The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 40

September 1948- June 1949

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Reco r d Record enrollment expected; Registration schedules issned Mr. Rich a rd Dyer-Hurdo n , College Registr a r, a n nou n ced rece n tly the followi n g schedule of registration. F a «'dwith an expected enrollment o!overl800st ude n ts, an desirethat a ll reglstr an ts pay strict a te n tio n tothe schedule, preparing themsell·es tor the ,· a rious steps ln ple n ty of time. Frosh guests j at camp outing 1 Un d er the co-chairmanship of Beryl O'M a r a a nd P a trici a KeUy, the Women's Freshmen Camp Committee has planned The RECORD !a prlnUng tha schedule"" a aupplement to the lnotruetlonAl>eeUput out by tbo Rcglstrar'a om"". Con a ult llllll sheet for further lnfonnBUon. Wed.,Scpt.15 9:00a.m.-Con,·ocaUon or the College In I.he au..11- torium. Forty Acres with 150 freshmen 10:00a. m.-Senlor Home Eoo- week en d for it5 annu a l Journey to Camp Aloha and brary l�t\l� 1 li�i; to pay their feu Wednesday and 11,•ho ha.I been appoiotNI a bouac Ing to non realdence center• wm · Elementary • lu • �� � �Y m �ro:;: �/ , °,,,� 7� ye t,'.'. dil'<:Ctor.Mrs.McKen n eth h"" had nlso apply to eampu• realdenU. :: u llb::�� In ��w':.':::O.�':m::·:,.:: �:;;./"::.::.�::; OUR CAMPUS ""'m;E: ;:; .,;�:::::E (Cont� s :,'i.�epFour) u.eTui::�'=:i:..�� =� l:OOp.m.-�ro: t Ge:e..:: \�i:�:·:::·n:: DO. ;.:���!� �t!'.uo� u �:�. i;..�:� =:; El � �r In Room and auditorium. VOC. SC Frl, Sept. 17 . Southweot ot the Main BuUdlng ClamlM according to -.:hedule. I.I the VocaUonal Bulldlng, ac:- ':;'.,':,':':;1";!"l 1,!,:� om ; l'U � Quick on the trir,er partmcnt.'l;and dlrectly oppoelUI' � the Main Bulldlog at the rear of With the publicaUon of thl.l th e campua quadrUlgl e i.. th6 lasu e ot the RECORD thi8 Gymnuhun. • =: � t �e to � = th�!or�:'k".:r �::.i�:i: MAIN ILDG. :: e � o ; tt 9:!' t.e ;� :.0: ::i=. � e ot°:: d i.. th :iieM�� �/ n .t°� �! e \i.ew:i:; L--===�-..! t�.�!;���:! ch �!� ELMWOOD AYE. �� tor work on Septem- ��:� t �c t ��: entertained with together s !�s� h el !':?1:�;;.':;';/ 150 ...-UJ be ab:fl to attend. ::;t�:! i �-�it � a ::::� !" : � � i;,, ;; d w � t 7 "1 b � sports, gel· s and song tests. S erv- d on S und a y for ��::�•�t·��!::l; Genmi Eh,- me n tal'}' and Art ;;,'1g�::� on ln -��!" n 1 � o Economic•. Indu,o. :�ca�i:': :�idc�� rcgiater in the ll- 0 ;��:�n State inaugurates c ampus residence tvith Completion Of $88,000 dormitory io,wa.m. - ::::� ----- �: !� . I ��:f:;t��1!�?r�.,i�;�{;;��:i )llss O'M.a,a, camp diredor at Building, Slate lnnugurntea cam- I 0 ::!�..���.. !�ha 27o :�:u�·�:; c ,.,,men made ...,...,,..,,.uoruo only l connn, . �e�::-i€.:·:�f n 2:?ii��::��:;i ' Oclt.a Delta O.:lta sorori t y at the ;:;:::�ntlni: I ts equlpp,-d with ] In ol 5SS.000 Is ,nade !n thrne unlU roor bunk beds, tour wardrobes 12:45n r:,. - :::�omore H me ;,!;;b��:t:mi�1J1i:; u�::� cted Bl an eU!mal•d cost clght women, r:::,e nn


THE RECORD September .. 15, 1948 THE PRESIDENT'S DESK: Hockins, Hollister among 14 appointed to State's faculty

Page Four


Upperclasses scheduled for HA'lost"' '""kend'cllmplng out- �m�� h ; . 1!� 0 :,,1;:'�:�=- kirk eontcn,nce gr,,unda.'' ""ported !:: k. Vanceo.t wlll bel8.:Klpor per. -,.. RNervlltlona can be made In. atudent centuonWtdne,,day11.t1d �y.SepUmberJS,16,.1t.b -�poeit otll. Only a Umtttd number ,.111 be ...,.,.,.

(Con�;u�: 1 ;..,'::::!e Ont) ;if�:E?;!:f it:.��;::f:l�� appointment u Art Inatnictor. C&mp ..Aloha Din,c;or Patricia D.·. Smay, rormedy on Leave or Kelly advlsell freahmen women to absonc:e for gn.duate study, ls come prepared with · naahUght, back thlaRmnteru head of the ahtt!a and plllow cue, hlankeb vltu-.J Alda DepartmenL or &lffplng bag, dungarees,aport Other appolntmenll Incl u deMiu clolhH, bathing s u it and the at u . Arlene o. Adarna to the Home Eo- onomlc• ataff; M1- cupy the loop or the "'U". The Bu!U wUl meet the women at u Assistant Professor In the Ed· union will Include a,nple din• :i,oo P. m. on 1-'riday In rront or u u nges. game the main bulldlJI&". StUdenl• are na P. B u rrell as lnlltructor In Edroom,, ,tudcnt or-ganlullon uked to be In the main toyer at u callorL olllcu, ..,,,.,ra1 guest rooma. &n that time. 1 Mr. Jo,seph P. wW be Lnftrmary. • anack bar, etc. It Ft· women are alao tt- 1 Aulatant Pro!usor ot Health Edw!U be located we•t or the pro- minded by camp olllclal• to watch ucaUon; Mr. Ellsworth H. Ruuell po9ed llb,..ry b u lld!ng which the ,t u dent mail bo>

:;::•���... " o�"'ur.'�/:.,� "o� ':)�":/;; o,flltbollcboolofP'rw,t�bulkllB;. TIii& la• St�d< � t�noU n.llDJI. �=�:�::l:e:.:;::�


