot ou.r l1nd. -M&ry()ocbnower Dorm ground broken Oround wubroken ror our dormitory on December s. Inthe ,wt. cold &tmD.9phere ot a typlcalwlnter d1y,Pl'elldentHany W. Rockwell turned the llrtt eoll tor the development or thb rtroctuN which had bN!o.ptanD.edfor manyyean.T'.broughthe cl&&t c!Up air, came the 1tralna <>f mu.le 1ulted lolheoccaalon proudly played by State'• b&nd. 'l1leRev. Albert G. Butzer, Mllll!lter of Wutmlnlatar Prubyterian Ch11rch, dell,..,red 1111 ,umng !nvoc&Uon to bertnthl9irru,t proJec:t. Thme pruent at thi. lmpreu!ve HN• ml)n)' wen: John Urball, Science protea.or: Donald Brauman, pruldent o� the AlumniAuoclaUon: GeorfeRN'ltach, pre.. ldtnt ot Stlldent Councll; L,ewla A.Wll• .on. repretenua, Education commlalloner n-&ncll Spauldln(: Herm•nn Cooper, u­ llal&D.t commluloner tor taecher educe­ Uon; Robert XcCarthy, chelrml.!I of 1h11 Dormllol'f Authorlty; and J1mu Kldeney, &?'Chit.ct who dWllledthe b\lUdlng. 8al'bara Nlchot9011, pruldent of Pioneer Hell, ud Edward Butler,pN11ldent orthe ���t ruentedthe -.hovel to Prul, The ,trata. or our Alme Meter f!oaUng 011 Uucoldli r ,cla.ed thllct1temony. Photos by Truesdale The photo1rapht of the cornerstone andlhe slte otthe laylng of the comer­ stone were taken by Nonnan F. Trues­ dale,Instructor ofArt andAudio-Visual Education at State.

Paa-, Two Congratulations TheAlumniA.uoclatlon coniratulates all of th� people who ha.-e wori


htl TIINe Cornerstone laid in 1869 tor first Buffalo Normal School --

Butlalo leads State colleges in new move

Prominent educator, witness historical event The u,,.,. principal 1peaken for today'1 eeremonlu, Edwanl. H. Butler Jr.,Dr. HermannCooper andDr. L.ewl.l A•.Wllaon 1r11 ouut.aD.ding ln ' the fleld of education, EdwardH. Butler, editor and publi.her ot the Bull'elo Evening Newa. wa.a ap­ pointed In 1914, to the Normal School Board on wblchlle huaervedconUnvollllJ' 1lnc•beln&'elo,cted pn,lldent ot theboard in 1915. Hlatether.lnI91ll,11ldthecomer- 1tone of the new normal JChool Ind the trowel he uNd wukept In the .chool l&te untll October, 1929 when Mr. Butler, 11.1lng tbe um, trowel laidthe corner.tone of the main buUdL111' <>f our preaent 00Ue1,. Th• fo\lov>'l"I' are only a f�w ot hla dlrector- 1hll)": Menne Truat Company,1925,1931; Albright Art O•llery, 19,10; Metropolitan Ute lnlUN-1\H Company, 19,12; Aaloc:l· eted PN!II. IH0•19U; PT11ldtnt 111dDl• rector orWBE:N Jncorpor.ted: Amerlca.n Airline. Inc<>rporeted, llHI. He et90 de• votel mexlmum Ume and ell'ort l111upport �ac1::n. New York Stale Co11ep for Dr.Hermann Cooper,...i..tant commll- 1\oner ottducaUon. received hla A.B,from Upper low1 Unlvenlty, hla PII. D. from T�acheraCo\lep. Columbia and Illa LL. D. rrom Houshton College. In 19211-1931,he wa.a principal of the Bt.ata Nonna! School In Fredonia. New York and In tHl-1933, he w.. UJO<:late In lllgller education ot New York St.ate Ed11 catlon DepartmenL Dr. Cooper beceme 1.a1llta11t commluloner tor taacber educ1t100 and certmc,tlon ln 19S3. Dr. f.,ewll A.Wllaon,deputy end UIO­ clat� commLAlontr ot New York St.ata education. wu d!Actor of vocatlonal educeUon Jn Albany, 1911,1912. From 1912-1917 he wu ,rpec:llll9t in 11111,u. trial edueatlon and teacher training for the 1tata ed11eaUon department. DLAclor otthedivilton ot voc:aUonalandtxtanllcm ed11catton, .191T·1921, Dr, WlllOn bf,came uei.lal>t commlalloner or educatlon ln 1921. He wu, member ot the 1peclll c\Ulelcomm.ltt.e attheWhlteHouaeCon· ference on chUd heallhJnd prottctlon and lnl921·1923 prerldent or the voeaUonal ...aclatlon. He la a mamblr ofthe New York 8Uta TNchtn AMOclaUon, lntallll• Uonal Soelety ror Crippled Cblldren, end th1adultedue1tlon end theedueatlon of pllplcally handk:apped chlldnn auocla· ·-

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