June 1, 1949

June 1, 1949 State nine avenge previous defeat; trimNiagara7-6

P•oe Two Farewell seniors The membef'S of the class ol 1949 will soon be Jeuing our campus.They will be enterilli'. into the teaching prof e sslo . n whe!T th!!y wlllbe<:ome leaders ln t h eir community. We. t h e students, v,is h them sucass in their e\"ery e nde•,·or. .-ries of lnteN:lass Sing, w h ic h t h ey han.' v.·orked so h ard to, the Senlo r Ball. lioUy Hanging and so many iradi· l!ons v.· h lc h t h ey h a,·e h ad a J>llr! of during their four years here &! Sia t e M e mb e rs ol the Class of 1949 h ave rontrlbuled to Stat e t h rough thek l e ad­ ership i n many orga n izatio n s. Students ;:.nd faculty v.·m long rememb e r many �e n iors who h an• rontribut e d to aca­ demic and ex!ra-curricu!ar acth·ilid The Senior cl•ss has le f t its mark hen! ai State a n d will in tum inspire t h OSl:' th e y rome to k n ow. Good luck to 1hl!c1ass of t949' From the editor T h is is t he last issue ol the RECORD for 194S-19. Th e RECORD start h as tried to gh· e t h e stude n t i>ody a well r.runded pic t ure o! campus life and ac· uilies. T h e RECORD t h is past semes­ t�r h as t ried to includ e ne ws of all crE;anizatiwa. swd e nts a n d faculty. w� C.:d t h is um!er a handicap--limited spal"i' ._,d rr.o n eyl The P.EC'ORDpublished 32 issu e s t h is ; . ::� t�: i �� 1 �-� 0 rnc�::e i fn f ��;�ii� and qualily \\il h t he e xpans1o n of our ,;-ollege. As edi!Or of th e RECORD. I would Ji:1e 1o t h ank t h e stud e n t s and facultr their suppon this past semester. l ,·ould like to t h ank t h e students for 1heir interest in 1 h e paper s h ow n by t h eir many ! e n e rs 10 t h e e ditor. My !:aU this semester h as been wo n der f ul u .v.·ork wit h . Thanh f or your h ard ,. "ork and lo�·al support' The !IUde'nt i>ody can look f orward to � good C'Ol!egepaper under the capable rditors for n ext year. l h ope the n ew l".!i t o� will experienct> t h e �atis f action 2.nd 1hril1 1ha1 l did as 1he editor of the P.ECORD t h is sem e s1er THE RECORD Vol.40 No. 32 Junt 1, 1949 Y t•b�·''�(\b :; tG:'�" T-0;•: • l'dltori&l\t�':��:�'�i'J;o�,U" !,ti h th is campus. e m mem· er� v.iU rem•in v.·it h



P•;t, ThrN

Art Student answers motorist's complaint l)e1>r t".Alltor: �::i 1 �,7,�.,!i"':��';, g morn- Wo try to get ovu, l:11l lh�n,gU<'A n horn' ��,."J o ��:,��'� "c�r- Ha•·•· to mt..• dun each morning Or i;�l •qua,.h..:l In the \ll r l �:lm.,·ood ur Rockwdl T.-. cro ., l• a mcnace-,\nd 1r we should lr)', Th�re'• n i;rc""" 8fl0l Lll11t'8 t,.,.,n u�'. Why. yc11. oh why C:in'l U,c driwr tnkopity '"' u•�lude11ti"'d�slrian• l� th.,� n'"'g�body city? Jayne MaelDt)Tfl So p h p resi.dent clari£ies controyers y of song Tu wbon, lt nl�)'CtJi>Cern; In ln�l week'& RECORD u,,re llPJ)earod "n article "·hlch expre5!1ed I.he thought.II " " '' r�ellngs of many loyal oopbomorcl. Then, w�re howe,·er. a few mlarcpreaented �� l" i;,;: hich I would like to _ clarify at The firstt...lng thnt a <:OJ>Y of our H<>njl' "Tower of Glory" WAS platt:d In Uto cor­ nerston� of lhl,new domtlto,y. lt ".._ only thrO/UXh �ome ol'er,;lght that tb1" fad w"" not n-gl,t.eredon lheprov,un. Ne.1ng "Tower of Glory." I l\op• Illa\ r>eX\ Far U,e Junlor cLa.u 1dll show u much •piril in U,ls u·adlUon r.nd all the others a,o I.hey ha,·e U,Lo past )' e ar. And to lhr compcUton of nexl year's Interclass Sing I would like to sar U,(s· Don't look b�ck to !Ind bitter memorie, or ex�usc11. ju•t look to the future to plan how you will •pend 0 �� r t;;:�� ones Pn.'!lldent of �ophomor,,ela,;!i. 01.•an Fretz says: .hmior Class Treasurer, s,:, 1:1.:! n y back du�s t h at tlwrc may a reduction in the Se n ior

Who's Who At Stale

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�g��;�t�t�;:�i;:;ff\rt�� ��f ;{:�f(I·:�f.�?:� on,• of the (�"· 5tudfnt• h11ld1ng M stmlght ".\"' "''tra,;o Wo at State ow� Beuy r�mp&f th,• •pokn Mag.��in9, d3\('d April 19t9 Tenure for public sebool \caeheni U'I N�w York Stalc hu eomo about in four sl-9.g-ee ,11 Prior to l91i tile tenure principle had becn utendod to eonta!n larir:, eltiu; 12, ln l91; it ,.·u extmdel'r i ntcndcnt of scllool.s: 141 In 19-1� ii wu ntcndN! to ,.ll otllcrdtstrich cn,pl<>>·· At I.he pruent time. about 96'; M U,e �� �,'.',,h n�:;., ;:,. t:.e State hu·e the pro\1'<:tion n,nuro law• pro,·1dP r<> r the pr < >fPssion1tl Appointmcn\ of lMebcra and pre,·•nt lhclr r�r.,onl after a probatiOh.'lr)' period except for a cnllM- and afler a huring. i,.r.,.tpro· h:ttion3r)" l"'ri<>ds dn not ex� fi,·e ycRr3 Cnder \t'nurc law,, uny prot,e\lon pr(n1dca by la"· I• terminated upon ru!gnatlon. I{ a leachcr r�turn• to ser,icc ocrtcr resigna­ tion, �ho must s,•rs•e n n�w prub.:ttlOMry p,.,rl<>li· fomia to ,·isit hcr parents.

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