��s:=. �.:: � ....": ��� Men's camp at Pioneer ::,; ,, ,t� .....- ....,. by aorottu..,- re- Hlgt,.llghtillg" a ··set acquainted - 0 -0klahomL" ports8-],l 0....,pn,oldmt ot with" week"tGf theFreahmen men The t�lowlng- week brlnp Mar- - PulkilleuoOaalN:U. Evo,- lid will be a weekend ouUng at Camp pret Webllter'a producUon.l of All ahl.difJID.U ....W.ln&' to join a ..,._ ,.._ -,,rtty fallwlr la Plonect near �ta Sept.ember "Hamlet" and 0 'Macbet.h." 00,ul mualcal organization - � lll..SWWatta4. 17-19. Under the chalnn&nlhlp ot .i.ows wh.lcb are on tbe road and Mc:Habo.n, Kr. Boyd or Kr.Win• It hualmbeenannowiced that Robert Knm.u a program ot .iiould atop ol!. at Buft'alo Include: c:enc belon, n,glsterlnc. then, will be a meetiq: of the talka,1po,U, l'ltCl'UUoD and good llauriee Evaru, ln Sbaw'1 "Han Mr. Sllu Bo7:.d, Pan Hellffllc Councll Thunday, food hu been prepared. A. num- and Superman": Judith Ander.on Head ot Mualc DeJ)arUMnt !kptetnber 11 at 7:30 p. m. In ber of uppen:Jaamen and faculty In the claulc ·'Ml!ldu."; "Cuou• • 8odal Centtt A. All men>beR an, men will be on hand to Jobi bl the- .el"; '"Command Dcclalo.n"; and Th.ere wen, elgh.t dally pap,eR ln urged to atleDd. ,-cUvltlea. "A. Streetcar Named Dea!? L " London In1800. i:.!.-!P!:',.1:� :' us1 � Mmiciana note


-- What should colle g e me&n? . °""1IUMIIIIW,�t ol .... OIDlp, 9peab ..... wtUI ...__� ... ..,_ U..__.._ta7011-4Wbat ..m.-... .a-Will ID4lvkl• r, What llhould. colap mean to :,out 'Ille true purpme ' of eduea­ Uon ls to develop OM'I latent ruoun:ea;to cu1u...teenddllcl­ pllne one'• mental. 10Cl&l. phyll­ c,al, &ad ll)lrlt\11.1 powe... Educa­ tion for )'O\llhou1d never be""' prdedu prlmar11Y a roe.d to an euy llteuidanusunnce ofpe"" IIOll&ler.curlt:,-not eva,lf,ev. era1 mtlUOll fellow Amerl� h&-tt come to reprd education u atool by whlcb to achieve &l>d matedlllsticgoall. � IdealmeuJn¥ of e41lc'6: ' U..k-ermtloeoftnteworid �lDMDect\l&ldladpU-. dmedat �bowled...&ad ............,.rebMle to oolle*" llfe.�eot..wJ:DaDlaOlle who lmuws -4Dden� the worid biwklcll1Nottv..laon'lerto11elp �ralher · di&ntoad.-anoe , ... -- In addttlon to acquiring knowl- � uid unde...tandlnr, an edu­ catad permn dlould achi6ve p,y­ ct-.oJorlcal and IOclal maturity. tluch a p&l ts belt 1ehleved wbtm ma, 1eua·to live for a • eauaa �t el;r larpr than 8d­ dlh ambltlona.BeULehne&1 ls antl­ quatadandlmp�Even na­ tlou must loam th1I elemental 1-. Natioo&l 1el4aluleu ls now r.Jaed by the threat ol at.omlc war to the level ot tfta. ::e. the whole hwnan 'fte'1wepaf'PONoledarat1o11 kttu.UleallaplQCoftralned. ollaclpllaed mbwb ... �tto. Special Notice llal

THE PRESIDENT'S DESK: Aa college opena,"� emN.rk on &n enltttly new enterprlae, =�!iia:��e 1 �o�"fif:�:en� 011 th!a cunpua.Tbl1 ao-< : alltd temporary building h&ll l>et!n erected In t11e pUt six weeks. There are so m e detalls or cori• nrucUon and compLetlon wll.icll m1,1.1t atlllbe taken care ofbut the young women who occupy thla building ltave ahown a nne 1plrlt and�creat!ng he...,a new algn!IICA!lt center of atu• dent life. The,u, yO\lng ""' m en are ln aHnac,lhe ploneera of �r! u !'.;,"i!n·�:ti:!,!�·1:i!�� lngly Import.ant wltll the de• velop m ent of o t her dor m itory faclllUea. Sl- they &re �:i ee l';,';1.°'%..!' 1 : " .,: 1 1���c 1 � "Pioneer Hall'._ We aalut� "Pioneer Hall" &nd aaaure LU ruldenta that we expect to d o everything poulb\e to make or thls thel!.neat alu�nt llome of �1t� 11 :r� 11 t! h b e e��=lru;� ., � ., �� W<'Ck, the Hall will be pLlnted !nalde an d out,tclepbonea are belnglnotalle d ,a d dltlonalfur­ nlto,m! and hangings wlll be a dd �, and laundry factllUea ��!�r�T";";,f�! te tm\:n 1 ��c�!�� .neth, houln, we expreu our appreelatlon of their •· chlevementalnmaklng "Pioneer !'.,� l :: r � ch a promU.lng1tudent llarryW. �� .i: :t TIie f•culty of the Ho m e Eco­ no m let d epart m ent y,,a t erd1y were llosteueoto the depnrt m ent fruh m en at the!r annual Jnfom,n\ punch par t y. TIie rete wu or,. g11nlted1Under the dlrttllon or Miu Ruth Buddenlt.agen, Mjq r.1Hgare t Hockins, Mi"'5 Al m • Rcudebusll, iand Mlaa Arlene John.eon.

Dean's List (OouUnued from.tutWftk ) ·


LlFEATCA� (Continued fro m Sund•y well ettcnde d . Chul'cil was fol­ low<>d by bre•kfast, end bre•kfut by Dr.R..Rpp"• tn1pirt.tlon Ti m e. "'WatcrJockey!ng"'pre<:eede d din­ ner. At dlMCr U m e more or the S.T.C. t.culty arrived and were introduced to the Fr e llhmen. TIie l!Ull •nd m oil l m prHa!ve cere m ony of the w""kend was hel d !ncarly a!ternoon.Frlend· ahlp Circle wu the sctllng. A• the girl• m ade their lut Frlend­ al>lp Circle, a true •ppredatlon of the work and effort """"Miry to provi d e thi. weekend wu felt. The veluc of the newly m 1 d e fr!endllhlp1 wu rea!Ued. The Freahmen broke their circle,no long e r f""llng like girb mt&rtlnr ::: . ;�;: school, but true me m ber• P•ge 01>e) m orning service, were Start Sorority Ruth Seuon with Pnn Hellenic Party 011 Tuesday, September 28 from 5 to 8 p. m.




