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\ Candidates tor class officers compiled tor election Friday In t he primaries held for cl� oUlcen Frida;, Kay 13, the following slate of candidates who will appear on the tlnal baUot _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!�!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""""!!!!!""'!"!!!!!!'!!!!'!!!�l,;;::,:;-:,:;::c;;,:-�:;:::�hubeencompiled. Vol. 40 No. 30 N. v. St•t• College for Tnolml at Buffalo Moy 11, 1!M9 Chi Dell.aPhi takes ::4:::::: ;::!of w't R cord Students elect Literary mag. 29newp led g es =t'.'.�:·: Mentesana for appears today ��70 ��S"�ei.�; �:7�;J2�� SC president llt�� E :�;:·��11�1::·�i.1�e;: !i:;.%:;�;:!���r� ����= 11Led to s u b11ertbcr1 in lhc lludent Chupter of Ulla naUonal honor.,. Whalty, Kuy Cech1nl; WAA: ,u a result of th e rec e nt Stu- cl,II In 1cllvlty on eampus. n e r; HA.A: �W..cott, Waller wu elected president or St u authoritntloa Plcdg" Annamo.rie Buuie. Roader, Howanl Bchmldt, Robert CouncU a nd William Weber, vice o( tha Publlcatlons con,mlttH I• 1 Faith Sot.el, Louise Ann Sapl.enu., Bidell; Studt11t Councll rein-,,pre1idntri- Mary Van Duren. Sabina Ball, M.ll- "'!th e . JO&B loh.rkl,Ddoru Gold- d�nt Council ..,.,, . .., gcncrul e le- bullon� uf r..., u lly ind student&, Ue<:nt Elll o t t , Fayn e Gardn e r, lltTllth. j menta.ry, Betty Koclcy. G e orgo the n,apu n e l� mo>de u p enllrely \ Joanne Osolkowski. Anne CUiver, Co.ndldate. from the duo of Zuydh<>ek, carol Culle. Tom or �t11Jont u.rt and literary ma• Katherine Conklin, VlrctnJ.o. Ra- 1951: pre,sldtnt: Jama Dlflins, Schwab, Judy O'Leary. Donna terl,,J. quit.Phylli. Vanc e , Nancy Vllllll, John Swan; vice prealdent: EdKron, Jorn•� Leu, end Pat Mc- E d ilOr. Moryon Tlun,y on- Sh e rry Maitlan d . S o ndra C o hen, ward Abram&, Mo.rgvet Xele!", C1,be; Hom e economlu, Mare<:lla nounoH thM there ore a Hmltcd Jeanne N a pier. Evelyn Endru. Gene Martin; aecretary: Jeanno Sieg e r, Jane Wlpperman. and number of e�lta rop!n available M1rie Marglone. carat Dean, Pfdff, A11dtty :WatU.-., X&r- Roscm&ry Soh&dn e r. which ,n:iy 00 pm:hns.ed f o r S.50. 1 Nelda Evert., Sumnne Kolloff, ga.n,t Jolly; treuurer: Kuy Ru• Industri a l art•. Robert L'ltnllen. ----- Barbun R o esch, Elaine Abbot t , d e rbaugh, WUllam �. Jam e sColt. Danie] Csrnevole am] Science can1p held Patricia. Allen. Evdyn Campbell, David Leak e , CbulH Blo.kealH; �:: d B :;,�:���; t :,: �;���",,� f o r un de r«r ads I Vivian Brickey and Ik1Poma. !!. A �.;_!��! t e �� Rkh•�-- ___!:_ 1 Theta Sig to hold :�.t ° :. r .w:: :o:i:,'. Uppe r class camp •n1 ,�d��';•.f.::.7.� ���o'h":i:�1:linitiation banquet � P't'!!�, 8 �1·:.�! t � r � h d I d f S S.Jence IOI Bnle. and program chalnnan, \crested ln the ndds of b0t a ny. I ..,111es t e r secretary o f Uie sorority Stanl e y Tllccl. VIDOl!nt Amo n e: Mary Maotl annollllcc, \hat N'IW"· geology. and o t her ecol o gical scl- In plac e o f N o rmaLedwln who wlll WAA: Bridg e t Fan-enUno, ,,tlo"" may be made hy p11ylng enceo. The cnmp located ln Alie- be unable t o take o lftc e un t il th e May. Juanita Wacli:er. Ruth Van lh·e dollanl at the booth I n the gany State Park offers all f o rms I second semuler. O...,n; lLAA: Bnice Carter, Jolm Olt11dent oenUr, ot wild life and many v a rtcd foni:,• Ini t iation will tak e place Satur• Sciortino; SCnpreaentallve: Rkh- :�.