Sf:ptember 29, 1948

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., OctobetlJ , 1948

THE RECORD . be abol iahed,says · indignant reade r

October 13,1948 ,-------�--� Twirling star - Norma Da• is Home Ee. frosh at State 8y JOANNE WUPN&II

SIDE VIEWS . What 11 your opinion of the aven1ge glrl atSlataf Fred Jacob-IA '50 Ihaveno general opinionot thewomen . at State exc ept that they are all lcmales.I don't know what el.$e 10 - say - what you look for you will probably find. • B o bWel......CE'51 1 JU a transfer student o1 N.Y.U.,I have had the chance to compare.I /Ind the gll"U at State much more' friendly and cooperative in all� c:=�� n un-GE '52 The average girl Is sociable and good natured butI'm not a person tocom­ ment on girls becauseI intend to go toState for four years andI don't Intend to be hit with a high heeled shoe mrery UmeI walk under a win­ d=. Leo Fe n er-lA '49 It's a good crou section. All types, slzes anddisposlt.lons.I hope the next eight years wlllbe as good as the past eight years. Jack Fo1ter-GE'51 1 think they're great! They rate with any college in the country.They have a lot of school splrit and they're the best ar o und. Carl K no ll-IA'SO lthlnk that the glrls must ha11e some­ thlng as the fellowsI know at U.B. cometoStatefor dates. J oe Pileri-lA'50 Very nice,also very nice to get along with.I don't thinkI'll say any more because the guys In the shop will rib me. Vi n ce Am on e-GE'52 They're wonderful! They ha11e all treated me swell.SomedayI hope to fet better acquainted with them. "'

1bis ll lhe fifth---;;;;k ' ot school-the fifth luue ot the RECORD! In other words Wt't has been a RECORD out f!'V

Dear Editor: These 11!ew1 perhaps wlll ne11er see print, howe11er,at a member of the stu­ dent body o1 thhl ,collegeI believe It my prl11l�e to address you In letter form with a gripe that Is shared by many other students. 'The rece n t Pan Helle n ic c o nfere n ce waa a no ther remi n der of the a n ti· qu1ted evJl thl(e n d1 ng ersthe dem o oratic p roceutt of thi, oolle g e. The 1u pp osedly pro g ruaive mlnded 10rori• ties of State Teacher11 C o lle g e are i n reality a g rou p ofbigoted organiza• lion, that cater t o the dem o r:lllizi ng influences o f the pack. That w o me n sh o uld re t um t o animal l o re it 1i g n ificant of the backward n eu i n our mi d st. Sororities ha11e made the competltl11e spirit that op e rates between them the dominant motl11e 1n their existence. Sueh competitiveness has been abused to the extent that lt ls common to wit· ness a back yard brawl at elections, Junior and Senior Prom Queen nomina­ tions and In the 11ariou.s social and pro­ fesslonal act.Mtles of the college. The methodt em p l o yed by s o rori· ties t o il*Sure o n e of-their ca n didates vic:tory ia a dreadful ,peotacle of po litical eorru p tio n . Eve n tl have proved time a nd time a g ai n that i n d emogverythere are no rivals to the bue n es. o f these o rganizatio n s. lt can sa!ely be sald that our college life would benefit by the abolishment of sororities.Such a ban would do a great deal toward uniting all eUorts to lm­ pro11e the college.A solltary front would promote a more democratic student body and accornpll$hments could be achieved as a unit.

That modest little brwwtte with thetwiDkUq brwD� and pleul.n1 ways hi Norma Davt.. a from IJl tbt IIQme ac.. nomlcadepartmant here atState. Norma 11 ao quiet tbai� :'e�� sll !_�� ced th ot taJmt BtJr he���= ,J:: 1, � WNY baton champ

gcruvtlle, New York when, llhe w.. a champion bat.on twtrler and aim taught many girls !be art lffll hu .,:, 1-utuultymNterad. Her lntereat In t.ton twlrl1n,f ,terns from her fa t her', p&rtldpa,; Uon ln a band lnPIU.1burgh,Pa. She twlrla with n.atlon.LIehampll -the Ton.awand& American Le­ gion band and a!aowlth the Unl­ vereltyof Bu11'alo band. OnSatur- , day, September 25, al=,: with tour other gtrla trom AT(lhent Norm& went to Hamilton and twlrledforU,aU.B . -Colpte toot­ ballpme.Tbertrl,lhad thelr pie­ ture1 tallen with eotpte• 1drum major torU,e Colgate yu.rbook. Alldt trom the ' ucltement otU,e trip,theyirecalYedthlrteenlnYitl­ UM!.1tofratpartlu. Norma ii not onlyaulllllndlng In baton twtrlln&'. but allo

By CHARLES GUZZETTA In ---------------1:'�� t �7"-;':"'cio lilh i:: ::u�: !:° d::;; 1 ::� g ��:��:; nd rt 4-0, vrith Fi g el a nd team and rivetin g the g l o ry ·Jo �:: ���:1:�::;/;.!� kpo � IQtSaturday, whichStele drop- 1 ped t-1• .,:,me m1gnlltCffl t T!!il iiU,e wayIt went: land 111:0N:d Stlte'e flnt goal of Ule eddtd a booted 1w1y. Stile wu then . Jtvtn wu &1ven a Brock Cramer hi o f 2-IJCOl'U Rowe n playing 10 mlnutea o r WI.I done bythe Butralo Booten. latet, ln 11 minutes of play . How• •uditorlwn. yea.r In 1.21S f!ratquarter. bo&rd m&k.lng ltS•l.Dellplteadded I.N th ebea t ! SoonU,e ball wu qlin danJ:tr-. ttrorte byU of R. no moN balls (R) 111:0rl!d, Tben In H L:�t;;;!,y �.:·:: 1 °:: ;;: :.U mad � o g ng hlighti r w:� re =l tree kick. Soon te& tM an d •WN l tll ol-� r!i:f!l=i�};� �!:�u:�=�:= Hush-tor tacultymembenOld7 = H; � (B l . pena1ty-1ck. = g '.�.!.t ";!y �i:'"-� ��""m;.� a !:;'C: ee !.irmi;..e:: Whfl e UM Sooc. t.m Illa IIOt tlld quaritt-N� ar the bel"ln· the field Ralnhert wu hllrt. but u.btd bya r ew teachenunknown J'lll ...., U. flf9l C- . a.dt. ��:: =� r :. i"!.� y :.:� Tb .:�!!U.: to �� t �:-::r toll9'1'tbe ����� �·:��� un :•-=� �a;' (�i'� 1 !:';!.. a �:i th .:.:.:! ::O��-=i:=� ... l 't.lf . tba:: Dll'ectly atter a tneldck · forbefon, thaAnllb. ottheeclltora. 'l'lllm,-r'l-� .. gs Stile,the bad luck whleh w.. to , Onthe.SUl'faee,U,e IICOre ml(h t l&rSeA in lltMa'I�. ta.n- placue her thnlugh the tut of 1-1 one to believe thatSt1te•1 =-, bMN ta · a lup-el lhepme tooJr.bold Itlt&rted� tnm t,n't all I t wae whenone otState'•�bootuw,,.t.aclced up lo be. 'I'ha RCOrd H llllt.R&lnbart>&ll d .U tb e N9 l WIim ............_� whofWedln torCbet dkl&c:oa,.• Bull'UOlnClwet'aoatcmthatf!ald •_ • • tlc."lwoaklm.�------ mend&hl• job,and It the end ot 11&h t1ne U,alr be&rta oat � OODcntnl&Uolll, Dlek Coolw: - kl llt&N rfi&M", "'- ..... :��::�=7!:J:::;:'!t.°";o��eS::a::;:.:-��'.·= State,ToqafJft:¥'(R)_.... .:; i� ' � -, "°"t ( be ii-�- .._. � l*,.. �-!� . ��� � � :ll:lli:lr. ' .-,.smt , stata t.:aftMl8 . J , Fll'lll , ......_ ,, eramw.�Ja . '¥�--- .. - , "*:, t,al lll ho

I Educatioa trends to be aired at Western Z�ne conference Tht hundred and t hird annual1J1Ntm1ol the Ntw 'Tod!: StattTtachtn' AuodaUon ot t ht Wfttttn zone wlD be blld In UaJ oon Frtday, Oct ober 22.

Bunksule vie'i,,oi Pioneer Hall

THE REC9�ci :._

_ :__ October'13, 19:4 . 8


THE RECORD Pan Hel counciljustifies Position of sororities on campus in formal reply The n:ocent Pan Hellenic Party was another tt!l11nder of the co-operation between so.roritles on campus In work­ lng together toward a common goal. In thelrsmall way,sororities lry toUve up to the!r ldeals of servlng thelr coliege Jn the best way po.ulble. Requirements for membership are a C avera'ge and sincere Interest ln be­ coming a good dependable member. Stress Is placed on leadership,scholar­ ship, character, dependability, and In bulldlng other gooilpersonallty trall$. Sororities benefit Crom their national groups ln gu!dance as weUas flnanclal aid.There are national conclaves held which . enable members to meet repre­ sentatives from colleges all over the country and thus broaden thelr scope to higher and tar-reaching Ideals. There axe social service projeds car­ ried on such as sending cookies and singing to Veterans Hospitals, reading to the Crippled Children's Guild, and entertainlng orph.ans.Ai.a part of a national serv:!ce group,one.s.ororlty con­ tributes·to the support of a healthcamp for underprivileged children. Another has as Its project the Leprosaurium at Carville, Miss. Our Pan Hellenic Council supports aFrench War Orphan under theFostefParents Plan. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT NO ONE HEARS ABOUT-The LIT­ TLE THINGS THAT YOU DON'T READ ABOUT IN ANY NEWSPAPER. But yet this Is the work that closely united groups such llll .sororities may accomplish to help othersless fortunate. In a largecollege lt lsd!fficult toachieve the sisterhood that smaller compact� We'll leave!t up to you--ls bulld· fng character and leadership, making friends, and helping others Important? SOROR.l'l'Y GIRLSWilJ.. CONTINUE TO STICK TO THEIR BELIEF AND THEY BELIEVE IT IS. Pan Hellenic Council Progres5 reports will replace report cards at ' the School of Practice. Dr. Pug.sley, principal, halls the new card as an advancement In child evalua. tion, and an attempt at Individual analysis. The cards are new to the school system and are probably the first of thelr klnd In America. The progress reportha.sbeendeslgned to give the parents, as comprehens.lve an evaluation as possible, oI the acUvl· tles of thelr chlldren ln school ln all aspecla of thelr development. The educational goals of the School of Pract.lce are based on theCudinal




· SC and . smokers Many times we'Ve heard State stu­ denta aay,"State lsjust a glorified hlgh sdiool."Wewouldllke tora.l.setheques­ Uon: la State a glorilled high school or rather� the students In Stateglorified highschoolers! Judging by the looks of the smokers, •-e'd venture.,_to saythat the latterques· Uon b correct.Alter all what makes a college what II Is! We'll answer that­ the students tn It. Let's call a spade by a spade and say that State stu

X-Country swamps St. Boonies in fourth perfect score victory

I . '


By JAMES J. MANCUSO Describe your Ideal dream mate. Joe Melka-AE'SO Describe my ldea1 mate - well - Humm! Let's see--Some one who Is understanding and has a .sense of humor. She must be cooperative In all respects. Mary .Ellen Duqueti-AE '50 Bus, he"s got It but It doesn't show on the surface. Tom Scliwob-GE '51 Naturally a woman! Must be agree- ; able,trim, neat and temflc.Must·be able to cook like my mother.Anyone interested-Please apply through mall box. Object: Matrimony. JHn Hale-HE '50 My Ideal of a dream man Is a gentle­ man who must be taller than I am with brown eyes. Robert Kramer-IA'49 A girl th " at has a personality and Is fairly good looking. Let's see-Ukes . sports and dancing. She must be able to cook! e,.rbara Nlchotson--AE '50 A man that can talk him.sell out of anything.He must have a great per­ sonality combined with such great Intelligence that I would always be What, do you mean a girl! There's one In school but I don't know her JanetWolf�E'51 He ls to be slx foot or over wllh dark wavy halr.Also a good brand oiahav­ lng lotion. Norma Davi-HE'52 A guy that doesn't lecture to you all the time. He m\Jlllt like the same things lllke and enjoy my company. STUDENTS! SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY CHEST Objectives of Education. The new mark­ Ing system reportsprogress directly In terms oI the,e objectives. Parents can gain a deeper understanding of the goals their chUdren are wol"klng toward and therefore the nature of the d.Ullculties they are experiencing. Through the.llchool year standardized tests are glven.Theresulta arerecorded on the progress report. By a Rries of comparisons a parent may determine U hl11chlld lswol"klngtoca.paclty. The teachers also 'make character evaluatlona andrecord the child'1 llkllll and talents.There ls 1pace glven fc. teachers or parents tocomment. trying to figure him out. GeorgeZuydholk�E'52


Record 1-;-, u-� - ��-:,-a-;i_;_;_:_;_:_ 1 : -..-.. -�-c-...-�-.. -�-· �-" �-�- o. -;- ,, - . .• Socialforfrosh the 'wild west'

High scbool studeots to take entraneeexama Entrance namin.u- will bt Uam..m bt ts-.._..,....

formal GOidtone snaps senio�



M<>V. 1- l'f.,... . I-

d•J'. The .enlor eta. picture com- hi,ld for hl£!1.ICl>oolatudellta ---1 Tllol Btai.__.._....... t•-· mlilee and ELMS 111.att met Ull"admi.u,a.toN-Yarlr.state m.tUnblnll!Wlotlle....... No� . -�::iJ.�c�D .=1�1:.?!t�w�C:� ::::e:�:� ::==to•..:.-=.: .