��::�?nrbri:!::E:�t���,-�; Fia!;E�; e · ��:�7;�;;;;1r:1i:tl�! u ::::�:rf::1 �v:.�:�=� A nn e 11 pennanent 11d d ltlon t o our col- atudenU a nd fac u lty, l *puker wUl be Jeandte Nappa, N ' ' " tia " led lege actMtlu ..-m dep en d on the D r . John Urb a n, Pr o feuor of pre•ldent of Tl>et& Chapt e r'• OvtCes 1W numb1 r of wome n wh o make teaer- Science, v.-Ul be In cha r ge ot the Alumni Auocl&Uon. At tha t tim e b S' u ii va t l o ns for the September week- camp with l\\'O other $tall" mem· 1 aenlor memben of th e tororl t y Y igm& Jt8 OB end. !>en ln atte n danCi!. A11yonc lnte.-. wlll be taken Lnto th e alunmt - uted In the camp and d t1lrln1" group Alph& Delta Cllapter ot !Ups Urban's new books �;_"u��':"':�:;. !��fra�;� a � • �= � te �� !:-.:Z displayed in Co-op d e,1re<1. · , AKK t o s p onsor :�� A1;::':1.�""i0:: Dr. John U r b1n'• 11ew bo o ks. NOTICE 'M o tli e r g o ose h o p WuweU Veter&DII ot Foretp "Sc:l e ncePl&n.1forTom o rrow""and _ I - WanPolL "Biol o &"Y In Dally Life," ar e o n The Jas t ipelllnr teot of lbls " Mo U. er Gooae Goel M odem� 'h n naopbytea - re lnliJat"'1. d l ��!e���: :: 1 � ·e ::riea1 �:_" e �d� or :: u �n':m;r.�e ha ; \ � l":� 1: r ���a��lnKl� ;i: Y �/'';.:: =. e: , for chil d ren In the upper gradu EngUah 101 o r English 201 bl!- 1 gym. Thomu Chm:alt and hill aid Schulm-.n,Robert� ri d of th e elem e ntary achoo! and tu- co.use or defkl,ncy In ipellln,:. orch,atra will praride rouak, tor�....�� I( ��� t ::���:��i. lh e -:" boo b �!o d ":y g ! ;���:�/C:�y 2::. �� d � I � c:= = t � a: -:=:.c. er- ea:-· �; fH'i':i re F ���r:.. r:,-:..��1 . ; 1 10:00 ah � D ::�J....: {vlppennan. deoort.• DonaldValla, =...i'": .AJllnuli ��::tf1:n:;� o �':..� kathat DepL r ot=· ua11. =���bUclty; �T.-x:a:Dr.a-uld /

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� f�nd W11s U,is hospltaht)'! ' 100 rece,ve atvarcl� . ilttI{r�t!:�1 1 :; . �:�;� I i:�:;;· · �i1 i tf J - �f �Jjt�f i� : �g � \�f t Illf i[fJt : f f.t���ij�1�:= ;, alum ln • rcw mott stml e nu.. \I\• 1R �l1111p>t of the athletic a':'lidti,.. 1 ,u.� d ._....,. .... , naJor ,.., tl ru,, ��"::s tl {nt�';!':t f,.8'u,� e 11:!� k fe�'. �,,,:_ �;;!':;':.,�";.;: 11 ;f:nc:;�r ��: :�:lr":."a��: !�� af 0 .:..�.:! �r'�� e dis��:n!�� h th e Z < '�I \ ::��-���}· n ilatreu, was - J<'an I J:;.�"';"���::u::hl;i:! s,._, • .,a lnq11lsm,·c S1"""t"1"'" f C�\.l '"'" a �111 of \\ · A. c .. D<>an 1 .. nth11sla,;,u dl,playtd by the-se _ _a t n " c < !d g a ,·� lhc lnroea- 11>lh1"l:.11...r1a1 a....--..1 •f rrxu... M< "S"" k�y ln np1,reclalion of what Co a ch Joe Adeua .i. o uld be •r,o lhdr �l:i.)" hen) hu meant to W L highly commended O n hla dlrec- :; Br��� ��l� ��er�� ..... t :I� J:� :, n m o �u:L ln � · m .=w,��� :� Quaid, NormaPeckham. S a llyRoy. spent much Ume"I' ..:hed• •r,o and Ri t a Sla.llklewlu. u les and pl&y(lff ualgnmenU. bu t

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