O&tober27, 1948



Adessame , n defeat

Dewey wins over Truman



l . ll Geneseo4to2as with 314 votes to 2 2 Ill po Ed . Abrams · stars


November3,1948 Reader vOices concern over attitude of students in the national election To the Editor: I ha\·e olten wondered about how much tolerance and spirit of equa.llty the average student atState possessed. Thursday,October 28,I found out. Taking it up.on myaelf to e,cperiment in this matter, I secured a eampaign button and pinned it to my lapel. The inscription read"WorkWithWallace." (I am not aWallace man) Making sure that the button could be Sffn very plainly,Iwalked to various parts of the school-library,cafeteria,social centers and student center. Wel!,lt dldn't take long for the flre­ works to start. Most of the people who noticed thc button gave me a dlsgustC'd look and snickered to themselves. A few people (mostly friends) stopped me to ask ifiwere serious.I pretended thatI was.They,too,scoffed and laughed. There were a few,believe It or not. who stopped me and asked i!I had any c,xtrn buttons.I had ten buttonswhlchI gladlygaveto thosC'who asked. LJter,as more of my friends asked. me why I was forWallace,I tried to give some answc-rs that would brlngout thc good polnts of the thlrtl party candidatc, (thel"('are some). Jnl"C'tallatlon, I asked why the person was against Wallace. Get thls! Not one could glvC' m!!a conerete or factualreply.Themost common answers wt' re."He's a Communist," "He loves the Russians." I don't blame the students for their opinions,butl do lay most of thetault with the local papers.Thc-y assail Mr. Wa!lace to gain !a'Jor for their own candidate. As far as I'm concerned, thcre is not one good presldcntial candl­ datc.In a timc- whc-re the need for leadcrship is wnnting.we geteandldateslike Dewey,Truman, Wallace. The· crisis isn't in Europe,It's right here In the good old U.S. A. James Shahin'50 Thcf"C! are four subjects which must be taught: reading,writing,and arithmetic,and th(' foar pf Cod. The most difficult ofthese !s arithmetlc -Edward Shanks

RECORD SIDE VIE;WS SyJAMES J. MANCUSO Does the postwar period measure up to what you thougllt itwould be like whenyouwereinthe service? Norm Flanigan--GE '51 That's a pretty deep question.Well, to tell you the truth,no,I don'tthink so.The economic situation In general lsn't whatihoped it would be. Joe Marinelli-lA'50 In a senselth!nk so,I d!dn't expect ��ed m �� l�Y���\h°:i���ato e ut:ir J � can figure. CliffJuen-AE'51 Like most ,,ets,I'm comparatl\'ely disillusioned.l find most super post war headaches, such as the recent lack of funds for the opening of schools for the \'ets typical of these disillusions. Frank$ardina-GE'51 Yc-s,I expected trouble with Russia during the war and my expectations ha\"e materialized. I am under the conv!ction that unless all the people of th(' world understand each other, there can be no permanent peace. RayWcigand--lA'SO I never had it so good asldid in the Islands.I'd go back lfI could.That's an. Don Sank-kE '50 Oh No! I didn't c-xpect to fight any­ more wnrs but it looks likeI'Uha,·e to fight in the near future. After thls warI'Ubring my gun home. JimJakie!-GE '50 It's quite up to whatI expected it childs de\"elopment, his stl"C'ngths or weaknesses, relation among subjects, and gradual !mpro,·. cment over the years. A graph o! marks c,!imlnates laborsom!:' interpretation o! the old A,B, C,!"('('Ord. Each rear the child's te:i;cher entcrs hcrC'\"aluation for he, specific grade. By use of th(' section on personal traits a teacher can trace one ir:iit from Its appearance to maturity. For example-,the record w!ll show whc-n thC' child first displays "open mindedness:· How the trait devc-lapcd or lessened. Teachers will seethe tr::Jts the ch!ld l�cks and whc-n a new teacher m£>Cts 11 student for the first time. having l"C'ad th!! cwnulati\·e record,she !s ready to deal with his !nd!v!dual needs from the very first day she meets him.

Page Two Editors with ideas The New YorkState Teachers Press Assodatlon held Its ECOml annual con· ference recently at New Paltz State Teachers College.We attended that conference and returned with many facts concemlng the coll('ge newspaper. The most Important o1 these Is that a1though BullaloState has the largest enrollment of all the State Teachers colleges,theamount of money spentper capita for the newspaper publication ls the smallest of any of the , colle�s. In addition to the money which Albany State received from the blanket tax, Albany·s paper makes $1,000on adnir· tlsements, mainly from cigarette ads. The sl%e of your paper in pl'(lportion to the others is less than half. Another Issue discussed at this confenmce was the Press Bure:rn which has been established in many of the colleges. The purpose of this bureau Is tolnerease the standing and prestige of the teachers colleges in New York.The names of students who have made the Dean'sLlst,elected to office,hal'e parts ln a'dramaues production,etc. ,iii! recel\'e recognition not only In th!s paper but also inthelr home town papcrs.We are now In the process of forming a preubureau here. The part rellgion and natlonal po!itics play in a college newspapcr wru;brought ,,_ At thls conference the Charter was l! was decided thnt the third annual conference would be held at Albany. Thls press association is helpini; to unite theState colleges and to!mprove the quality of the campus publications. We wish to express our thanks and apprectation forthe \';onderful hospitality shown by the hosts of New Paltz StateTeachers College. Eli�beth Collins A C11mulall\"e Record Card is kept at theSchool of Practice for el'cry student. Its aim is to enable teachers to know the!r stlldents the very first day they meet.The card gh·cs a bird's eye vlew of the lnd!vldual and Is \·aiuable in helping the child in his soc!al,emotional,and educational adjustments. Future te::chers who are µ.cqua!ntcd with the use of such a record find it applkab!e in their teachlng situation. It Usts many personal charaetc-rlstics. slgnlncant In child growth,to be aware of when teaching. ... The record ls divided Into six m:tln _st".:t!ons, family data,ScholastleP.erord, Standard Test Record, Regents and other examinations,He:ilth Record,and Personal Chnraeterlstles.The scholasUc record Is recorded graph!ca.lly; one can see at a glance the entire story of the

-- State X-country takes 'f � meet 29-28, Dick Cooke stars Although the Tol'Dllto X,oount,y� took flf'II. tlllnl. snd fourth, enough ITC """ f11111hed tM hil� I ... 11 0yud coutM to win by $28. the mNt at Toronte,, .....,,


Booters lose to Hamilton

(T) IB) (T) (T) IB) (Bl IB) IB) (B) (T)

to h!:'.Though I didn't expect prices to b:i as hlgh as they are. There is too much indecision today. Sob Y/asccwie.::-GE'50 No! No drop in prices and there has not bcen th(' world peace I expected. We wasted all our time for nothing� and got almost nothing out of it. Cumulative record cards delll with. special needs


Nov. 3,1948

Vol. 40No. 8

l'uhllsh"I by1bo,ludnll oltbo No�· \"otk SL•toA�•l/f:,�.J:' Trarbrn All"«l

r:1i:����--��-�:::::=:.::��-/��=:.�J ib��i��;�;��!§ ;g �it.=.=�::.-�:i:-�1��\i


Sophs-last word in wet Pushhall game By CHARLES OtnZETl'A

Record Steinberg to lead ann-1 concertJMday

" NovemberJ,1948


Page four

lnternatfonal experiment By ROGER EASTON

I l .

November 10, 1948

Benefit auction to climaxwmmunity Chest drive Record


THE PRESIDENT'S DESK SIDE VIEWS Ttle pl"Opoaed. donnltory fo� By JAMES ,1. MANCUSO :��yi:��1:� e t�°:. IIL--------' ottb.epresent ath­ l What effect did th.Ls pmAt. elec-­ Uo11 hlfl!""' yoaT lllllton Patrio-QE '51 I wu rather lru.ltrated. I thought It was a lead pipe cinch. It happened-that's all th e re Ill to IL ,JuueZahm-llE '49 I w u real giadbeell.Ul lelvoted for the fin.t time and my man a specl&I. awanl by the New In1ng llom1111g-lA '49 !:t!!•:tii."=::,,eo":� �:: ���: :�: ed ,;,0��y. m � tloll. vot e d for the wrong me.n but Tbe b111ldlng ilIn the approx• 111 look forward to the fUture lmate dealgn of a capltal'' U". to see w hatTruman does. Two donnltorics, each ae<:om• Blll Webar-lA '51 modal.Ing 150 students, will Itlhowed me th•t you c11n't put co1111Utute the amu of the "0'" too much faith in what the p11b- lllld a St11dcnt Union bulldlnj: Uc hu to aay about a given � � ; �!, p ll�� e l��� :��!·. brief l y that th e public ii wing, accommo--lA ·�1 ::::.� 1 h�!� d � to i:1'�: !ho::': i,';,":· w �n. thln �ow�:{ acooriimodating 00 •tudents Tru�an hu a Democratic con- :i:-l e H ...!�! le e = . m;,,�t o � w ,: �: helhou l d get som e thing unit plan haa been wide ly em• Barbara sut2.--GE '62 p l o y ed In dormitory conatruc- I was d i.uppolnttd. rt p� tion rec e 11Uy I O u to develop that many of the po l ls were aU student l lre with.In amal l er wrong. Jt demonatrattd that :� �!�11�:u:;r�� ;� m:fi!:fC.: 0 .1: z their opln!on.1 ten:ommunleaUng. I w u very happy. Trum•n w on Th e main entrance of the e,.en though h e had to beat the Union will fac e and bl! on Republlcaru,, Thurmond, and ;�� 1;1 ¥i:;:;!� "Ea .,. �:; ly think ho on the present athletic field. Dlagw,t e d &nd d!Bmay! I think Ent e ring the Union to the Jett the Republican Party d id not of the l obby, a general l ounge state !ta plallorm we \! eno11gh, �: I Ofli c gular dining .eerv- X-ray exam!naUon.1 wi l ial N o ti c e; I l be he l d

X-country ' win StudyOfBible 1 to be discussed at one, drop , one next SCA. meeti;. g A. •trong Syrtu:uae t e am de- The St11den�tl.&DAaocla· roted State 15 to 40 in th o med tlon will m�t an SWl(b.y, Nov. 14 htld Saturday, November s. but at the TrWty EpLtoop&I Chlll'dl the table.I w e r<1 t11med the foUow. on De l aware A.ven11e nur TUp- lng day when State won at SL l)U . ;?::�:: r : ::: U : :: S:o!:.��:! :,,4::: �:i.lln�� p � � th ;t!3� Er � m � ��=�:s team bro11ght home • trophy. Tb. e Kean to Yout" Robert El� ;:{�:�:?o:�R=� D -Marmon wW 1Uf the cameIn for State. "Pn.yer -.nd" lt The Syr&cllR tum. sl&ttd to the theme of the wonib.lp ..rvt« be naUonal champlone, took the pla.nntd by Wlnifrotd G11thrie. !ln,t aeven pleee. befo re the llnt Mary l..&urte, Kenneth :<'"'rankl.ln, State runn e r J&clr. Foster came Jack Hiller and Marlon OW o n will tn. Placlng n�t were Dick · Coo ke. perticlpate In the ..rvtc:e. Robert John HW, Rodney J......_tt and Ulrich, musl<: director for S.C.A., Dick MenhardL wil l play the orpn. �:r�i;t�r k ��:s �elta Kappa leads : o .!:.�:i':O. Nlapra Dltll'icl on lll football CODtCSt Sophs P�shball Winners puo Th" .!�::.. u e:_ 7ri:; J a...,. &UltOf one oltheme enoounterw, count for the -with w hich th ey Don Meyer of Pal. Phi rn.tern!ty pu,,ed th e b< blU:k a11d forth." la walking around with hill len CompllmeD.Q for tho ..,..._ of foot in a cut. thlscoatc.tbeloD,&"toU>c,tudm>.b l The lo.Ing tum• will give i fortbel,-su.pportudpartldi-,.party at the c!o.e of th e conlell, Uon, �y to tboM ""bo which ls being pleyed in two stayed. 1n tbe 12,e roun(lt. rain, to StudeatOowld1 tor pro- Result.a of the f!nit nnmd are motlo11 ..,d orpnlration., the AUi. u follow,: SigmaTa11 12; Pal Phi k,Uo "-lation, ll>e TrM!Uou 6; Delta Kapl)& 12; Slv,,.a 'J'.11.u 6; conuul""", tho baad Udtwtrlen.. De l ta KapJ* 18; Pal Phi 8. Men take heed-schoolmarms are ideal � � ... . I SChool teachen - for ten � Y are a bo ve average In :":� He described I SChoolmarnu, u health, beauty and lnteli!gen""· cafeteria aervtce may be u.ol!d l ovabl e , eager to m&ny, and lea 2. They have ,i dcc" p aJfecUon ror brealdut en d lunch but ")'ak-lty-ya)t tty'' than moat other for chlldren. .eet-up for re .,,..,men. 3. They are eag e etic field on lAnd adjolningtha pttaellt campuo which was giv en the college by the Mayor and "Common Councll ot the f�t of Buffalo on February 6, ..,.., bulldlq haa i-n de­ -.Lgntd by Anlhlteet J..- W. KldMley of Ulla dty and the dealp bul"OOel1tly � elven cb.�; = �"\meo;-.. = > ��� =�: �� 1 �:'��':1� en

··� e � �=! �:�te::a�t if:;�r!;; lr--�-: t �-· ._::.'_. '_""_'_' '_'_"_"_' ��.. �

r to marry, Ice for dinn e r. A .eection of the dally during the w""k of Nov.8-12. Dr. Jame. F. Bender, dlttetor w!ah to bear two or more chU- dln!ng room m•y a1.9o be set Tbil is a required examination; or the NaUonal lru!Utute tor dren. apart to make provillon for two achedu l es !or each section are to Human R.e!&tion., told tbe Con- 4. They have we l l.protected priv,te dinlng rooms 20x2:I be announced by 11ecUon c•ptain.11. necticut EdueaU011 AYoc!aUon In jobs, u..fe during a receaslon. f""t w hen required. Aleo to the H e len WenUandt - -====� - 11o!·, t :: Y tc!:":.:� " vo ke.1 en d � °! � o !��V:,r an .'!.n�:� •°'! II "!" nune THE RECORD 6. Their re gu l ar houn and bar which will Inc l ude a I IOd& Stu d ents expc:<:Ung to graduete � Nov. 10, 1948 :::o/=���':"11 t them :;�::_ •In and facilltiu for �!!���?:, �C:� ��! re m : l : hl•ll•- 1,7 u.. •I ... 1. Tbelr •tud.!OtUI hablt.t and 'I11e Ulllon bRlld1n&" \\ill be I ll> w i l l mean the withho l ding of � If•• l'•rio s'": ::::=; !or reaano ;.m,: o :i�:::. :; ='!:.i,:::...:dl:.:..:..: their dlp l o � . llI !"9 · • &nnar, RN / ' Ultoru/-=:':""�* a � rol =hlgh tdeals mal

., N091!!fflber17,li48



· '

'" December1, 1948


Decemberl,1948 THE RECORD State ca g ers face U. of' Toronto tomorrow nfl1tt V f ,IP'" Basketball opener slated for 74th Armory; Stellrecht, C',apL Capr:ain Earl Stellrcch1 will lead hu ,ncn ,pimc lhe U� of Toronto tomorrow nip in the openi n spme ol lhe �-.

SIDE VIEWS By JAMES J. MANCUSO Wh:.t Activity or subject do you like best in school?!: S..hool of Prac- tiee. Roger Mulford, 6th grade I don"1 know, I gue$$ I like spelling and l,'J'lll. I also like an bca.use 1 can draw bn1er. Susan Cutler, 2nd grade Whar 1 likc to do is numhcrb«a use i like to count :md add. h's e:isy :md f un with my 1e1.cher. Georoe Livingston, 5th grade I like gym beouse ffi)' re:ochcr lets us p br soccer :md I like 10 p !;,y it ,ll the time. David Fiel d, 8th grade ���:��f 1:01�r.tre ;:/�:·.� � i ; !:l�rbar:, Ogwney, 6th Gr�dc I think I like- most of the $ubjttts in school bur don't pmicubrly like social s:udics. B e verly . Cryer,5th grade llike 1o rte.idbceau.seldoquite"·cll in ir:md i,'s:m subjeo: "Kinderg:irten :,rgumcnt" MARILYN DAVIS: Hcrbc. dolls is a girl­ ish game HERBE RESSING: Oh no it isn'r, fathers ha�e 10 know how ro p lay"'ith dolls too. (Then they both looked a, me to de­ cide. "\\7ell rou �. Ir's a ???" Have roue,·er tried.1o hc di p lrnm1ic with two serious fi,·e year olds?) .Need Qualified citizens The need for ci1ittnshi p 1r:t.ining •·u em p huiied a1 a rcccmc:onfettnceatWil• minsronCoU eg c. AmnicmCollege ""'denake thcmpon$ i biliiy ofcie>'C"i opins citizen$ who ""'demand how ro dimirute the\lo- ar s p irit and build peacefulanirude:$. �� ki '!fo::=.H t�: �r! n � h � rogether ed.ucarors,businesslcaders.rclig· ious workers,llnd scientistS. A p ica was nude that ri,orc a ncnrion be gh-cn,o gen­ eral edua.rionand,ocounc:sthat will reach )Vung men and women 00\\· ,o think dearly and how ro rcoognize b$1:ing ...J.ucs. The conference ur� snidcncs 10 set high idcalssnd.,,'Ork individiwlyandc:o­ opcrathTly ,o achlc-, Tthesc idedsins "Beutt Tomom)W." In vie..- ol the prob­ lems facin,s the .,,'Oriel i1 was fob dw all fururc hope lies in s sound eduarional prosn,m. Buffalo Snore has ml>Ch roolfct1heci1i= of-through ourendorsement of a prognm of high ed.uc,,riQQII sims. In order for sociery 10 snrvive,e,uyooc musr do his share.

"' ���:/r::� =. ::: RECORD $3(,00. 1hc EU.IS, $�000 and 1he HM'DBOOK.$4,0. The � bud- =.:: ,t�= nc ro�:'cc� p � ��a r �:; ��:;, i oo M it stands oo,,,· lhc RECORD "'ill not bcabk:ro publish 1hc kind of a nnvsp;tpcr )"(ll;I .,=t. Yoo about the 1wo­ t"S"� enough sp;icc devoted 10 1ca.-u.-es.a..'lOO:lS. p i=and spam. And �tr:� =h� �r:::t,E:; :illof,�1hings)- oo:ll'eforC"1Tr gr1 p ing aro:lta.llsformorepa�Mote p;t� rno'l: money! Who's goi•g to pay /or it? As it s: ud.1now the Bl.mkct Tu annot gflT the lilc:':ll'f m.:1g:uine fin.mcial l»ck­ ing.As al"C5l.lhthe-Liten.,.nug:izine,spon· �byagoo?of srudems, ...;ntu, . ., msnou: on iisov,n. This p ubli• (2l>Qnw;IU\dtu,. .,-thc suppon:of,he11u­ dc'l!s through 1he T= 11' 1 bo"1 g0:Jlg1opqfori1? As ir swtd.s "°"' t!>e HANDBOOK "·ill no.bc:il*1o disuibu:e extr:tcopic, u i1 had pWmed TO do. The HANDBOOK is ool ygi•=tothe frcs..'unen.bur it is 1hc fcclingof the st;Ui1tu1 it should:WObc pcl>!ishf:dfo: uppttchssmenwd others. As it snnds now the El.MS �� 113$ h:i.d ro mai:e dr:tsticch:ingc5in 1he make up :md COOlpasi1ion of 1hc book. The 1tr REC O RD, is � "·ith high p :inting a:,mand mcttsrudent2.11dfacul 11 dem.a.nds. lbc s::udnuenrollment along "'ith om p us aaiTiticsha,· .-incrnsedso tharabigstt udbetter rcarbook is a nccessiry.We must hlwa com p l.-te reoord of theco\1.-gc}"e:ll'­ t!ie EL\tS 11·ill do this u best it cm,.·ith themoney i, 1w ro \\-Ork with.Remember, tlryearbook ·i$ p unntd on a budget of 5�000.We oced more � for che FJ.MS!Who'1goir,g1op.y/oril? Ther�i1ousob.lio11.U7cnudzor.lise 1Mb/okt'l1.x. Oi:hecSt:lteTcacheisCol­ lq;'IS tu,..,- 1 much,higher bbnkC'! C'U. In �f=�� :l:!1: cs thc�k: mt acaxdins' ro the needs of the coUe�. Ou: needs are much gmitet now tlun they C'<'Cf. .=e.So,conside:rthis p robkm,discuu it at your organization mcetinS$:md then, dotomethiagabout it. Raise the bbnkC'! r::u:nextyc,.raDd gi,-e us ach.mcero show you ..-hat .,.., can do "·ith our campus pobliarioru. THE RECORD Vol. 40No.11 Decernberl,1948

College Ponry. �J:· �b n t:J°'f: ::��n f �h'':;: �:;.:,�:.;;.�,:�·: 1 ter,· St:ite. The Am�h?gy is an annual ir,ibhat�on :ttt comainins ,he leadmg col!egc ponryof 1hcJ·cat. ' Cm p i's "Grcless,Jour· ner'"is his.6.rs1�mto bc pnn,ed bra nauonal p . ub­ lication. For d,c.6.m ume in our history, rhc Ne..- York Smc Te-:ichersCol- DAVID CRESPI Jcge ar Buffalo ,.•ill� represented along 11·i1h 01hcrlcadini;Khools. Reader accuses Junior class Jacking in 'spirit' To the Editor: Hollr H:mging is coming up and the1e's one thing 1he f1o;h,Sophs and . Seniois cm �, . .. su .�: .. ; r �� }:1� e i: o :i'. 0 0 ( e v en Why? It's been evident ever �inet theirfrcshman year. When acl as:does not stand behind its leaders and work with them,nothing can be aecomplished Through the past the Junigrclass has had veryable lcadcrsbut the sup;:,ort they received was next to nil. At their cl:iss m«

CoachCoyct ttpOflS that all baskctballpma1Jillbcpla,edl.ndll 74thArmory ItCooneo:irut and Ni18AfLlbcpme romom,w aip will sran with a prelimi nary Bame at 7:30 p. m. with cbndng follow• ing the game. Varsity ,vhips A�1!!:.":��=�: according lo Si gmaTau Oamma, the tratunlty handllnc Ille -'·· The S1.ate9me n

h&•e won 3and lo.it3lnthelran-




" . December 1, 1948

"The idea is the thing" says Jesse Stuart in interview

Outstanding education figures to witness dormitory initation Record


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Building for unity, loyalty, service


By JAMES J, MANCUSO How do you think the eonlJtructlon of the new dormitory will affect this campus? Franees Hepin,tall, College Libruian Yes, t he new dormitorywill aft'ea the collc:ge library and &vonbly. A fi:w of f�:�:tr,:!�� P,::1� livins oo campus a.n mum boob eu­ il7; gttattt ioteresi in reae:atiOllll !Hding, ch e rebJ, incrnsing useof fic­ tion books; a d o1miroiy library of lte· :: ti ::!r,re:; g n:fi� I: ;"t� ec ai: 1 he CVC"lling.�uc ochcrchanges which will ta.kt pbce when the new libnry- is a;,nsuuaed, changes affected by d ormirorics but which cinnot tak e pbcc:now d ue ro p,esent condicioos. Raymond FN,U, Dean of'Me.n T he oew dormicnryao d sru d cnt unioo will bttom e r h e center of the ama cur­ rirular lif e of coll,ge; thus e v e ry stu­ deni, w he t he r a resid e nt of th e a.mpus or nor, will shar e in 1 he benefiu mbe d eri\·ed from these buildings. A greu ec uniry among studenu and depamneoa willhc a narural outcOmC of wing our campus horn,,h e nce Alma Mater will achieve a oewmeaning. Cathe.rine Re.eel, of Women Resi de nce of COUrK con&isl!I of ltarnins to liv e with orher peopl e , exchanging family b:ad:ground an d carrying ou1 IC• tivitin in goodteamwork or group IC· tivity.This is iov.aluable for one goins ouc inro 1he to:a.chingprofe$$iOO"' h e re on e deals with people and thereby wi1h all 1 h e currcot problems of Oil< time.A rcsidmtt tall is aft e r all a so­ cl!al laboratory-invaluable in the cxperi- • e nc e of1.srudco1 1ncher. Ralph Hom, Dean of the College 1h lint place I 1hin.k with snidena in residenc,: it will cre,i.1e abetter a.mpus :r:ean:ed:�:&t= :c�= 10 a college a.mpw. Secondly,a dono.i­ cory experi� give youns pcople 1 type of community life which will· be helpful ro them in growing up. Mrs. Lillian �cKenneth, Pioneer Ha\l

Khool buildings and equipment. Wit h oat live or &ix years t h e sme will need more than $1 billion ro coo.struet school """"' 11llff members of the Amc1ian Fed­ er:ation of T were elcaed ro Con­ gn:ss in the ream elcetions. Both Mr. Dougw :uid Mr. Hlllllplirey,cleaN to t h e Scnace, arc former collcge profcuors.. Mr. Bttmillcr,clcetN to che House,was a for­ mer fCf.chcr. A four-yearcoursciD 1hclirld of spe«h an d diama.tic an Willbe avaibblchcgin­ niog wi1h 1 be 1949-,0scmes1cr a1 che Ncw York, Star e Collc:g e for Ttachcn It G e n­ eseo.Srudfflts who comp!crc 1 h c program successfully willbe •warded th e Bachelor ofEdllCK.ion de grcc,• liccnseto teach in any elcrocotaryKbool,and a liccnseto $el'VCU1speech in1n elc- mco1ary� � · --- - A gain in 'respectability' found in teaching fi eld in che

With chc hol d che fuscopcn hear· ing in Albany, lase �'ttk, the board of tNS· 1ZCSof cheSa.c e .UnivenirySyscemhcgan ihr: arduous wk of formulating pW1$ for New York·s vast progr:un of highcc Nu- ""'"- · � When chc state ·univeniry is completed it will com� f.avorably wich any found �d/�°:i �=. made � blsis.ThcCOIUltryisbeing�r tbebesl:aknL N:.=� che me�� be s!i gh � univeniryshouldmetb e up.uuive f1cili­ ticsthr0\lghou.c tbesme. Within wi years "mis m1e will have a syscem of hi&):iet" NU(S{ion companble en anyfound incheCOW1try.Thc toa.lcoscis escimatcdtorun inlbr:nrighborhoodof $200,000,000. Pardy bcause of meincrnsed binh r11 e aod partly beause of iiulatioouy com. NewY��-�aseriow:sbonageof . THE RECORD ing of


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